It might seem counter-intuitive at first, but I think you will agree that alligators + Journey + pumpkin heads + dancing = ROMANCE. I’m taking this video out to a restaurant this weekend and it can order whatever it wants because I love it! (Alley-oop, Warming Glow.)

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  1. You’re the Pumpkin Champion of My Heart, Pumpkinhead Dance guy.

  2. I think Joe Mande should do a Pumpkin Head dance for T14TT.

  3. Looks like this guy has figured out for me what my boyfriend and I should do on Sunday. We will dress in all black, strap on our pumpkin heads, put some Journey on the turntable and dance, dance, dance the night away.

    Fuck a candlelight dinner.

  4. Pumpkin Head is married! That’s your husband, folks. You lucky bastards.

  5. Well, that’s it then. My heart’s been stolen.

  6. How adorable! While “Faithfully” is a more romantic song, it is nowhere near as danceable as “Don’t Stop Believin’”, nor as pumpkin-friendly.

    Woohoo, Journeygum.

  7. Pumpkin head has bolstered our economy by turning a vegetable traditionally reserved for the fall into a truly year-round gourd. Pumpkin farmers: this is your savior.

  8. I want to take this video out behind the middle school and get it pregnant for valentine?s day. It had me at low kick and tights grab.

  9. I truly wish that this was my news station. Happy Anna Howard Shaw weekend, monsters!

  10. This is the best episode of Glee since the pilot.

  11. sometimes the internet is purebred perfect. this is those times.

  12. Is it just me, or has the Pumpkin Head put on a little weight there?

    Also, air guitar?

    Also, Obama?

  13. Happy jack totally takes out one of those Monkey’s-In-Love at 1:16… Seems like someone is jealous.

  14. I cry a little every time I hear that song – WHITE SOX BABY!!

    Also, nice moves Pumpkinhead man… Didn’t see that camera you had set up… Oh you’re married? No, no, I’ll just sit in the corner and grin creepily while you dance, continue, please.

  15. Hey Jimmy Fallon, you should have a weekly dance contest on your show. First up, Superhero B-Boys vs. Pumpkinhead.

  16. I’ll be honest, Pumpkin Head kind of freaks me out. I feel like they keep him in a closet and use a cattle prod to make him dance on holidays. They need to set Pumpkin Head free, this is abhorrent.

    • He is certainly freaky. His hands appear disproportionately larger than his little pumpkin head.
      God bless his little pumpkin head.

  17. I’m sure Mrs. Pumpkinhead saw those dance moves at senior prom in 1980 and just knew he was the one.

  18. At last we know what happened at the end of The Sopranos.

  19. Where’s his dance to “Single Ladies” in celebration of Anna Howard Shaw Day?

  20. My favorite part was when the footage behind him was the manatee swimming by in the tank. You can call me the manatee!

  21. i love that the boss of this news station approves a pumpkin head dance for all holidays.

  22. Wow. I’m sorry ladies/gents, it’s taken. By me. That’s my husband.

    • PLEASE tell me he is actually your husband. It is easy to make jokes about it but sometimes people are for real on the internet and oh man I hope you are being for real.

  23. I like that he’s a little pudgy, that he doesn’t fit the “Hollywood Standard” for dancing Pumpkin heads. This is what real Pumpkin Heads look like! (Do I feel a new Dove commercial on the way?)

  24. My favorite part? The fact that that zoo worker excitedly gathered her friends and family into her living room, all of them very excited to see her on TV, and then watched in horror as a pumpkin head walked onto the screen, cut her off mid-interview, and then danced on her poor, defeated face. And then Obama, for some reason?

  25. This video solidifies our position as KING OF THE PRIMATES.

  26. Oh my god. My Valentine’s is made. My boyfriend and I may not agree on many things, but Pumpkinhead Dance isn’t one of them!

  27. Full disclosure: Pumpkin Head is what’s between me and Valentine’s Day despair.

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