Some NSFW language, guys, so headphones UP:

Step 1: fuckin raise that shit, ninja.
Step 2: party.

(Thanks for the tip, Ben.)

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  1. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 11th, 2010 +26

    ABS: Always Be Setting Your Children Up For Therapy

  2. Yeah, it’s the PAINT that’s “a little off.” Nice twisted freaky messy closet shit, ninja.

  3. I think the Linkin Park cd is the icing on the WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY????????? cake

  4. I really hope this is a viral video for the Babies sequel.

  5. YouTube gets it:

  6. My heart hurts.

  7. By “raise that shit,” I hope you mean “raise that baby.”

  8. I feel like apologizing to that poor baby for some reason. Like I know I have nothing to do with this situation, but still…sorry, kid. This is what we :( about when we :( about :( .

  9. I actually speak fluent baby and that baby was saying “help youtube! my dad is a stupid asshole who drinks faygo, plays with hatchets, and paints my face like a retard! call child services! I don’t deserve this!”

  10. “Naw but” is juggalo for “having said that”.

  11. I try to keep my Faygo hid, conforming in the public eye, but in my lonely room, I have the bad parenting skills of a clown

  12. That baby is an asshole.

  13. “We got Child Services up in this, bitch!”

  14. Yeah. Thanks for the tip, Ben. *pervy voice*

  15. …yeeeeeaah.

  16. But I don’t HAVE headphones! How will I know how to parent, now? Curse you, Juggalo, with your taunting parental knowledge dangling just out of reach. Curse you to the most foul depths.

  17. If only there had been a seminar on correctly applying the old school Twiztid look. . .

  18. Did that baby immediately run to the closet to: A) get daddy’s gun and end his misery or B) get more Faygo? You be the judge.

  19. “Chyeahhhhhhhhh, What you know about that?”

    I know for damn sure that you aren’t qualified to have a baby.

  20. Lead paint for the eyes, wutWUT!

  21. step 3: get yo shit

  22. I like how face-painted Daddy turns to baby and says, “YOU look silly”

  23. Do you think Ass Dan is her Godfather?

  24. Why won;t my soul stop hurting?

  25. The adult wearing clown make-up told the infant who was forcibly put into clown that she looked silly, ninjas.

  26. See! That’s how it’s done! I finally have a guide for raising my daughter. Screw you Bill Cosby, I have a new faterhood mentor!

  27. I can’t really decide what’s worse: doing this to a baby, or doing the JonBenet Ramsey pageant thing where your toddler looks like a Maybelline spokesmodel.

  28. Wish I knew how to edit video so I could take out the 15 seconds I just stared at the screen trying to think of something, then settling on a second “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah”, muthafackles.

  29. I decided to go down the BoyBlue rabbit hole (nullus) and found this one called Juggalo Spirituality:
    My favorite part is rock-a-bye baby playing in the background from a baby swing :(

  30. I really hope this is just Joe for Taking One For The Team.

  31. never forget to say excuse me after burping sweety. motherfuckers and motherfuckets be watching, you don’t wanna come off fuckin uncivilized up in this shit.

  32. I’m sorry, but is he about to refer to his infant daughter as his “twisted bitch” at 1:12? He’s all like “this is my twisted b-…daughter” nah’mean? Shiiiiiiit.

  33. at about 1:08 he says, “just so you get one last good look.” I think what he means is, “Just so you get one last good look before she gets taken away from me when the neighbors call child protective services on us when they see us trick-or-treating, YA NAW MEEN!?”

  34. I love how he slips in between the wegro-juggalese and his normal voice, depending on whether or not he’s addressing his Ninjas and his twisted muthafukin’ baby girl.

  35. This is why I think that Darwin guy is full of shit. “Survival of the fittest (only the strong survive)” my butt (or was that Mobb Deep; I always get confused).

  36. Does anyone have contact info for those Christian missionary kidnappers?

  37. i don’t feel bad for this baby now. i feel bad for her when she’s 13. she won’t be able to have any friends over. “my dad is a juggalo”

  38. Ohhhhh man I loved at the end when the baby was scrambling to find the gun in the closet and end it all.

  39. I’m just going to say that that is the weakest Juggalo going. Ass Dan could put this guy to shame.

  40. I bet that baby will rebel when she is a teenager by being a total prep. Knowaaaaai’m sayin’, mothafackles?

  41. Decided, my Halloween costume this year is going to be a baby juggalo.

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