1. The three most comfortable things that I own are slippers, hoodies, and blankets
2. But technology has never been able to put them together, UNTIL NOW
3. And I never realized I wanted technology to be able to put them together, UNTIL NOW
3. Marshmallow Soft Fleece is a type of fleece
4. Hoodie pajamas with zip-on slippers made for adults are “hot”
5. Footed PJs for women are all the rage
6. Other footed PJs do not keep your toes nice and warm. It is just for the style, I guess?
7. Adult women would like to wear the pajamas they wore as children
8. People think it is OK to use the word “temp” instead of “temperature” when it is actually not OK at all
9. Getting around is a hassle
10. People have been having trouble drinking tea in more traditional hoodies, blankets, and pajama combinations

The more you know! Bom-bom-banh-bom! (Thanks for the tip, Andrew.)

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  1. these are going to keep more than jack frost at bay.

  2. the electric shock you get when you touch a doorknob while wearing this “suit” is equivalent to a lightning bolt

  3. The full-front zipper lets you easily change into your orange jumpsuit when you GO TO JAIL!

  4. When the third adjective that your advertising team comes up with to describe your product is “different”, you should probably just stick with two adjectives.

    • It reminds me of my bitchy stepmom, who always says “Well, that’s different” when she secretly hates my shirt/haircut/lifestyle choices.

  5. So I can read a book, use the phone, or go on my computer without any hassle all while wearing my snuggle suit. It’s odd but I feel like I can do all of that in my clothes as well. Maybe its just me.

  6. I’m not going to show you guys pictures of my snuggle suit because you all probably work for the FBI.

  7. The Hoodie Footie is what I’m going to wear when I take a lot of pills and go to sleep FOREVER.

  8. When does the version for dogs come out?

  9. Are you tired of your husband trying to have sex with you? Here, try a Hoodie Footie. Problem solved.

  10. Did they really just try to sell what is literally adult sized footie pajamas complete with a bright pink color, called a “Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit”, to adults? “Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit”? I mean, I’m not Professor Marketing over here, but we’re gonna need a bigger COME ON!

  11. This is unrelated, SORRY! but i just got so excited when i saw this….

    videogum was namedropped by fallon last night!

    now feel free to downvote me….ill keep my excitement in check next time i promise

  12. For when wearing two pieces of clothing is JUST TOO MANY PIECES.

  13. I am not looking forward to these fetish movies.

  14. Wait, I’m confused. What’s wrong with just wearing regular clothes? Is this a test?

  15. Do these come in size Decision That I As An Adult Male Will Clearly Never Regret?

  16. I wonder if they are want women to buy this…

  17. The only way I’d consider wearing this is if there was a butt-flap. It seems like you would get EXTRA cold going to the bathroom if you first had to unzip the whole top half of your body.

  18. And where’s the version for men?? Didn’t we kinda corner the market on depressing man-child nightmares?? You so sexist, hoodie footie.

  19. Perfect passive-aggressive present for my sister-in-law. (This comment needs more hyphens)

  20. The revolution will not be dressed responsibly.

  21. No butt flap? No buy.

  22. As an almost 16 year old female, I have to say, no. Like, even though I am technically a child, I am too much of an adult to wear this thing. And I’m afraid of what this “snuggle suit” means about the state of adults today. Because if, when I grow up, my friends and peers think it’s acceptable to i-chat on laptops in “marshmallow-soft snuggle suits”, whoops, no, where are my bullets and/or massive amounts of Oxy because I am out of here.

    What hath comfortable pajamas wrought?

    • I hate to break it to you, but we will all be wearing this except there will be a jeans pattern printed on the bottom and probably some sort of t-shirt pattern on the top part, and it will be the future and we will all be very comfortable but heavily drugged and all-the-same, but at least we will be hovering, somehow?

  23. Can it steal the hi-larious hipster white elephant gift idea trophy from the snuggie this christmas? Only time will tell.

  24. I require more hoodie footie snuggle suits for the impending Snowpocalypse.

  25. But I LIKE wearing warm hugs.

  26. Finally, an advertisement that appeals to and appreciates my sense of dignity!

  27. If you combine hoodie footie snuggle suits with snuggies, do you ever get cold?

  28. I like to think my husband would find this adorable and would thus try to have lots of sex with me. Am I going to be alone forever?

  29. So I didn’t have to join that incest-laden cult to get one of these?

  30. Liz Lemon would totes wear this.

  31. So this keeps Jack Frost at Bay?
    President Obama, I now know who is to blame for Global Warming!

  32. Nothing says “I’ve given up completely” quite like a pink onesie.

  33. How did they ever afford the rights to the MIDI version of Tom Petty’s “The Waiting?”

  34. This would be a good gift for my other sister.

  35. Does “marshmallow soft” equate to “marshmallow flammable?”

  36. Hey, I have a thing for shapeless sexless pink blobs….ladies? I bet this conducts gravy stains pretty well too.

  37. Well, I love mine. And if I need to actually leave the house, I just throw a pair of pajama jeans over them, slip on some outdoor moccasins and I’m good to go!

  38. I’m not getting this anti-pajama sentiment on videogum. Like at all. The only thing wrong with this commercial is that there wasn’t a dude modeling one in gunmetal gray.

  39. This is not quite enough synergy for me. Can we somehow combine this with Winkers?

    Little help, here, Technology?

  40. It doesn’t come in Fashion Leopard color? PASS.

  41. I hated wearing footies as a baby. I do not see how I would like wearing them now any better, unless I felt inclined to go raving.

  42. Does this company not know that Hoodie Footie is the name of a deadly parasitic foot fungus thats contracted mainly in the Yangtze River Valley (which ironically are where these are manufactured)?!

  43. Pretty sure if it came in blue I may finally know what it is like to be Na’vi

  44. Wait, you mean even I could be the one who is always cold around the house? ME? It could even be ME?!

  45. They haven’t made one for dudes yet b/c they’re worried you’ll zip up your sack. Gross, but true. I mean, “true” as in “That’s my theory, at least.”

  46. 10. People have been having trouble drinking tea having phone sex in more traditional hoodies, blankets, and pajama combinations

  47. Robes? Where we’re going we don’t need Robes!

  48. The Hoodie Footie moves with you without even falling off or catching fire!

  49. I don’t think I want to spend 49 bucks on pajamas that will probably make me have a camel toe.

  50. “Give someone you love a big hug with the Hoodie-Footie.”
    S’okay, Hoodie-Footie. I got it covered with the Hug-E-Gram.

  51. 1. Why do they want me to wear marshmallows so bad?

    2. Why does that woman count a baby blanket among her favorite things?

    3. What is the likelihood that those women are wearing Pajama Jeans under their Hoodie Footie Snuggle Suits?

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