The ads were kind of weird during the Super Bowl this year, no? Like, for one thing, relax MEN. I’m almost positive that this is America and you can still drive whatever car you want to without making some kind of panicked, misogynistic defense of your encroached-upon, emasculated lifestyle. And also relax Dove soap. Oh, and did anyone else notice how the ads were grouped thematically this year? Like, all of the ads featuring unlikely people getting tackled were shown together, and all the ads featuring men wearing just their underpants were grouped together, and cetra. Just odd is all I am saying.

Speaking of odd, I was more interested in watching Puppy Bowl VI yesterday no duh, since that is where the real action was. (While I’m willing to accept that Jake won Most Valuable Puppy after showing a lot of heart out on the field, clearly Camomile should have at least won some kind of recognition of her INSANELY BEAUTIFUL EYES. Those eyes really gave it their all.) And they showed an ad during the Puppy Bowl that was actually the best ad of the night. It was better than all of the Super Bowl ads.

A rare miss, Super Bowl. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check out these Subaru things. They look cute! Two please, waiter!

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  1. When that commercial came on I turned to the girl sitting next to me and said with great earnestness, “You need to buy your dog a Subaru.”

    • Oh wait! I didn’t even notice what commercial you put on here! I was talking about the commercial of the dog parallel-parking a Subaru! This one is great, but that one is arguably EVEN BETTER.

  2. What I learned from last night was that wives are terrible creatures that make men miserable and that men should roam the city in just their underpants. Basically the ads were my crazy Uncle Verne in his back-woods house where he lives, ranting about women and the green police, with just his underwear and his Bud Lite and his Doritos.

    • Yes, I learned that too. I apologized to my husband, since TV told me that I make his life an unmitigated LIVING HELL. Get that man a Dodge Charger. Also, thanks to the new J-Lo movie, I now know that since I had a waterbirth with a midwife when I had my son, I obviously gave birth in an inflatable kiddie pool, surrounded by at least 30 horrified people, while a hippie-dippy shaman lady beat a drum. I told my kid about my discovery, that he was born in a TERROR FREAK SHOW. Luckily, he doesn’t speak English yet.

      I don’t want to get all Jezebel here, but jesus christ. My husband and I were both just staring at each other. Each commercial was more offensive than the last.

      • f’real. I was cringing at the start of the spot that began with “this message is for all the women watching the Super Bowl right now,” expecting the inevitable insult, but then it turned out to be an earnest message about women and heart disease? So then I was confused… someone wants to *prevent* our deaths? And here all the other ads make us seem like selfish, stupid, wretched human beings, so apparently what’s the point? Oy.

  3. If there is anything funnier than a dog driving a car, you’re a liar.

  4. I hate when pussies jack my spots.

  5. But what about Christopher Guest’s census ad, huh? Paid for by our tax dollars, I’m told, and if that’s true – then it’s the best bucks I’ve ever spent.

  6. I knew there was a reason why I don’t like cats…

  7. My biggest problem with the Puppy Bowl was Duncan… I mean, He retired at 8 weeks, and then came back at 11 weeks… RETIRE ALREADY!

  8. I don’t know how different this ad is from the other ones, it still propagates the idea that pussy ruins everything.

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  10. I think the doggie dentures ad they ran a bunch of times was pretty great too:


  11. Aww man, I DEFINITELY did not see the same ads as you guys, all my commercials were all nature-based. Damn Canada.

  12. No one asked, but, for the record (because I am certain the record of my vg comments will be reviewed at my Defending Your Life hearing in heaven, where Rip Torn will be my defense counsel), I think it’s gross that Flo TV (in the ad with the will.i.am remix of My Generation) used footage of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby in their commercial for a gd portable tv. I know it happened a long time ago and has been fictionalized and mythologized, etc., and the footage was brief, but it’s still using the televised murder of an actual human being to sell a product. God bless Canada and their nature commercials, I guess is what i’m saying.

    • keep in mind that wil.i.am was murdering a beloved song during the entire commercial.

      • And that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were more than happy to allow said murdering. That said, there was lots of footage to be offended about being included in that ad.

        • it’s certainly not going out on a limb to say that The Who are more than willing to have people pay them to use their music. what other footage was offensive?

        • I spent a good chunk of the halftime show thinking about how Pete and Roger did not realize their dream of dying before they got old. It was like the Halftime Show brought to you by The Scooter Store.

          And that commercial? A giant yikes/cringe mashup.

    • The John Lennon shooting was in there, too. Whoever devised their campaign for the Super Bowl has all the sensitivity of Tucker Max.

  13. I was pleased to see the Puppy Bowl was both all that AND a bag of chips

  14. Jersey Boy was robbed!

  15. I spent Super Bowl Sunday with my family, and not a damn one of them would let me watch the Puppy Bowl! Not even during the boring parts (i.e, the actual game)! So it was all football and Doritos and Bud Light commercials for me.

  16. I described this commercial to my Mom, and my dog literally started going crazy, and for a second I thought, “My dog is a GENIUS and he wants to drive a CAR!!!” That’s until I realized that this commercial has two out of four of my dog’s bingo words, in this case “PARK” and “CAR,” that send him into a fit. The other two are “LEASH” and “DINNERTIME.” All other words sound like a trombone to him.

  17. cats are assholes

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