Someone bought a new Canon XHA1 digital video camera and recorded a test video just to see if the camera worked properly. Let’s just say the test was an incredible success.

If anything, this camera works TOO well. (Thanks for the tip, Alex.)

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  1. Best Marvel-DC crossover ever!

  2. Superman’s so intense during this that his feet aren’t even attached to his shoes anymore.

  3. The Superman kid has boots built into his costume, and yet he’s still barefoot somehow!

  4. I love how Spider-Man stands there cooly with his arms crossed during Superman’s turn, then completely flips his shit when he goes again.

  5. Definitive evidence that gingers don’t have soul.

  6. This video has some serious legs for being just a test. I also love the tags on this post.

  7. This has just reminded me how annoyed I was by the “darker, more adult” primary colours on Bryan Singer’s Superman.

  8. Sorry Supes, you just got Served!

  9. I don’t know about real life, but Spiderman just kicked Superman’s ass in this dance battle.

  10. My internet’s being wonky. Great jagged and sporadic, jerky dancing, Spidey!

  11. So THIS is what a gritty Spiderman reboot will look like… I’m impressed

  12. It’s totally normal for a small child to be that ripped right? I mean *Error: missing Jersey Shore joke*!

  13. This is better than The Godfather. Looks like Spiderman had an intense wedgie after Round 1.

  14. Spiderman to Superman: You got SERVED!

    • it’s funny, i said this too, but i don’t really know what i am talking about. i just think “real” Superman is a douche. But I’m glad the general consensus is that Spidey tore up the floor*.
      *I hope that means “danced well” because that kid really “danced well”

  15. In a couple of years, we’ll be seeing these kids at the Apple Store recording their sick dance moves.

    • I love the guy in the background with the carriage. He stops, calmly stares at the child, and slowly turns around thinking “maybe I shouldn’t've had a kid.”

  16. He wasn’t just testing his camera. He was testing his new Spiderman robot, which was sent from the future to put all of our weak carbon-based dance moves to shame. Superman puts up a valiant effort, but you can’t beat a dancing machine.

  17. Herbie Hancock truly transcends time and space. I looked just like Supes and Spidey when I would try to break dance to Rockit in 1983. Except I was a pasty ginger.

  18. It depresses me that these little superheros can dance so, so much better than I will ever be able to.

  19. Here is another video of the “Breakdancing Brothers”:

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  21. I don’t know how successful a marketing campaign this is. From the looks of it, the new Canon XHA1 digital video camera causes funkiness and seizures in the under-8 crowd.

  22. This is why we have children.

  23. no offence but whats going on here? Only two posts today. Are you having problems at home? We (me) are concerned.

  24. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, a young, black Aquaman sits in the bathtub, trying to talk fish into doing his dancing for him.

  25. Needed more “about to break dance.”

    Joe needs to go there and show them how it’s really done.

  26. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but those kids are actually adults in a comedy duo who are pretty much Da Ali G of Canada, and this video is actually meant to parody the cuteness of children dancing. Sorry.

  27. Superman’s cool as ice, but Spiderman over here’s got all the power moves, esp. with that glorious, valiant attempt at a hollowback at the end.

    I’m loving this on a ‘David after the Doctor’-type level. This is my new favorite thing.

  28. I have five grand that says Spiderman wins MVP at the Puppy Bowl.

  29. Whoa, it looks like Spider-Man is trying to shake out of a straight-jacket!

  30. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the internet of yore

  31. The only tag missing from this post?

    Die Antwoord!

  32. Next Level Beats!


  33. I owe all this attention to you! VIDEOGUM RULES!!!!

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