This is just a very solid political ad. It really gets to the issues Californians are facing in the next election, especially around 2:26:

You have been putting that sheep up on the CGI dildo pedestal for too long, California! But now the hilarious lightning has knocked him back down to Earth. Because maybe he is not a sheep after all (sheep are the best?) maybe he is in fact a fumbling human being wearing a terrifying “sheep” costume that his mom made for him! Maybe he has Christmas lights for eyes, and he likes to pretend to drink from a stream but he is not really drinking from a stream, he is actually just waiting behind a tree for his chance to…EAT CALIFORNIA?! OR SOMETHING I’M NOT SURE HOW THIS METAPHOR WORKS?!

Obviously, there are a lot of great things about this campaign ad, but my favorite part is the very end, after all of the Nightmare Man Sheep stuff, when the ad is just like “maybe California needs someone else? Could be anyone! There is no way to know who we are talking about. Are they behind this door? Who is that man talking to? The point is, it would be great if there was someone super good to elect.” What a sharp political ad. Almost makes you wish that you were living in California right now, just so you could vote against BOTH of these bozos. (Thanks for the tip, @lindsayism and Maura.)

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  1. Looks like I’ll be checking off Carly Fornia on my Baaaaaa-llot!

  2. If this ad is any indication, Carly Fiorina will certainly help shrink the budget in California. Also, mixed metaphors. Extremely confusing mixed metaphors.

  3. This actually sounds like a trailer for a suspense film that could have potential…

  4. The wolf-sheep with laser eyes creeped me out. For real.

  5. I had no idea that Goliath from Gargoyles was such a staunch Republican.

  6. That is the scariest political ad I’ve ever seen. Leaves LBJ’s “Daisy” commercial in the dust.

  7. This is really the result of a scheduling problem. Carly, make sure your assistant always pencils in the cocaine/sheepfucking party *after* the ad brainstoming session.

  8. Say what you will about whoever paid for this ad, they definitely were VERY fiscally conservative with it.

  9. I love living in California, but I had no idea that someday I would be able to vote for/against(not sure yet) a man in sheep laser attack armor. But here I am, Terminator out, Sheep Laser Attack Armor Man in.

  10. Tom Campbell only has himself to blame. His terrible 2005 budget put so many actors/waiters out of work, that one of them was forced to don the ol’ lazer eyes and star in this commercial.

  11. “Get me someone who finishes his sentences like Morgan Freeman… NOW!”

  12. I don’t know about metaphors either, but the phallic imagery is a real snake in the grass.

  13. I just like to imagine that that one chewing sheep it kept cutting to was the narrator.

  14. Pretty cool that they got an Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross impressionist to do the voiceover. It’s a really specific sound so they needed to make sure they nailed it.

  15. if that’s actually Tom Campbell in the sheep suit, I’d rather hire him for my birthday party than vote for him. well done, admen, well done.

  16. did you guys know that the 2005 budget “LITERALLY set the stage for the recent decline of California”? It worked as a set designer for 2012.

  17. Dude just got Tea Bagged.

  18. That commercial was so epic it seems unlikely Carly Fiorina was able to be particularly fiscally conservative when it came to paying for it.

    I await the great werttrew’s gif update with glee.

  19. FCINO = Fiorina, Carly Is Never Obviously (Going To Be Elected)

  20. So.. they like sheep but hate wolves? Or, they like sheep but hate robot/man/wolf/sheep. What’s that robot/man/wolf/sheep doing in the fields anyway? At 2:50 this abomination starts eating grass. “More grass for us sheep!” Carly 2012.

  21. That sheep was chewing on my psyche. I’ll never, ever vote for Tom now. Isn’t that right., Tom?

  22. Why do I suddenly want to stop committing ultra-violence?

  23. Elections are always crazier here in California. Don’t be jealous.

  24. My favorite part is when the narrator totally identifies with me around 1:40 —

    “And sadly, we’re just getting started.”

  25. Eh, what do I care, I’ll vote for Tom Campbell. I ain’t no shepherd.

  26. Soylent green is sheeeeppple!

  27. I really cant get enough of these Die Antwoord videos.

  28. So he didn’t sign Grover Norquist’s “You Can Have My Firstborn If I Ever Try to Raise Taxes Ever” pledge?

    How is that a bad thing?

  29. This is the logical conclusion of the “Babe” trilogy.

  30. This is exactly what I’ve been saying our elections in California have needed for years! Sheep, laser eyes, terrifying costumes, super-intuitive acronyms, and lightning. This ad is clearly a personal gift to me.

  31. I kind of liked the Wicker Man costume. And was that Zachary Quinto at 00:58?

  32. The sheep getting knocked off the pedestal by the lightening reminded me of The Tower tarot card. If it comes up during your fortune, it means your going to be knocked off a tower by lightening.

  33. [IMG][/IMG]

  34. Videogum is hell bent on me not getting anything done today. Oh well… at least I’m getting educated on my California politics.

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