Nothing says I’m a piece of shit who can’t deal with even the most mundane of day-to-day adult responsibility like a pair of jeans that are secretly fucking pajamas. God damn it, these pants make me so ANGRY. I love comfort and breathability as much as the next person who loves comfort and breathability very much, but can we not pretend like wearing jeans is akin to binding feet on the pain-for-fashion-scale. Even if you are wearing regular ($50-$100) jeans in your day-to-day life, you are already CUTTING CORNERS AS A GROWN UP. (And don’t even get me started on sweatpants in public. And no, the problem is not, as the Pajama Jeans infomercial suggests, just that sweatpants get too wrinkled from doing errands.) No big deal. People who don’t live in houndstooth houses shouldn’t throw whatever. It’s not like I’m wearing a three-piece suit to Head Blog Quarters every day, but come on. There is a reason that it is socially unacceptable to wear pajamas all day long: because GROW UP. The fact that you have to camouflage your pajamas should tell you that you are DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

“They look like they were made by some European designer.” This ad should kill itself. (Thanks for the tip, Drew.)

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  1. “God damn it, these pants make me so ANGRY” t-shirt, please internet.

  2. So Gabe, what you’re saying is that my shoe-colored foot paint is a bad idea?

  3. Can’t wait for the Pajama Business Suit!

  4. So, these come in XS and super plus sizes. I wonder which is going to be the better seller?

  5. Is this real life?

  6. WANT. Sorry. (I’m wearing pajamas right now)

  7. In the UK we have leggings that are jeans = Jeggings… do they have them in the US? or do you guys just call them sausages?

  8. Can anyone say Pajama Winks?

  9. I don’t know, Gabe. This looks like a pretty good idea. I hate it when I have to change into actual presentable clothes to go to therapy or the grocery store when I’ve been living in my pajamas for the past 4 days. Now I never have to. And the cycle of Being A Bum is negated.

  10. “They look like they were made by some European designer who wanted to criticize America in the most oblique way possible.”

  11. I recently saw a hipster in leggings printed to look like jeans, because skinny jeans aren’t skinny enough? I don’t know. But I can see hipsters wearing these, due to a general misunderstanding of irony.

    • those are called JEGGINGS and they are a real thing

      • Noooooooooooo! That’s a thing? I thought it was just some local asshole. Damn it.

        • AS A PROUD HIPSTER [LOL JK] and lazy person, I can say that when they come to Forever 21 I will be buying them.

          • Okay, I just went on, to see if Jeggings were going to happen to you. I didn’t find them, but let me tell you this, and I mean this in a kind, big-sisterly sort of way: Oh, honey, no…

            90% of the stuff on there looks like what I wore on picture day in the 7th grade, when I thought I was channeling Brenda Walsh, but I was really just an awkward tween in a floral romper and tights. Pleated, belted shorts? Babydoll dresses? We did these things, so you don’t have to. Learn from our mistakes, please. I e-care about you.

          • I just buy my jeans there! They have cute jeans for $12. Also, some skirts.
            Most of their stuff is too ‘trendy’ for me. Neon green v-necks? Ick. There’s a reason why I live in the past.

            Thank you for watching out for me, fashion-wise. :D

    • If you had come up and talked to me, you would have leaned I do I have a general misunderstanding of irony. I really thought they looked good.

    • I actually tried on some jean/leggings recently at Anthropologie. They didn’t look as bad as I thought they would, but it was still like, “Your ass cannot be contained by regular denim. We need something stretchier!” I decided to pass.

  12. Free T-shirt! An entire outfit! You’ll never need to buy (or change into, or wash, or have dignity in) an outfit again!

  13. Pajama Jeans: Because your ten cats aren’t going to run out to K-Mart and get more kitty litter themselves…

  14. You may have a sweat pant problem if you…1. Feel guilty or ashamed about your sweat pants. 2. Lie to others or hide your sweat pant habits. 3. Have friends or family members or blogs that are worried about your sweat pants. 4. Need to wear sweats in order to relax or feel better.

  15. You have to wear these with one of those tuxedo t-shirts, right?

  16. Pajama Jeans: Fits your FUPA like designer jeans, for a fraction of the cost!

  17. This has got to be the most I have ever disagreed with you. I want everything I wear to come as close to feeling like pajamas as possible. But then again I also want to do all my work from my bed and I want my work to be sleep.

    • i agree! i kept waiting for the moment to come when i could say “yes, this is a horrible product for lazy people” but i just kept thinking “hmm. soft, comfortable jeans. where’s the 800 number?”

  18. There are just not enough hours in the day to be bothered with putting on jeans IN ADDITION TO all of the important things I do such as 1) drink a glass of water with my friend 2) read a book that is completely blank 3) lie on my bed 4) arrange flowers in a watering can. These sound like they would be PERFECT for me!

  19. I feel like this is really going to open doors for the pajama necktie I’ve been working on.

  20. Pajama Jeans: Free up some room in your trailer by cutting your clothing supply in half!

  21. One of my major problems in college was people showing up to class in their pajama pants. Gross, dudes. I can’t imagine sweating all night into a pair of jeans and then just rolling out of bed the next morning to go to work.

    On a somewhat related note, I do have a semi-grown-up job that allows me to wear jeans every day. It’s a “perk.”

  22. This would have made a great Double Dog for Lindsay – wear these all day and out at night while proudly telling everyone you’re wearing Pajama Jeans and how comfortable they are. Look, they even have brass rivets!

  23. this is great, because now, i have to hold stuff when i sleep. but with pajama jeans i can be like, ‘where’s my planner? there it is. “keep sleeping.” all right, perfect.’

  24. I oftentimes am tempted to fall asleep in my jeans. But then I remember that whenever I do all the buttons and crap are uncomfortable. I may get these. Oh hahaha wait $40? How about a stick of Juicy Fruit and some granola-bar crumbs? Thass all I got.

  25. considering that last week at some point i was so lazy that i just put a “nice” sweater over my tshirt that i slept in and went into the office without a bra on….. i’d say that i should buy these.

  26. I’m usually drunk when I sleep in my jeans and it’s ironic that I’ll be drunk when I order these.

  27. nothing screams “cronicaly unemployable” like a pair of fucking sweat-pant jeans, except maybe a pair of “winker” sweat pant-jeans. (patent pending)

    • except for misspelling “chronically.” But I never claimed to be employable.

    • As a chronically unemployed person myself who long ago gave up on the idea of pants, I appreciate that someone out there is thinking about me and my dignity. I just hope these come in 4x.

  28. So hobos, transients, and rock musicians are the target audience? Or

  29. What kind of animal just rolls the fuck out of bed dressed for the day ahead of them? Shut it down!

    • She is called Grandma.

    • i feel like i should defend myself, considering i admitted to doing as much earlier in the thread: it’s called working for a small non-profit and knowing that the chances of someone wandering into the office on a friday before a saints game weekend is like .00002%, so yes, i will wear my pjs. i’m just amazed that i haven’t worn my slippers to the office yet. (fact: i considered doing it this morning.)

  30. These would go well with a denim Snuggie.

  31. I’m totally getting a pair and making them into PaJeanShorts. Being a nevernude never felt so comfortable.

  32. This phenomenon has been around longer than any of us want to believe. As proof, I happen to have a picture of my friend wearing pajama pants screen-printed to look like “destroyed” denim–as if that weren’t awesome (awful) enough, he decided he wanted to go rollerblading around the neighborhood, but felt it would be too much effort to remove his pajama jeans to put on underwear and a respectable pair of adult pants. Respectable pants make all the difference when you’re an adult on rollerblades, duh. Anyway, the end result was this:

    Clearly, having an open fly, the people that made these pants made a wise choice to communicate: “These are pajamas, people can easily see your delicates or naughty bits if you wear these pants in public. These are not real jeans!” …Pajama jeans are a slippery slope! We are still picking up the pieces of shattered lives after the introduction of the Zumbaz. Is this what you want Pajama Jeans?!?

  33. nothing gets my blood boiling more than comfy being pronounced “calm-fee.” not even pajama jeans.

  34. Not one mention of Bad Idea Jeans? Obvious or not, COME ON

  35. I went through a phase my senior year of college where I would wear sweat pants to bars just to be an asshole because you know, college. If they ever offer these in a mens style I might revisit this phase as an adult because you know, once an asshole always an asshole.

  36. my jeans are comfortable and stylish, you don’t tell me how comfortable I am commercial lady

  37. these are the perfect thing for me to wear to baskin robbins, where i plan to eat ice cream for dinner and openly weep in public.

  38. and ill use my snuggie as a jacket.

  39. They’ll look great with the acid wash jeans printed boxer briefs I saw in a shop the other day.

  40. Co-Worker: I have a feeling this will hit to close to home for me, as I have occasionally worn leggings, then slept in them, then put on a different top the next day hahaha
    Me: Um, did you notice what I am wearing today?
    Co-Worker: Leggings.

  41. Also, I just googled them. I knew I wasn’t the only one that felt this way.

  42. Just as soon as a “Work in your pajamas posting animal videos and making fun of Jay Leno” job posting comes my way, I will stop feeling like these jeans are a great idea.

  43. “Hey, you got your pajamas in my jeans!”
    “Hey, you got your jeans in my pajamas!”

    Am I doing it right?

  44. Is it wrong to be INCREDIBLY EXCITED that my tip was not only picked up but is now in the top 10 Most Commented? Now I know how Lady Gaga must feel!

    Anyway, this is the first of what I hope will be many contributions to the Videogum universe. Hi guys!

  45. Aren’t they marketing to the wrong demographic? Shouldn’t the ad be targeted to frat boys?

    • Or sorority girls, “Perfect for the Walk of Shame! But why would you be ashamed when you look like you’re wearing jeans from some fancy European company? Pajama Jeans are your little secret, just like all the mistakes you made last night.”

  46. Two things: First, I would probably enjoy pajama jeans. Second, what is the purpose of indicating the $50-$100 price range in your description of corner cutting jeans? Some people don’t have excess money to spend on clothes… :’(

    • Yeah, I kinda don’t understand the corner-cutting jeans comment too?

    • He meant that even if you buy *expensive* jeans doesn’t mean you’re dressing appropriately for most grown-up jobs. I work at a university and even though my boss wears jeans and Birkinstocks every single day, I still don’t wear jeans to work because I personally don’t feel it’s appropriate, and I’m not yet at a professional level where I can say, “f*ck it, I don’t care what anybody thinks.” And yes, $50-100 is expensive for jeans, but he was not making fun of poor people.

  47. I think I would feel less judged and sloppy if I wore these EUROPEAN STYLE sweatpants- Me

  48. Homer was really on to something when he heckled out “don’t you hate pants?!” #everythingrelatesbacktothesimpsons

  49. as a college student, nothing annoys me more than sweatpants in public. thank you, gabe. you have said what i have said in my silent glare of judgement for years.

  50. This actually made me physically ill. But this comes from someone who wears shoes at all times because being barefoot is gross. What do I look like to you? A pregnant hillbilly? (So I’ve got my own set of issues.)

  51. This is why I work in Medicine and wear scrubs. I have gone the full-fashion retard and would probably think these were a good idea if I saw them in an unguarded moment. My work uniform saves me from myself.

  52. Low self-esteem jeans. This is like an episode of what not to wear. I had to stop watching because I wanted to punch some of these people in the face. These people have no self-respect.

  53. For this to have that authentic infomercial feel, they need to show the jeans- and sweats-wearers in black and white, displaying a severe lack of knowledge of how to use the “conventional” products. Like, the jeans wearer has given herself rug burn from the rough denim, while the sweats wearer is slowly strangling herself with her drawstring.

  54. My cousin had a pair of sweat pant jeans years ago. I think he could pull them off, though, because he was a tall basketball player and you sort of expected all his pants to be tear away sports wear.

    btw, these pants would be even better if they were tear away.

  55. Jeans now come with a Febreeze brand stank sealant. Keep that from “unda” stench “unda” control, and those people always guessing. Pajama Jeans TM

  56. Finally Marcel Proust has something to wear on Casual Fridays.

  57. So, my co-worker and I are real upset about Pajama Jeans being sold out. We were going to buy two pairs each and only wear those at SXSW (an extra pair, just in case one pair got dirty or got “knees.”) Fortunately, we found out that Am Appy has DENIM LEGGINGS, which are more “ALT” so we’re set.

  58. I AM busy! I DO have a lot going on! I WANT to look great! And i DO deserve to be comfortable! But, unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this just isn’t going to work out for me.

  59. Those are NOT my jeans.

  60. Cotton *plus* Spandex?!?? Oh blessed day, our prayers have been answered at last! Goodbye to the tyranny of the Waistband Industrial Complex!

  61. Gabe, marry me.

  62. People who wear pajama jeans are no different than people who wear sweat pants outdoors. Lazy ass mofos!! Peter,

  63. Women’s jeans are already a lazy excuse for jeans: find me one pair of women’s denim that does not contain spandex to make them “stretch-fit”. ONE.

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