Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps trailer, you guys:

The tagline for this movie is: “This summer, get ready to–HEY, A BLACK GUY IN A LIMOUSINE?! NOW I HAVE SEEN IT ALL! LOL EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE-DOWNSIES!”

I will see this movie, and I don’t even care that Michael Douglas looks like the victim of a botched Face/Off surgery with the Crypt Keeper, but the fact that they had to use the “greed is good” callback line in the teaser trailer is STRIKE ONE. If they had just buried it somewhere in the movie, and had two characters look at each other and wink, I would have let it slide. But this thing is 30 seconds long. WINK ON YOUR OWN TIME, WALL STREET 2: THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH WALL STREET!

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  1. Wall Street 2: Even Stevens? (whenever I see Shia, that’s all i can think of)

  2. 2Big2Fail

  3. No matter how much money I make, I will never be rich? Does this mean no free things at next year’s Sundance?

  4. Money Never Sleeps? How about movie titler never earns his paycheck. Ka-zing!

  5. Wall Street 2: Revenge Of The Wall-en (Shia LeBeouf crossover people!)

  6. 2 Wall 2 Street

  7. Wall Street 2: Making Money off a Movie about Making Money.

  8. How can you not be super fucking PUMPED with that music! Watching that trailer is like watching my favourite sports team trying to win the big game.

  9. Well clearly Shia is a powerful character, did you see his aggressive “you’re fired” hand gesture? That right there is a man who makes a lot of money (but guess will never really be rich?)

  10. playing the role of Gordon Gekko is so easy, a caveman could do it.

    i’ll show myself out.

  11. “My Beanie Babies are worth a million dollars.”
    -Michael Douglas

  12. As a conscientious objector to earning money I may be missing the joke here. This is a comedy, right?

  13. Wall Street 2: Electric Greedaloo???

    *hangs head sadly*

  14. I can’t wait to watch old Michael Douglas and Shia LeBeouf ride around on motorcycles for two hours to find out it was all aliens. Oh. That’s another unnecessary sequel with Shia LeBeouf and an old guy? Sorry.

  15. Card carrying Shiantologist here! I will be going to see this unironically while suppressing squeals of glee every time Hollywood’s Shia LaBeouf appears on screen.

  16. i never saw the first movie, because it doesn’t appear to be about shoes or moving on from divorce or realizing you were only pretending to be happily single, but shia lebouef looks weird in this role. like he does not seem convincingly cunning at all. isnt he like 21? is he an intern?

  17. Wall Street 2: The Feeling Is Unapproachable

  18. This movie makes me wish ‘Full Throttle’ hadn’t already been used, or that somehow there was a rule that all sequels have to be titled Full Throttle.

  19. “One money clip with no money in it.” OUCH.
    “Why don’t you start calling me Gordon.” OUCH.
    The script is like a poem written by a seventh-grader, all rhyming “lone” with “alone” and no attention to meter.

    • Thanks for saying the things I was about to, because I honestly didn’t want to muster the energy.
      Thanks you thank you thank you.

  20. There are two kinds of people: sheep and sharks. Anyone who is a sheep is fired. Who is a sheep?

    His one regret was that he had boneitis.
    Awesome to the max.

  21. Okay Mr. Trailer-Maker, methinks it’s time you had a nap. You think inserting MR. GEKKO in the Moviefone voice at 1:10 sounds natural? The cut away from Shia’s sweet, sweet lips was a coincidence? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    (PS I walked past the Craft Service table for this while I was in NYC… it had a really impressive assortment of Swedish Fish)

  22. In my treatment, I wanted to explore the effect of long-term imprisonment on Gordon Gekko’s business acumen:
    “Gee Mr. Gekko…”
    “Call me Gordon.”
    “Okay…Gordon. I appreciate you taking me under your wing and all, but can you explain why we have to take a shower together?”
    “Just close your eyes and think of the shareholders, kid.”

  23. Holy crap! Oliver Stone is actually involved in this shit?!

  24. Oliver Stone is the absolute worst. W anyone?

  25. the phone always made me laugh…

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