These guys just get it.

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  1. Pah! Finally!

  2. 6 days to go!

  3. What was Lost?

  4. Why must you constantly get that theme song stuck in my head?

  5. “MY BEANIE BABIES ARE WORTH A MILLION DOLLARS.” <– This. Going in my lexicon.

  6. You should keep that one polar bear beanie baby in a box labeled “The Arctic”. Because you will never see a polar bear not in the Arctic. SOURCE: TELEVISION SHOWS SO FAR


  8. Gah! Finally! I keep forgetting to check youtube to see if new ones are up and I really didn’t want to subscribe to Details, but I did. All for the love of 100 seconds.

  9. this is relevant to my interests. those interests being beanie babies.

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  11. I’m really glad that I finally understand where bus reviews comes from now.

    I felt so outside of the videogum inside jokes loop for a while.

  12. Who are these cool d00ds and where can I subscribe to their newsletter?

  13. When Gabe contradicts Max, Max looks so broken. BROKEN. 0:22. It slays me.

  14. Technically, it’s only :85, you guys.

    Check out this equallyinteresting Lost promo David LaChapelle did back in Season 1 for the UK.

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  16. Needs more bus reviews.

  17. Who is that handsome devil? (I mean the one on the right.)

    /I already know who the handsome devil on the left is.

  18. I was thinking about posting some stupid comment about how the guy on the left is all annoying and makes me want to throw up all over myself (etc etc.) but I decided not to and just tell you guys about it instead. You can all thank me now.

  19. You know I love these and all, but can we PLEASE find a different theme song? I mean it’s been 5 hours and it’s still going in my head!

  20. This is why you BUY an outfit for the prom, so you can save it to wear again someday. Good call, Gabe’s mom. Now, if only I could find a web video to star in sporting a sparkley pink ruffled number.

  21. Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

  22. we are all this excited for lost

  23. If you’ve got 295 seconds, just watch this entire family explain LOST to you:

  24. hey guys, here is something cute and similarly themed from last year. you are gonna like it, probably. it is 149 seconds.,vepisode,1,0

  25. I love it when you find out about a great show after it’s already finished a season. That way you ahve allt hose episdoes to go back and watch without commercials. That’s how I feel about 100 seconds, not lost.
    Gabe, will there be a cliffhanger?

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