One thing that the Internet has done, besides made it possible to order Crazy Stix without having to move your giant Wall-E body, is increased the world’s tolerance for terribleness. The Internet has to get up earlier and earlier in the morning if it thinks it is going to surprise us. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t! And while I will give Leather Face some credit for just getting out there and trying to be the illest MC he can be, you also have to take some credit away from him, because he makes Raed look like Talib Kweli. Yikes!

Very ill-rhymes. Very sick. Literally. Hospital time. Goodnight, nurse. (Thanks for the tip, @thegregjohnson.)

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  1. who is that handsome fox at 2:03-2:07?

  2. Isn’t Buddha the Asian Jesus?

  3. That’s pretty good… But it needs more Hogan guitar…

  4. Scientists have connected this song to the WTF-ometer, and discovered that this rates an 8.2 on the WTF-scale. That’s roughly equivalent to the WTF rating generated if Stephen Hawking were to write and star in an opera of his life entitled “Hawking: The Android Years”

  5. I’m shocked he had enough money to finance such an extravagant video after the amount of money that Bruce Springsteen midi sample must have cost

  6. I sense an epic mashup in the future: “It’s So Cold in the DMZ”

  7. Better than Michael Jackson’s “Died on the TMZ”
    too soon?

  8. [witty comment about who this might look like here]

    He knows.

  9. As a 50 year old man, I can rarely be bothered to take time away from my word searches to learn about the latest hip hop trends, but Leather Face spits hot fire.

  10. Why won’t he look at the camera?

  11. You know, it’s not even the terrible beats or rhymes he uses that makes it so unbearable (though those are very very bad as well). It’s the fact that he has no sense of rhythm WHATSOEVER.

    It’s like trying to listen to the hiphop version of The Shags.

  12. Fake? Please be fake.

  13. I definitely tipped this before Greg tweeted it! No matter, though, so long as it is seen by as many people as possible! Long live Leatherface!

  14. Dear Bruce,

    We’re so sorry.

    The Internet

    p.s. 2012.

  15. This reminds me of a video that circled around my hometown a few months ago. “A Nite in Rock Island” by Chief Big. I have never heard someone spit such hot fire about a mid-sized midwestern suburb on the edge of Illinois and Iowa. Very hot, very specific fire.

  16. Due to my poor reading-comprehension skills, I thought that this rap was going to be about the DMV, which I thought sounded terrible. But somehow reality is even worse.

  17. Both this guy and that Raed guy seem to be unable to keep a rhythm, and yet both do a passable job at lipsyncing in their videos. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ARE DOING THAT!

  18. “Virginia Tech N9ne.”

    Rap lyric of the year.

    Shut it down.

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