There is a lot of posturing that goes on, especially among young people. I’m not a psychiatry scientist, but it probably all comes down to the basic human need for love and acceptance. We crave it. And there is no shame in that. We all adopt outward social and cultural signifiers to some extent in order to demonstrate to the world that we are members of one particular community or another. But let us be very honest and so real right now: we all wish that we were at a Miley Cyrus dance party. Even if you think that you are the coolest Mr. Cool Hat in the world, who hates fun because “fun is for the weak,” you still know that it would take about two seconds of a Miley Cyrus dance party for you to wear the corduroy patches right off that slim-fitted houndstooth blazer.

Case in point, check out these kids at a hardcore show in Atlanta that featured bands such as Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Naysayer, and Foundation. You might think that if anyone would not be into a Miley Cyrus dance party, it would be a group of hardcore kids at a hardcore show, right? Wrong. Everyone is into a Miley Cyrus dance party. FACT. Oh, and at the Miley Cyrus Dance Party, please check your irony and your borrowed sense of superiority AT THE DOOR.

I love everything about this. Because the second best thing to a superfun Miley Cyrus Dance Party is superfun video footage of a superfun Miley Cyrus Dance Party. (Via Amil.)

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  1. Not gonna front. Straight up love this stupid song. I know all the words (in ORDER) and I have every re-mix.

  2. Would’ve been better if I saw some Getting Ready To Breakdance moves.

  3. That pregnant guy (0:53) needs to know every tattoo you get, the baby gets

  4. Kelly Clarkson 2.0

  5. Yes! Yes to so many things about this!

  6. This is like magic. I wish i was there, Allthough i dont think i would have been allowed in. I dont think im hardcore enough. I dont have any tattoos….

  7. This reminds me of the Bangs dance party I went to last weekend. In my living room.

  8. I vehemently dislike Miley Cyrus in all her tween-pop glory, but this song is my jam. Yes, I would dance to this in public, but it would be in the corner and I would only be making eye contact with my whiskey.


  9. Dear John,
    I love Miley Cryus dance partys

  10. I wish I didn’t love this song, but I do. I love it even more because Miley Cyrus openly admitted that she has never heard a Jay-Z song, thus proving the theory that Disney grew her in a test tube only moments before starting production on her TV show.

    This video is happiness is it’s purest internet form.

  11. The guy at 1:05 is wearing the t-shirt of the band he went to see. He’s that guy!

  12. Please make us a Miley Cyrus Dance Party Promise, Gabe.

  13. Miley Cyrus ain’t nothin to fuck with.

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  15. amil as in “amil the guy who found pumpkinhead”? amil is the president of unbridled joy.

  16. This is a great song probably written by men in their 40s, I love it.

  17. Clapper at 0:26 for president of laughganistan.

  18. Sausage party in the USA! (To be fair, for a hardcore show the ratio’s not too bad.)

  19. Thanks, Gabe…because I either live under a rock or don’t know any better, you’ve managed to singlehandedly wedge ‘Miley Cyrus’ between Miles Davis and Minor Threat on my alphabetized iPod artist list – things will never be the same.

  20. Yes, and Faygo is slang for Nyquil now why were you yelling at Me?!

  21. its like bizarro world, wheres the video of tween (ugh, i cant beleive i used that word) girls in a crazy mosh pit at a miley cyrus concert

  22. I know at least two of those people – no really. Total bummer.

  23. America has such a symmetrical relationship with Miss Cyrus. She’s just being Miley, and we’re just being quasi-pedophiliac.

  24. I would have little long-haired big-mouthed pink dinosaur babies with the guy at 0.41.

  25. I would have been out of place and scared at both the hardcore show and the Miley Cyrus Dance Party warm up (cool down?).

  26. I would have had it up sooner but youtube decided to take its time uploading to the site.
    Party and Bullshit in the USA

  27. I sooo love this! Hardcore nutters being kids again, even if only for a fleeing moment (song). I watched this 3X today.

  28. Theory: During the 1990′s young people embraced sarcasm, as we entered the ’00′s and were greeted by terrorism, recession, and George W. Bush this sarcasm evolved into snark. Now the 2010s are here and how are the young people coping? With complete fucking sincerity and it is the most God damn punk rock thing I’ve ever seen.

  29. I’m curious where all their shirts went.

    This is the best video of the week. (along w/ the sufjan rap) Watched it yesterday, today, and I betcha tomorrow too.

  30. YES. That is exactly what I thought! The only other song that gets don’t-give-a-WHAT love is “Since You’ve Been Gone”, as evidenced by this Girl Talk live footage from Cochella, when the crowd LOSES IT just after 2:45 when the chorus drops.

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