We’re gonna need a SMALLER World’s Best Dad t-shirt! (Thanks for the tip, Erin.)

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  1. Those backup dancers! You can tell from the way they move that I’M GOING TO JAIL.

    • Oh god, disgruntled hipster. Your comment just elicited my most embarrassing laugh of the day. Good thing I live all alone in a cinder block in Paramus, NJ. No witnesses!

      “EH-EH-EH-EH-EH!” – Napoleon Complex

    • seriously though! this kid dressing like a creepy, older douchebag is one thing, but little girls dressed up like like flygirls? what? ugh. how? not to get all momgum, but i can’t imagine ever having a daughter and being like, “THIS is a good idea. i am AWESOME at momming.”

  2. He gives new meaning to babydaddy.

  3. I’m blaming Sean Kingston for some reason.

  4. is he singing about a beautiful burrito? which reminds me, time for lunch.

  5. Pretty sure his backup dancers are Scott Brown’s daughters. And they’re available!

  6. Not bad, kid, but if I?m going to watch just one catchy music video of a precocious tubby boy singing in a foreign language while be surrounded by overtly sexualized pre-pubescent girls, I?ll watch Zanger Bob..

    • The first thing I thought was: “Looks like Zanger Bob has some competition.”

    • If Zanger Bob’s girl, Angela, ever got caught with Mini Daddy we could be seeing a major beef we haven’t seen since Pac and Biggie.

      I would hate to be reading the paper one day and read that Zanger Bob’s power wheel got shot up by Mini Daddy’s posse with super soakers.

  7. I think I liked this kid better when he was preaching about the evils of evolution theory and monkey genetics.

  8. I think I liked this kid better when he was preaching about the evils of evolution theory and monkey genetics.


  10. Necesita más pelvic thrusting.

  11. Not even this can make me like reggaeton. WMOAT – Worst Music of All Time

  12. Is he singing about the ravages of childhood diabetes?

  13. that was the longest gif image I’ve ever seen

  14. Yo so el niño eatin’ Fritos
    Con los Cooler Ranch Doritos
    Ice cream samwiches are neato
    When I chew ‘em to the beat, yo.

  15. This is one of those times i regret taking French as foreign language instead of Spanish, cause I mean this is some Grade A music right here, and I feel knowing the true meaning of the lyrics would really make this a truly unforgettable musical experience.

    (That was sarcastic in case that didn’t translate.)

  16. Culturally speaking, this is a huge win.

  17. I Love You Spanish Any Milonakis!

  18. I miss the days when these young, hot latin boys would sing sweet songs about love and longing, not this pimp braggadocio garbage!!! And they allow to to hang my Menudo poster in MY old age home…

    hold me.

  19. It’s funny to see him do all those hand gestures he probably doesn’t know the meanings of. And those video girls: WOOF, they probably still use their hands to tell you how old they are. Also, knowing the lyrics really adds no meaning to the song, all he says is “but your hand (just one) in the air, I’m the cutest boy, I’m the smallest boy, I’m the sweetest boy.”

  20. woozefa  |   Posted on Jan 20th, 2010 +14

    is this child abuse? or everything abuse?

  21. cuppycake remix

  22. Maybe America isn’t the only country where obesity is an issue……

  23. oh man oh man please put this kid in the Marmaduke movie

  24. Not that much smaller.

  25. dude needs to learn from the original baby playa, miguelito: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT7-YMDmH4M

  26. The Boy But Tuna?

  27. more like mini d-bag. once he starts making thousands that aeropostale is gonna be traded in for some ed hardy.

  28. my burrito, my dorito, my burrito, my dorito… forget it jake it’s hip hop town

  29. all i hear is: don’t you eat-o my burrito. that is all. (also, a resounding YUCK for the sexualization of 9 year old girls. i hope the director is enjoying those JAIL BURRITOS.)

  30. that boy has the deadest eyes….

  31. it’s the senior parking lot all over again.

  32. Kids perpetuate misogynistic hip-hop stereotypes the darndest things!

  33. This kids parents need to start saying no to him more. No to this crap music, no to the crap clothes, no to the donuts and NO to the 2nds, 3rds, 4ths (and seemingly) 5ths as well.

  34. If you think this is bad, what do you think will happen when we grant amnesty to these burrito eating mud-babies?

    “Language Borders Culture”
    - Dr. Micheal Savage

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