Jimmy Kimmel was the guest on last night’s 10@10 segment on The Jay Leno Show, where he literally spoke truth to Big Jay Leno. It is genuinely amazing to watch. Things don’t REALLY get going until about the fifth question, so feel free to skip ahead to the 2:40 mark, but it is kind of fascinating to watch the temperature in the room slowly drop by degrees until BOOM, there is NO MORE TEMPERATURE IN THAT FREEZING ROOM.

Goosebumps. GOOSEBUMPS!

Leno does a pretty good job of squirming his way around the answers (that even his own audience is laughing at) with little “haha”s and “that’s right”s, but the last one is pretty rough. It is difficult to squirm around the fact that someone called you out as a childless multi-multi-millionaire with a dangerous car obsession who is literally ruining people’s lives* in an effort to stave off the night monsters that plague the fading and forgotten narcissist. Yikes! And in an industry built on narcissists, make no mistake: Jay Leno is the worst. The reason he brought Kimmel on his show in the first place was in an egomaniacal powermove, after Kimmel impersonated Jay Leno for his entire show on Tuesday, to gently reprimand him, put him back in his place, and remind him who was boss. Whoooooops!

Speaking of squirming:

One thing that has been mildly interesting to watch during this entire debacle is how NBC tries to promote the whole thing from both angles, with email and Twitter blasts about Conan’s latest “riff” on the situation, or Jay’s “response to the late night kerfuffle,” as if they’re just a fellow fan, happily watching two teams square off, when in reality they are the referees, and the field, and the fucking BALL. And the owners, up in their boxes. You know how sports work, I don’t have to explain it to you. But it would seem that NBC has finally drawn their self-interested line in the sand with this clip. The only thing that appears on Leno’s homepage is a toothless one-minute truncated version, and the Hulu video, which is also listed as only one minute long, just happens to not be working at all. Huh! Weird!

But man oh man. JIMMY KIMMEL, you guys! Even if you have found this entire late night thing to be boring and/or a noisy distraction from the very real tragedies that are happening in the world every day, to which I say YOU ARE PROBABLY RIGHT, it is pretty rare that someone takes anything as seriously or is willing to express themselves as plainly on national television as Jimmy Kimmel did last night. For that alone, it’s notable, and exciting. This should happen more often, and about things that have even larger affects on the plight of human beings in the world. There are a lot of Jay Lenos out there, and some of them have actual power that really matters. Let us stand up to them! Why aren’t we all standing up to them! Today we are all Jimmy Kimmel. FREEDOM!

And I know it goes without saying, but, YA BURNT, Jay Leno. YA BURNNNNNNNNT.

*Obviously, Conan O’Brien is also a multi-millionaire, and although he is clearly the “victim” here, one could make the argument that no matter what, he will be fine, even if he is banished from TV forever (and he is NOT banished from TV forever, duh). But there are dozens and dozens of people who work for him, many of whom packed up their entire lives and moved them to Los Angeles to help him with his new television show, and their fate is much less certain and much less financially secure. So a claim that Leno is ruining people’s lives is not just inter-millionaire hyperbole.

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  1. That was so beautiful I almost cried. Not as much as Jay Leno did after the show ended. If you know, he cared or could cry.

  2. Exclusive footage of a young Jay Leno, age 3:

  3. i actually caught a few seconds on leno last night after double dose of 30 rock, but i wish i had caught those few minutes instead…
    it is weird how nbc is playing both sides, its like weird publicity stunt. even leno (in those few seconds i watched) mentioned how conan’s ratings have been up this week. and then he took credit for it. ugh

  4. Jay Leno is totally that senior citizen who could retire, but still comes to work daily only to fall asleep at his desk and yell at the younger staff about the times when this company made sense, while some unfortunate schmuck with spanking new degrees and mounting student loans remains unemployed. YOU CAN SLEEP AT HOME JAY!!!

    • Make that six unfortunate young shmucks, because if it’s anything like my old company, you are paying old dude approx $500k a year to come in at 10:30, go to a two hour lunch from 12-2, and then leave at 3.

  5. So there’s no way Leno would have interviewed Jimmy if he knew that’s how it was going to turn out. Which means, Jimmy managed to decieve Leno in the pre-show breifings and is now the Trojan Horse of Team Conan. Go Team Conan.

  6. Illegitimi non carborundum. – Jimmy Kimmel

  7. I read this week that Carson Daly gets better numbers than Kimmel. Can that possibly be true? Weirdly, possibly.

  8. Jimmy is my boyfriend (MLISS’s(Sometimes))

  9. This reminded me that Kimmel not only has balls, but is still occasionally funny. “All you have are cars, Jay.”

  10. Finally, redemption after all these years of arguing with my friends about how Jimmy Kimmel is not a douchebag. That was amazing. Jay’s seething rage was like a balm to my broken heart.

  11. Jay Leno is the personification of self potato.

    • I can’t believe that these late night hosts, show staffs, and the networks that run them are letting this whole thing take place. We are getting played here in a lame attempt to try and make real time(not DVR) late night commercial add time funded television relevant again. The consensus opinion of the type of person Jay is and the self-deprecating style of Conan that have both been cultivated of many years make it all the easier to believe. Jimmy and Dave chiming in has added to the theatre and I just can’t believe that no one has come close to censoring it. Which is why I think we are all getting played. I hope we aren’t in a yogurt/ice cream cup.

  12. Kimmel was relentless. Impressive set of nuts!

  13. Beeeelieve it or not, IIII’m walkin’ on air. Never thought I could be so free-hee-heeeee!!!!

  14. I never thought I would put the phrases “Jimmy Kimmel” and “epic” in the same sentence, but I just did. Let’s dip that interview in gold, let it harden, and hit Leno with it repeatedly!

  15. usually i get embarrassed for people who get humiliated on television, so much so that i actually have to pause what i’m watching to brace myself for the impact.

    but this shit couldn’t have loaded fast enough.

  16. Conan won’t be jobless forever, but he may have some problems. There’s a rumor that Zucker is going to keep Conan to his non-compete clause, which would mean he can’t have an actual show in like two years? Three years?

    • this story has nothing to do with Kimmel/Leno, but must be told. i played baseball at Cornell, and during one of our practices, Bill Nye showed up in a full little-league style Seattle Mariners uniform and took batting practice. he had the stirrups, adjustable back hat, everything. it was pure gold.

  17. “The best prank I ever pulled was I told a guy that, five years from now, I’m going to give you my show, and then when the five years came, I gave it to him, and then I took it back almost instantly.”


  18. Shit. Just. Got. Real.

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  20. Three things.
    A. All of Hulu was out this morning, so that’s what was up with Hulu not working, not a giant conspiracy.
    B. Speaking of conspiracy, this whole thing seems a little bit like one. Like one giant ploy for ratings. That would suck, because I’ve kind of cared about this and would feel sad if those feeling we’re just puppets dangling off of strings held by NBC execs. I mean, it’s probably not a conspiracy because that seems way too smart for NBC, but you never know.
    C. This “kerfuffle” has seemed like a giant excuse to make fun of Carson Daly and how late his show is. Dude gonna be hosting the Today Show if he gets pushed back any later.

    • Totally agreed! How disheartening would it be if somewhere right now, Leno and Conan are clinking glasses of sparkling champagne together? Laughing at us while talking about caviar and monocles and other rich guy stuff.

      In other news, the Team CoCo group on Facebook has members in the 5 digits, while Team Jay is still in 3 digit ville.

  21. “Dude gonna be hosting the Today Show if he gets pushed back any later.”


  22. Can we all just agree that the best thing would be to bring back “The Magic Hour”?

  23. I was over at Television Without Pity! and reading this kind of anti- Conan article. The only 2 remotely negative remarks about Conan I read were from this site. Then I realized NBC Universal owns it. Nice

  24. It’s hilarious that Dick Ebersol was bashing Conan and calling him “chicken-hearted and gutless to blame a guy you couldn?t beat in the ratings.? And then he took him to task because Conan didn’t play ball with him and make the format more appealing. But Conan didn’t do that BECAUSE HE HAS MORE INTEGRITY than anybody at NBC. He wasn’t just going to rollover and dumb down his show so it could appeal to idiots. And they called him “gutless”? That’s the exact opposite!

  25. Kimmel went for the jugular and there was blood (via Daniel Day Lewis)! My favorite part of this whole thing is how late night host on other channels are making fun of it. Where’s Ferguson? His puppets would have a field day with this.

  26. Based on this gem, they should put Kimmel on in the 10 PM slot. Suck it, Jay Leno, you unfunny douche.

  27. Douche Chill!

  28. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • No, you downvoters are right: the other 10 years Jimmy Kimmel has been stinking up late night TV count for nothing, because ONE NIGHT HE REALLY BROUGHT THE HEAT. I am actually surprised that any Videogummer watches Leno or Conan. I am going to go back to my Tavis Smiley program. Good day.

  29. *Yeah, but you also gotta keep in mind that Leno has a lot of employees too.
    Obviously it is far worse for Conans people, he lost a lot of cool people too, remember Suzie who worked up in the production area?
    But yeah, just saying, Leno is looking out for his staff too.

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