Look, I’ll admit it: I don’t know a lot about football. I mean, I know that it is a points-based game in which extra-extra-large sportsletes try go push each other down and then sit on each other. And there is kicking? “Get that ball into the pointszone!” That’s what you guys yell, right? ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SPORTSBALLLLLL! But what I lack in knowledge about football I more than make up for in knowledge about MTV VJ’s of the mid-90s, and Matt Pinfield kind of LOOKED like a football player, so I think it all works out.

Anyway, professional football contestant Ladainian Tomlinson, whoever that is, must be very rich! He probably has upwards of $10,000. How else to explain this homemade music video for a song called the “LT Slide Electric Glide” that looks like it was directed by Eric Wareheim and makes Ladainian Tomlinson look like a cast member in a video directed by Eric Wareheim, if you catch my meaning (mentally and/or emotionally disturbed).

What was Ladainian Tomlinson going to do? NOT make this video? You sound crazy, you know that? (Via

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  1. Wait. Sorry. Is this an undercover commercial for sexual lubricant?

  2. Yep, that sums it up, LT.

  3. Ha Ha, HAHA.

  4. Hit that hole. TWSS

  5. I think this is probably one of the better instructional dance videos.

  6. Hold on. He said this was “real easy” and all you had to do was “glide with it” – then went on to list about 37 steps. Asshole.

  7. I’m going to make people listen to this song in public at some point. (Disco 12″ plz!) Thank you LT, A+++++ would slide again.

  8. I can’t tell if this is a step up from his Easy Turf commercials or just a side step, side step, side step.

  9. Right on your lap.

  10. Self-Wareheim?

  11. I only have two criticisms. 1) The music doesn’t stop when he hits the button on the boom-box (unless this is some indication that the music is only playing in his head due to the undoubtedly large number of concussions this man has suffered in his career. In which case it is a very poignant statement indeed) 2) It seems that this video is intended to educate others as to how to be like LT. HOWEVER, seeing as how he is not the head coach of his team, he cannot challenge calls made on the field by the officials as the video suggests. This is simply irresponsible considering that many children will try to emulate this video. Other than that this video is completely reasonable (this video is batshit).

  12. doo dah doo doo.

  13. This is the first song I request at next season’s Atlanta opener in the parking lot, under the bridge, if you know where I mean!

  14. Looks like someone got a Yoostar for Christmas! *score*

  15. I think he’s in on the joke

  16. Videogum Everywhere mission: Let’s watch this enough to ensure a Tracy Jordan parody.

  17. If Ladainian Tomlinson is cool consider me Jim Mcmahon! …Say HI to the Wife?

  18. You crazy for this one, Ladainian!

  19. This video is going to be hilarious Sunday night after the Jets upset the Chargers. But until then I’ll stick with the super bowl shuffle for my terrible football themed music video fix.

  20. Did my creepy dead husband forget to read the notebook that explained with the LT Electric Slide/Glide actually WAS? I think I missed it. Oh, I guess it’s time to die now :(

  21. This is my first post so I’m like extra special nervous. Be gentle, okay? It might hurt. After watching that video my first response, being a San Diegoaanan, from the whale’s vagina and all that, was to be like, “GO FUCKING CHARGERS!” PS – that is the team that that point-seeking contestant is a paid part of. Anyway, I didn’t want my RAMs to get scrambled with my ROMs and offend you glorious Monsters by going all apeshit sports-crazy.

    But can we, just a little bit? Just the tip? Every once in awhile?

    In my fantasywebs, Animal Collective plays the Superbowl halftime show where the Patriots lose to the CHaaaghaaaas!

    See? Indie and Sports! Living together!

  22. After seeing this, I’m pretty pleased that LT is on his way out.

  23. OMG, this video is GOOD. And I really don’t mean “good” I mean GOOD. I guess it doesn’t speak much for the current state of music videos that this is the most entertained I’ve been by one I didn’t see on VH1 Classic in a long time.

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