Dude is dark. Real dark. He fills entire journals with drafts of his own obituary and one time gave himself a homemade tattoo of a skull throwing up on Goebbels. I’m telling you: dark. (Thanks for the tip, Edith.)

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  1. Jugga-loodle-doo!!

  2. This had to do with farming, how?
    Shut up, Rooster.

  3. that’s dark, jack. very dark.

  4. Misleading title, Gabe.:(
    No homo.

  5. Mohawks made from flesh = metal

  6. Say your prayers little one
    Don?t forget, my chick
    To include everyone
    Cluck you in, warm within
    keep you free from foxes
    till the MONSTER CHICKEN he comes
    sleep with one eye open
    gripping your nest tight
    Exit, Light
    Enter, Night
    Take my claw
    we’re off to never-never land
    Something?s wrong, shut the light
    heavy thoughts tonight
    And they aren’t of snow white
    dreams of KFC, dreams of Popeye?s
    dreams of dog’s ire
    and of things that will bite
    sleep with one eye open

  7. Rock out with your cock out. (zing!)

  8. Rock out with your cock out

  9. That rooster is EVIL.

  10. That cock is so hard…core.

  11. Hasn’t this rooster covered Such Great Heights?

  12. Yeah yeah yeah, he’s so hard or whatever. I’m just trying to resist making a “cock” joke but I’m 11 so it’s really hard. Ugh.

  13. Still better than Nickleback.

  14. His former band leader blew his brains out only to have the guitarist turn the brains into soup and the skull bits into a necklace. Then the former bassist killed that same guitarist. Its amazing he still puts out music…

  15. That’s my pet, this rooster.

  16. This rooster and the goat that sounds like a man need to be mixed together. Come on internet, you sleeping on the job today?!

  17. This guy sleeps in a coop made of razors. This guy eats his corn feed with a sword. This guy once pulled out all his feathers onstage WITH HIS OWN BEAK!

  18. http://www.myspace.com/beak666

    It’s about time we had an all-bird battle of the bands. It is 2010, after all.

  19. Is this the first time to use the “Barns” tag? I sure hope it’s not the last!

  20. I think this is the very first and, ostensibly, the very last time I will have found something online before it was posted on Videogum.

    “Great success!”
    –Borat circa 2006/Me circa now

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