What am I supposed to say about this? What could anyone possibly have to say? Obviously, this “music video” in which John Travolta chases a child his daughter around a soundstage making the kinds of fake “friendly” faces that only a pervert with something to hide would make because of how “normal” he thought they made him seem, all while singing Bobby Brown’s 1988 hit “Every Little Step” like some kind of out-of-touch great-grandpa trying to remain “hip” to what the “cool chums” are “grooving up,” from the movie Old Dogs, of course, is yet another painful reminder that we live in a confusing world of mysteries populated by morons who hate us that is spinning wildly out of control. But that goes without saying. Otherwise: speechless.

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  1. Every Little Step YOU take lately seems to be a bad judgment call, Mr. Travolta.

  2. giving ol’ “lovely bones” tucci a run for his money

  3. Borderline appropriate touching!

  4. 0:11-0:15 are some of the creepiest moments ever captured on film.

  5. that video gave me chills……they’re multiplyin’

    • I can’t tell if those chills are from the video, or Michael Cera’s haunting brown eyes. They keep feeding me subliminal messages that pull me away from the task at Youth in Revolt will be the greatest cinematic achievement of this brave new decade.

  6. i really wish Old Dogs had been about aging canines only. i would much rather watch an hour and a half of cute, old pups with white fur on their faces sleeping than rich, creepy, white old men doing this kind of stuff.

  7. These Old Dogs have new tricks.

  8. I thought my dad was embarassing when he used to come to my softball games and scream “that’s OK sweetie!” after I stuck out every time. Poor Ella Bleu Travolta.

  9. Don’t act like you haven’t done the same thing to ‘Poison’ by Bel Biv Devoe for your great grandchildren Gabe. The only difference is, in your video, you are wearing Orthopedic shoes and making it rain with Butterscotch candies.

  10. Well played, John. It is not easy to make Bobby Brown look good.

    • C’mon, dude, when’s the last time you watched the real Every Little Step video? Bobby looks good, and he knows it. There’s no accounting for where he went in later years, but in this video he killed.

  11. Oh man, 1:28 – 1:34. Who approved this???

    What a fun, sexy time for you guys!

  12. Would you like to come to my world? There are unlimited weaves and everyone drowns in their own tears. -John Travolta

  13. How did Robin Williams manage to ruin this thing? I would have sworn it was already as broken as it could get. That man has some sort of talent.

  14. At least it’s not “Humpin’ Around”.

  15. Oh, I don’t know, guys. I mean, I like the original song, but I think Travolta really captures some unique emotions with his compelling and emotive *GUNSHOT*

  16. Well now i need a shower

  17. This is actually (maybe?) somehow worse than Travolta’s duet with Miley Cyrus from Bolt:

  18. This is a step too fucking far in the war on my happy childhood memories. You’re on notice, Travolta.

  19. They should have covered “On Our Own” from Ghostbusters II instead.

  20. Oh MAN. When I was a tiny monster my dad and I used to sing together; as a grown monster I realized “our” songs were super-extra-depressing, all about the futility about exhausting your body through low-paying, high-labor jobs and having nothing, ultimately, to show for all your years of hard work. It took me a long time to separate the first-person narrators in the songs from my idea of my real-life dad, and they used to make me really, really anxious.

    But: thank GOD none of our daddy-daughter duets ever came close to resembling the terrifying debacle of this Travolta horror show. Poor Ella Bleu.

  21. Obviously my heart is too tender lately for Videogum… but “leave john travolta alone”?

    He lost his son earlier this year and was the victim of a resulting extortion plot, so it seems kinda nice that he’d have this silly moment with his remaining child.

  22. I liked this song better when Tony! Toni! Toné! did it because there was less unintentional pedophilia.
    Oh well, look for Grease 3: Dad Discovers Urban Contemporary Radio coming summer 2011.

  23. Finally, a music video for all the Humbert Humberts out there

  24. This is by far one of the sweetest videos I’ve seen in a long time. Nothing perverted at all… Just a Dad having fun with his daughter. Johnny Angel’s still got it! Big two thumbs up!

  25. this video is so awsome. dad and daughter! nothing wrong about it. there having fun.

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