Um, what? I know that worlds are been had constantly colliding, but sometimes it’s still surprising. Then again, who WON’T Michael Cera eat pizza with these days?! Dude is a total pizzaslut, I bet. It’s all over the MySpace BulletinBoards, probably. I do love that it seems like Michael Cera is photobombing his own photo. That is what a pro photobomber he is. Where are they, though? The set of a ProActiv commercial? What is going on here? Oh right, that is your job. What is going on here? Leave your captions in the comments. The winner will receive special placement in the FIRST MONSTERS’ BALL OF 2010. (Thanks for the tip, Jeb, photo via @shoogyboomz.)

UPDATE: And here is a picture of Michael Cera with Pauly D. Captions for this photo are not eligible for this “contest.”

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  1. JW: Gimme SOME
    MC: no this is my slice, you’ve already got enough grease

  2. Her?

  3. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Deepdish

  4. That’s right, Michael, you eat that pizza. You eat that pizza all the way to the crust.

  5. I’ve made a terrible mistake.

  6. Fake.
    JWoww would never pose for a picture with a hooded sweatshirt on.

    • No way! She walks around that house wearing sweatpants and hoodies constantly. JWOWW does not give a FUCK

      • I suppose you’re right…the point I was trying to make was that she would much rather be wearing her house music battling outfit, which is essentially nothing at all.

  7. I’m afraid I just blue myself.

  8. This is the worst chicken dance I have ever seen.

  9. no, no you’re doin’ it wrong

  10. Michael Cera: We should totally kiss to teach Videogum Monsters a lesson.
    JWoww: How would that teach them a lesson?
    Michael Cera: Uhh… go fish, uno…


    • Is Vinny “Pinkeye” this decade’s Michael Cera? I think the right half of Pauly D’s hair should also get an honorary degree from Photobomb State University.

  12. When does the “Arrested Development” movie start filming? My career is bullshit.

  13. JW: My tan and hair extensions are hungry… NOW

  14. On the set for the live action remake of Lady and the Tramp. Micahel Cera is being cgi’d to look like the lady and you can use your thinking cap to guesstimate who jwow is playing. Also, the siamese cats are now the italian-american stereotypes cats. Pauly D, who you can see his spikey coif right over jwizz shoulder, will be playing both cats; “we are bombastic pricks if we please” indeed!


  16. Paper Heart 2: Fake Tan, Real Love

  17. Hey, hows your cousin Snooki.

  18. Having exhausted the aesthetic possibilities of the photobomb, Michael Cera embarks on his new project: to chloroform the entire cast of The Jersey Shore, using pizza as a decoy.

  19. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Shore

  20. Michael Bluth learns the true meaning of a terrible mistake.

  21. Yep, still wearing plaid shirts tucked in.

  22. I suppose you’re right…the point I was trying to make was that she would much rather be wearing her house music battling outfit, which is essentially nothing at all.

  23. I’m a celebrity! Get me out of here!

  24. Pickle? This is not a pickle. This is a pizza. I’ve got a pickle.. .

  25. If Michael Cera wasn’t available to eat that pizza they would have just gotten Jesse Eisenberg to do it.


  27. something something…pizza throwup breath…

  28. Is she funny or something?

  29. Every picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words but as hard as I try I can only find one fake word to explain this picture. Whafucktwhseriously?



    “They’re eating pizza at Rosario’s on Orchard Street and being filmed for an MTV special pegged to this Friday’s release of Youth in Revolt”… Videogum shoutout…. “Michael Cera and Jersey Shore will air on MTV on Thursday”

  32. An early look at the poster for Youth in Revolt II: Can You Get Gonorrhea from a Pizza?

  33. ))<>(( 2: How Michael Got His Tan Back

  34. That’s not a real piece of pizza.

  35. “Tommy, I swear to god we was just pizza battling!! What do you think, I’m just gonna eat some guy’s pizza for no reason?! Ask Schnickerss! You didn’t even ask what kind of pizza it was!!” (it was battlepizza)

    • FOR REALS!!! I guess it’s ok to grind your lady parts on someone as long as house music is playing in the background? Grinding to R&B is strictly forboden.

  36. It tastes like a foot!

  37. Awesome. Via Blagggggg.

  38. DiGiorno is upping the ante for their “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno” campaign.

  39. clearly mz. woww doesn’t realize that its actually a slice of pizza

  40. Michael Cera enjoys pizza with Jersey Shore star JWOWWW.

  41. In tricking young innocent into eating his vegetables, pretend as if you are going to consume the terrible weeds yourself.

    Make sure you do so with a firm grip on his gag reflex and a smile.

  42. “Hey dude, you think I could get two of those napkins from you? I got a date after this and I didn’t bring another top to change into.”

  43. After I have sex with a man, I bite his head–I mean, pizza–off.

  44. Paper Heart 2: Full Throttle Tanning.

  45. The Videogum Pizza Party Guests of Honor.

  46. MC: …Didn’t I just give you pizza when you were on the street begging for it?


  48. They make pizza looks like a rather, Erotic affair. “Aww you brought ‘Pizza’ these are fucking 18 year old girls! Not dried up old grannies!”

  49. Michael Cera, in an attempt to shed his nice guy image, hangs out with some bad ass young (32 yr. old) hooligans, only to have his pizza attacked by an oompa loompa look alike.

  50. “your piehole will just have to wait”

  51. MC: “No, baby, you gotta open wider. There’s a lot of pepperoni here.”
    Jwowwiewowzerz: “Like this?”

  52. Michael Cera using the D.E.N.N.I.S. method.

  53. JW: Is your dad gonna be okay?
    MC: I don’t know. The dementia seems to be getting worse.
    JW: Sometimes I wonder what identity really is. You see him in the bed, its his same eyes, nose, face, but you can’t really say its him. It’s not him, but where is he? Floating around in space somewhere? Is it our personalities that make us human, or only the systems that construct them? Could he be dead already?
    MC: I don’t know…I just wish these journalists would leave me alone for a while.
    JW: Just smile, they’ll go away eventually. Here, let me buy you another slice of pizza.

  54. MC: I can’t kiss you. You have throw-up breath.

    JWOWW: I knew you were gonna say that.

  55. Please stop touching my elbow.

  56. Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Slice of Pizza vs. Jersey Shore and Its Infinite :( ness

  57. And he thought working with Diablo Cody was bad.

    (Alternatively, “And he thought Diablo Cody was a terrible name.”)

  58. Jesus. I am WAY behind the times. I had to Google JWOWW just to find out who/what it is. Is she the one that got thumped?

  59. No guido

  60. “you’re so hot and stuff and stuff.”

  61. MC: you can leave after you deliver the pizza

  62. MC: What type of pizza is this?
    KW: Anchovy!
    MC: I thought I smelt dead fish..

  63. How many times I gotta tell this kid chicken wings?

  64. Cross-promotion Killed the Video Star

  65. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  66. “You know, when I first saw her, I THOUGHT I was going to barf. Then when she touched my arm, I did….A perfectly intact slice of pizza, in fact.”

  67. (Not pictured)

  68. Pepperoni Mushroom Pizza and friends.

  69. JW: What have I always said comes first, Michael?
    MC: Pizza?
    JW: No, Michael. Blowjobs.

  70. JW: Hey what’s that one movie where Michael Cera plays an awkward teenager?
    MC: …I see what you did there

  71. Although Michael Cera had only got one slice, he?d gone in head first, like Pete Rose.

  72. Wow! A prostitute and pizza. How could this day get any better?!

  73. JW: Can you all guess where my hand is?
    Cera: I’m not hungry anymore

  74. Holy cats:

  75. I know I will be down-voted for asking, but I don’t get the “her?” caption. Can someone explain?

    • It’s an Arrested Development reference. Seeing as how the video explaining it was deleted, i shall try to explain with words.

      Mike Cera’s character dates a girl named Ann that is extremely plain and dull and whitewashed. Every time she is introduced as his girlfriend or even referred to, it’s a running joke for a character to say “…her?” in a voice of skepticism mixed with disdain.

  76. Thanks Elliot! I was feeling like my “hipster-card” was going to be revoked for a min there. I never got a chance to watch Arrested Development when it originally aired but now that it’s on IFC my DVR queue is full of monster-like treats :)

  77. “Let’s facelift bar!” is a thing that I will be saying now.

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