For years, hip hop imagery has been dominated by an unrelenting focus on material wealth. Popular artists have worked as hard on presenting themselves as wealthy members of an elite social caste as they have on their actual music. The lyrics vacillate between depictions of athletic, seemingly unending sexual experiments, and laundry list-style descriptions of money spent on goods and services. For better or for worse, this is simply an ingrained and pervasive aspect of hip hop culture. So it’s nice to see an artist like Hawkeyes who bravely introduces a new paradigm. Gone is the obsession with wealth and social status. Hawkeyes represents another kind of hip hop artist. One who shuns fur coats for a dumpy team sweater and Wilson’s Leather coat. One who would rather hang out on a highway overpass, or the basement of his frat house, than fly in a G4.

Basically, your type of artist through and through.


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  1. I wonder what state these guys are from.

  2. Does the skinny guy at the very beginning say “It’s cold out here!”? Because it certainly sounds like it. And it certainly looks like it.

  3. It makes me sad to think that after he made it rain he probably had to pick all that money up off the floor and put it back into his bank account.

  4. Looks like someone got their student loan disbursement at about the thirty second mark. This is exactly what I do too! Then I pick it all up and go buy books.

  5. This is actually Uncle Kracker’s Sasha Fierce-type alter ego (he is a big M*A*S*H fan!). KORN 4 LYFE MUTHAFUKKAZ

  6. Cory L. Forbes, call me.

  7. And he depends on all of you cannibal resources out there to make this album go brass (lets not get carried away with ourselves just yet)!

  8. Pshhh, this dude ain’t nothin, apparently Ya’ll ain’t seen Little Ty-Juan outta the College of William and Mary, son! He be keepin it mad tiz-ight, rhymin on the polemics facing modernity and shizz, awwww Yeah.

  9. A hastily made tourism video for Iowa?!! Iowa has so much to offer! I love Highway overpasses!

  10. These guys are idiots. Hawks don’t go ‘ruff’, everyone knows that hawks ‘yodel’, which is where the term yo’ originates from, it was first used by the Vikings. Honestly, basic research needs to be done before writing a hippity hoppity song. Amateurs.

  11. JUMP…. Please!

  12. Crossfading 101: A class by Proffessor Music Video Editor over here.

  13. Making it rain in Iowa for all my Hawkeyes. Gold and Black son.

  14. He SO knows that is his rent money…am I the only one that watched this with the sound down?

  15. hahaha my last name is Kornfeld hahahaha give me my royalties, Hawkeye!!!! ahhaha

  16. Needs more clown face paint.

  17. I think it’s clever that he spelled his name “R-U-F-F”, when of course we know the correct way to spell it is “R-O-U-G-H”. It’s an interesting play on the rules of pronunciation.

  18. Oy, that giant, round head. More like FUG LIFE, amirite?

  19. White guys from someplace comical rapping on the overpass? Been done:
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  20. Leslie Hall isn’t very pretty out of drag.

  21. I expected to laugh at this way more and respect it way less.

  22. “Yo go get yo camera and film me while I stand in front of shit, son!” – Hawkeye

  23. I prefer to think he’s “rapping” *HOT GUYS* at the end as opposed to Hawkeyes.

  24. They cut the video short. I was really hoping they were going to show him hunch over and pick up all that money.

  25. this is cory forbes…you can contact me on facebook under “Cory Forbes” Or email me at “Cwalt_319@yahoo.com”

  26. I like how Gabe just happened to misspell ‘ROUGH DRAFT’ on the header i.e., he has great music taste.

  27. my favorite part is how they put the couple fifty dollar bills on top of the stack @ :32

  28. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen an AKA in the credits of anything.

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