Despite the fact that this is almost painfully predictable and could just as easily be a gag on an episode of Family Guy instead of a thing that you can actually (ironically?) buy for your PT Cruiser, it is still the funniest thing I have seen all week.

This GPS is REAALLLLLL! Snoop explains his process, and his motivation as a GPS actor:

“Its really because when I be riding the car and I be hearing the boring ass lady that be doing all the time it bothering me. She’s always turning my music down and being like, ‘turn left, go right, straight ahead.’”

Sure. Got it. Got it, Snoop! (Via JustJared.)

UPDATE: I have been informed that this is a couple weeks old, so please do not bother writing to tell me that it is old as I have already been told that. In any case, it is new to me. Maybe YOU should start a blog, doctor!

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  1. Professor Navigation over here…

  2. So it’s supposed to kind of sound like he’s sex-dirty talking, right?

  3. More dialogue from Snoops:
    ?Turn into the parking garage. Park it like it?s hot.?
    ?You?ve reached your destination! Church! No, really, your destination was a church.?
    ?Turn on your engine and juice it!?
    ?You wanted the voiceover actor who was the biggest nut, and guess what? He is I, and I am him.?

  4. I wish that every music superstar would do this, then I could finally get that Bill Callahan GPS that I’ve always dreamed of.

  5. No matter what destination you put in it takes you to your pot dealer. Wow. That was lazy. Sorry.

  6. The only place it can’t take you is back into Crip territory….

  7. His interview with Conan last night looped in GPS gig and a sweet German commercial. There was also lots of singing.

  8. This is just a thinly veiled attempt for GPS to appeal to a broader market. before this, tom tom was all.

    “I guess IM a racist”

  9. What are you saying about PT Cruisers? Should I be embarrassed while driving mine?

  10. I thought this was a bad idea until I read his explanation. How eloquent he, um, be.

  11. My dad got a new “voice” for his GPS. It’s a George W. Bush impersonator? It was funny for about twenty three seconds. I do like when it says, “You have reached your destification.” That always delights. But otherwise, yeah, GWB is dumb, and that is the joke. We get it.
    (My dad thinks it is the most hilarious thing he has ever heard in his entire life and turns it on to go to, like, Wal-Mart. Down the street.)

  12. Turn left on Hwy 187 with this dick in ya mouth.

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