I don’t think that I’ve ever actually heard a Jason Mraz song. For one thing, the cassette player in my Model-A Ford has been broken for over 300 years, but even if I bothered to get it fixed (as if I’ve just got 50 cents lying around), I still don’t think I would use it for Jason Mraz music. I would listen to the true King of Mellow, BENNY GOODMAN. Now he could swing! So we can never know just how accurate this little boy’s ukulele cover of “I’m Yours” actually is. He might be messing the whole thing up! Back in my day, we used to have to mess things uphill, both ways. Huh? The point is, I was supposed to retire tomorrow, because I am too old for this cute, and now I am dead.

Oh man. This kid should cover all the songs. Also, how mad is Jack Johnson right now? He just threw his chai in his assistant’s face and screamed “SOMEBODY GET ME A GODDAMNED CHILD TO COVER MY FUCKING MELLOW FUCKING SONGS FOR THE YOUTUBE!” You know Jack Johnson is wound up tight as F when he’s not “on.” Teddy Geiger threw himself out a window. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. this almost completely improves my mood after watching that richard cohen interview. almost.

    • I agree. I appreciate Gabe’s attempts to bring the :) s with the last three updates, but it’s probably going to take infinity more to undo that damage.

  2. D’awww! He made my monster heart grow three sizes! Now I have to go to the emergency room for acute Cardiomyopathy (caused by cute).

  3. This video does nothing for me, probably because its without tiny kittens who are so small they can’t even get out of their basket of blankets. Kittens are just babies.

  4. Sorry, kid. No one can make me like Jason Mra(ss)z. However, one thing that is almost awesome about this video is that the kid’s sweatshirt kind of looks like it says “Commercialism”.

  5. This video is so gonna get me laid. Gabe, you can be my wing man any day… if they’re aren’t any gay people around.

  6. Yup, he’s pretty much who I imagined Jason Mraz’s songwriter to be.

  7. Kid’s got hella good technique! Also: “Mommy, I played the song. Please let me out of the storage closet now.”

  8. It’s not often that someone makes a cover that also vastly improves on the original lyrics; well done, this kid.

  9. I got too bored to finish the whole video. Can someone confirm that he smashed the ukulele at the end?

  10. This reminds me of a completely boring story. When I was in Florida at a younger age (16?) and sitting by the beach, I overheard two British birds (they are called birds, right?) talking about sexual conquests. One of them said, “Guess what? my cousin? She slept with JASON MRAZ!” The excitement in her voice was palpable. Her friend responded with “Oh my GOD!” Her friend seemed just as amazed and excited. I didn’t understand why someone would think this was important enough to share, and I put my headphones back on and played Dookie on my CD Player again.

    I thought that was the last time I would ever know What Was Up With Jason Mraz’s Music And Or Sex Life. Once every seven years is still once every seven years too many.

    Cute kid, though!

  11. That kid’s around the age of his fanbase, give or take a couple years.

  12. Needs more fedora.

  13. I was half expecting him to stop mid-song and say random mellow things, like “hemp necklace”. Cutest. EVER.

  14. Shy Ronnie should take this kid on tour.

  15. I like that the kid has the same emotional depth in his performance as the actual song.

  16. My ovaries just exploded.

  17. I love his ukulele-faces! You can see how much he pours into his music.

  18. He actually nailed the lyrics. Mraz is such prolific songwriter.

  19. The nose scratching between strings really made it for me.

  20. This reminds me of when my two year old cousin used to belt out “Mariposa Tracionera” on his mini flamenco guitar.

  21. ow, my uterus.

  22. Disney is currently hatching their master plan.

  23. I still think his version of Obladi-oblada is cuter, he’s wearing freaking suspenders and a tie!

  24. What’s the big frakkin deal? I can play that song in my sleep.

  25. careful, you’ll make me miss coolforsale.

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