Yesterday, I posted a a segment from Rachel Maddow in which the Ugandan government was proposing hate crime legislation against homosexuals based on the “work” of a man named Richard Cohen, who claimed to be able to cure people of homosexuality. Yiiiiiikes. Well, last night, Maddow actually interviewed Cohen, and DOUBLE YIIIIIIKES. The thing is, Cohen is obviously a “nice” enough person who just happens to be full of self-loathing and elaborate delusions, which is sad for him, but wouldn’t be anyone else’s problem if he wasn’t insistent on foisting his self-loathing and elaborate delusions on the rest of the world in book and “therapy” form. And the fact that his writing and the organization he founded are now being used as rationalization for legislated murder is scary and also insane. But you know what is scarier and more insane than a government using the unfounded theories of a self-hating closeted homosexual to promote an official hate crimes law? The dissembling, back-pedaling, and mind-twisting justifications that the self-hating closeted homosexual makes in order to defend his nightmarish agenda. Very scary! Very insane! I mean, I don’t want to SPOILER anything, but one of Rachel Maddow’s questions is “how does race make you gay?”

The “answer” after the jump:


The worst part is that we did this to him. Well, no, the worst part is that Uganda is trying to create violent anti-gay legislation, and that the uncredited work of a sad disaster might help move the process forward. But the second worst part is that we did this to Richard Cohen. We created a world in which he felt incapable of being himself to an impossible degree. Although, I guess it all worked out in the end, now that he is “living his dream.” That’s just a normal way for someone to describe being married to a human woman.

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  1. I honestly resent the notion that we are responsible for him. I know what you’re saying, that the world we live in is a product of all our action or inaction, and that same world is the one that Cohen saw as a homosexual and felt uncomfortable in, but I’d like to think that most of us (re: monsters) are sensible enough to not contribute to that subculture of fear and intolerance. Cohen is an adult and makes his own choices, and ironically enough, he chose to be straight and drag the rest of the homosexual community down with him.

    • RC, an outlier in outremer.

    • Gabe was using the royal we. He was actually just talking about himself. Because he is responsible for all of society, having been elected President of Society back in 1789 BC, right before he told Hammurabi to get his shit together and make the world’s first Law Code on a giant stone column. Did I mention that Gabe is a Dracula?

    • Animated Gifs This is what Cohen was thinking about the Gays the whole time

  2. I don’t get it? Like, I don’t get why people think being gay is a bad thing? I mean, I know I’m 15 and young and naive BUT THIS DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL!! It’s like saying you’re a bad person for not liking apple pie, and instead only liking pumpkin pie. I mean, you can believe that, but… what does it even matter?? It’s so harmless!

    • I want to go back to being 15 and feeling the same way as you, like, “WHAT IN THE WORLD???” and we could sit around and be all “THIS IS BONKERS!!!”. I mean this in all seriousness and with true envy of you. Because this shit is bonkers.

      • Every day,I feel totally amazed that people like Richard Cohen actually go on television to demonstrate their bigotry. Sure, I go to a high school in a shitty town. BUT STILL… no one is as horrible to me to my face as this Richard Cohen is. I’m obvs a total queer and it really doesn’t make sense to me that so many people can actually use the stupid “gay is a choice” excuse for ACTUALLY KILLING GAY PEOPLE.

        Richard Cohen + Uganda + Maine + Prop 8 = ONE DISILLUSIONED BABY MONSTER

        • Yeah I don’t understand gay-haters rationalizing their hate with the “it’s a choice!” argument. Because even if it were a choice, it’s still NOT OKAY to treat people this way and deny them their basic civil rights. To say nothing of carrying out fucking GENOCIDE. Jesus. It doesn’t even matter whether homosexuality is a choice (it isn’t), that’s no justification for hate and murder.

        • Can we just be best friends now? Plz? Thanks.

    • We could also eat whatever kind of pie we wanted to eat, together.

    • Welcome to the human race, Napoleon Complex. We’re pretty much The Worst.

    • People like to think they are special or better than other people, but don’t like having to work too hard. Only about 5% of people are gay, so it leaves 95% of people who can be flattered by telling them they are awesome for being straight. For example, I haven’t been gay all day, and I haven’t even really been trying. I am totally going to heaven.

    • Maybe he can convince the Ugandans to not be black anymore too, ’cause, you know, that used to be not socially acceptable either. Or being a woman. Yes, it’ll be nice for humanity when straight white males stop thinking of themselves as the ideal (or at least when the ones who do think that way die off).

  3. “Homosexuality is not about sex. It is about seeking the love of the father, or the mother.” Even if that was true [it isn't], WHY DOES THAT MAKE IT OKAY TO KILL GAYS??????? Or even change who they are??? Why does it matter??? MY HEAD IS EXPLODING.

    • There is absolutely no way to say this without sounding condescending, but I mean it with literal Lots of Love: Your head will continue to explode about stuff like this until one day, it stops exploding and just gets very, very sore and you get very, very tired whenever you hear about these things. Hang on to your outrage as long as you can.

      • :-(

        We need some puppy pics. :-(
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      • Yea, but, it does seem that the world has gone significantly more apeshit than it’s 1999 levels (when I was 15). I don’t remember people with a public platform saying as many blatantly racist and homophobic things. Like Rush Limbaugh yesterday, for instance!

        • 1999 was definitely a different time. I was also 15 back in ’99 and I was, unfortunately, firmly in the “it’s a choice” camp. Not out of any fear or hatred (I was a theatre geek and theatre and homophobia do not go together) but because that’s what the Bible says. I didn’t want to kill anybody; I wanted to save their souls and all that bullshit. I abandoned that way of thinking long ago, but I still get where those people are coming from. I still understand the “logic” behind their positions.
          But I will never, ever understand the Reverend Phelpses and Jerry Fallwells and the Ugandan Parliaments of this world. Even stupid, sheltered, super-religious 15-year-old me didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t understand. I don’t see how anyone could.

    • It doesn’t matter though. My tattoo artist is gay, and one of “My Guys” (*Ahem*) is a gay as well. Good people, good friends. You are right to have your head explode, I am 26 and my head hasn’t stopped exploding and to be honest, the more you know, the more you splode.

  4. not 100% sure, but I think I have seen this Cohen guy trolling the NYSC sauna. Just sayin’

  5. I know that people much smarter and more informed than I will have things to say about this so I will refrain from commenting on the politics of this. But allow me to please state that GO RACHEL! Girl fucking KILLED it. Is there an Interview of the Year Award? How about Interview of the Century? This makes Katie Couric’s passive-aggressive baiting look fucking amateurish. I’m not gay but if I were I would wife the shit out of Rachel Maddow.

  6. I cannot be snarky in response to this. It just makes me so sad, and so frustrated, and then even more sad and frustrated, forever and ever.

  7. Ah, I can’t watch this at work, but I will say this: Sociopathy manifests itself in many ways. One of those ways is the tangential support of institutionalized genocide.

  8. “Sputter…repeat talking points…backpedal…stammer…repeat talking points again…my hate crimes have been the victim of hate crimes!”
    —Richard Cohen’s Tombstone


  10. “It’s in your book, dude.”
    So much love for Rachel today.

    • Easily my favorite quote from the interview. Also, I’ve never heard anyone actually say something like, “Right, that is false.” about something they wrote into a book that has had multiple editions.

  11. “The Family,” a Religious Right lobbying group at C Street is allegedly backing the proposed anti-gay legislation in Uganda. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, and David Bahati, the Ugandan lawmaker, are both active members of “The Family” which has poured millions of dollars into their ?international outreach.?

    “Hate keeps man alive,” According to Ben-Hur. So all we need to do is get Richard Cohen to be seduced by Bruno…. that’s killing multiple birds with no stoning.

  12. If this dude was right and I could choose to be gay, I think I’d take the option just for a chance with Rachel. Swoon.

  13. K  |   Posted on Dec 9th, 2009 +26

    What I love about all those statistics about homosexual teachers molesting students is that IF 20% OF PUPIL MOLESTATIONS ARE COMMITTED BY HOMOSEXUALS, THAT MEANS 80% ARE COMMITTED BY HETEROSEXUALS. WHO IS MORE DANGEROUS, I ASK????

    But seriously, :( for real.

    • Alright, come on now. Homosexual teachers make up much less than 20% of the population of teachers, so to answer your question, homosexuals would be considered more dangerous if these bogus statistics were true.

      Fortunately, those statistics aren’t true. That said, if us pro-gay rights people are going to be condescending about this issue, let’s at least do it the right way!

      • I said “But seriously.” But seriously, I knew there was a reason I didn’t “get” stats in college.

  14. I love that her Late Night interview was taped only hours before this one. They don’t have her holiday cocktail segment up yet (which was dynamite).

    I had to stay up and watch this because I just wasn’t done being super super proud of my girl, Rachel.

  15. Oh boy, when Ms. Maddow reads the horribly falsified statistics from his first book and his response is “we’re taking that out of our next edition”, I lost my mind. On one brighter note, the anti-gay movement can only last so long if this fool is one of it’s leading and most visible supporters.

  16. whoa so is everyone wondering, like I am, how will respond to this clip?!?

  17. Go Rachel. Glad she really took it to that bastard.

  18. Can’t one of Obama’s Czars handle this sittyation for us? Or do we need to upgrade Hillary C. to tsar level to get the magic going?

  19. I love that Rachel didn’t bring up the bullshitness of his organization (“that can turn you straight if you just buy their books and DVDs and pay for their trainings”) until the very end. She let the conversation be about how his books and beliefs are relevant to the movement in Uganda, because that was the main issue. It is nice to see an interviewer who does not throw a bunch of smokescreen outside issues into a debate just to make the other person look bad about something else. She also didn’t talk over him, let him say what he wanted, and treated him with respect. She’s like Bizarro Bill O’Reilly! We need more of those on TV instead of, you know, real Bill O’Reilly.

    • Well, the dude’s name is being used to carry out a potential genocide, so I’m not sure she would’ve really had to put up that many smokescreens to make him look bad anyway.

  20. “we believe in tolerance and love for all people” unless they’re gay
    also I didn’t know Tim Meadows used to be gay

  21. By calling this a psychological issue, he makes it seem like being gay is bad. What a total asshole. Watching this actually made me mad. I hate people like this.

  22. I think I am more upset by the fact that people believe him. Rachel totally rocked this.

  23. I know I shouldn’t feel too bad for the guy, but intellectually this was like a fight between Mike Tyson (Rachel) vs Michael Cera (that guy). At a certain point you feel bad for him because Rachel really did eats his asshole alive and f him in the a on live tv.

  24. Monsters who watch cable news opinion shows: I have the impression that Rachel Maddow will gladly interview conservatives, Keith Olberman basically doesn?t, and I don?t know about Ed Schultz. I also have the impression that Bill O?Reilly brings on genuine liberals, and that the other Fox opinion hosts (I?m thinking of Fox & Friends, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Neil Cavuto) basically don?t. (The Fox news hosts do, although they?re outnumbered.) Is that right?

    • You have it pretty close, but O’Reilly tends to froth with rage when “Liberals” on his show (and really, they are the most lukewarm not really liberal liberals usually) express their opinions and object to him talking over them, as he is prone to do to everyone.

  25. When you Google “Rachel Maddow Richard Cohen” this post is on the first page of results. Awesome! Also, Richard Cohen is a gay retard (maybe literally??).

  26. Both of my parents are alive and as far as I can tell I was not adopted. HOWEVER, those aforementioned parents are divorced, I hold beliefs about religion, and I am a member of a certain race. Does this mean I am 60% gay? I better buy that book to find out then use it pages to clean up the vomit I get all over my beanbag chair when I read it.

  27. The thing that is conflicting about his message is that he claims his organization supports the tolerance of gay people, but still wants them to change. If everything was okay with being gay, even if, as according to him, it was put on them by outside factors,, then why would they want to change people back?
    Honest, that part just confuses the hell out of me.
    But it very much has to do with self-loathing, I’m sure. Plus, I mean, look at that guy; I wouldn’t fuck that guy! Would you?

  28. “no, i’m reading it from your book, dude.” classic.
    she maddow.

  29. I especially like the part where he says he got married only to make himself straight, and it was a stupid decision. But now that he’s really not gay, he loves his wife. And living the dream. I’m sure she’s happy to hear that.

    “Honey I’m home! You watched the interview? What do you mean I never told you that i married you for self-serving reasons?”

    Good old-fashioned heterosexual love. Ugh. This guy is the worst? I think so.

  30. I love the whole, “It’s psychological” argument. Because, you know, there’s not a psychological reason you’re straight. Not every one has psychologies. Just gays.

  31. Man, I bet Dr. Johnson, Matthew Addison, Richard Steele, and G.K. Chesterton would go to town on this guy with a nice 18th century moral essay in tomorrow’s Tattler or Rambler.

  32. I had a similar conversation (shouting match) over the weekend with one of my roommates who is convinced that being gay is a choice and morally abhorrent etc. etc. I was the clear victor. MLIRM

  33. Not to direct people away from the site (so I won’t provide a link), but Gawker actually has a highlight real of this debate – but I think watching the whole thing is much better. Just if you don’t have the time, at least watch the highlights.

    If Uganda makes homosexuality and testing positive for HIV punishable by death – Uganda, a country in which 72% of its population lives below the poverty line – it means it’s just political move to take people’s minds of the real problems. It happens all the time. It happened in our country, when Bush wanted to make an amendment to the constitution defining marriage while the economy sunk and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars got worse.

    In no way do I excuse Uganda by comparing them to America. I’m just pointing out that when countries want to turn heads away from the more serious problem, they make another problem more serious. It just happens that homosexuals are the frequent target of this persecution, and it’s sad, frustrating, infuriating, and, most of all, dangerous.

    Considering all of the proof there is for homosexuality much more akin to genetics than it is to any sort of idea of “choice,” stopping persecution of homosexuals is something that will benefit all of the people on this earth. When genetic determination – when what is inside of us and cannot be separated from us is no longer enough evidence, the future bodes well for no creature in the human race.

  34. I simply loved how he couldn’t own up or give a semi-rational explanation about to his “own” beliefs. It wouldn’t make sense to me either way, but if you have strong convictions, you should be able to at least phrase how your mind reached certain conclusions without resorting to “read my book”. And he’s been happily married for decades, no less!

    That whole divorce and lack of affection by the opposite sex parents is usually linked as a possible cause of sexual promiscuity, not being gay. Looks like I paid more attention to Psychology 101 than this guy, and I’m just a graphic designer!

  35. If you can be therapied out of homosexuality, can you be therapied into it too?

  36. I’m not even getting outraged about this[by this I mean Richard Cohen-genocide makes me mad! grrr!]. I know the gay marriage vote recently failed in NY and CA but it’s on it’s way. We just have to wait and pray for all our grandparents to die and then equal rights for all!

  37. Alright, come on now. Homosexual teachers make up much less than 20% of the population of teachers, so to answer your question, homosexuals would be considered more dangerous if these bogus statistics were true.

    Fortunately, those statistics aren’t true. That said, if us pro-gay rights people are going to be condescending about this issue, let’s at least do it the right way!

  38. According to this chod, I should be gay, but I’m not…can someone help me?

  39. YA


    (all I can say that hasn’t been already said)

  40. I wonder what it feels like to be one of Richard Cohen’s exes.

  41. “I’m the victim of a HATE CRIME”. Now you know what it feels like.

    But seriously, I just might go straight for Rachel… And because Cohen just puts me off men all together.

  42. It’s like this: I love Rachel Maddow, but I am not nor will I ever be sexually attracted to her. That doesn’t change. Unrelated, it’s going to be so heartbreaking to see Richard Cohen cry when his gay lover comes forward with evidence.

  43. SO I was in a HS 4 x 400 meter relay and we were doing fair; I was never the sportiest spice. I?m the second to last runner and bouncing on my tiptoes to keep myself warm. There was snow on the ground. Welcome to Kansas in Spring.
        Or runner Ryan is rounding his last quarter so they tell me to step up. I?m looking ahead, ready to go. Everything melts away, the crowd disapears, there are no other runners, I?m racing myself and for my team. I hear only his footsteps that grow louder and louder as objects growing closer tend to do. We only have a short time for the hand off. He says ?Go!? and I go and then yells ?Reach? because that?s how things are done. I throw my hand back preparing to grab that shiny red baton and instead find I have a handful of wang. …..and I find I like it. That, ladies and gentlemonsters, was how race(ing) made me gay.
    The End.

  44. “I’m gonna fuck you until you love me, Maddow”– Richard Cohen

  45. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • It’s viewed this way because we live in a society that spent and still spends a great deal of time telling people who are homosexual that it is “wrong.” The fact is that being homosexual is not wrong, it is absolutely NOT a choice, and everyone should be urging people that it’s ok and they are perfect the way they are because a massive part of society makes the process of coming out truly difficult.

      I’m sure this man IS a product of his environment because if he had a strong supportive group of people surrounding him that told him it was ok to be gay he wouldn’t have felt the need to FORCE himself to marry a woman and have kids to be “normal.”

      Every accredited psychological group in the US has stated that homosexuality is not something that should be changed. In fact they believe it’s detrimental to a person long term and have publicly admonished the practice of changing sexual orientation. Another important thing to point out is that the tactics which people use to “change” others are almost always forceful use of shame, guilt, and punishment. Not only do the same sex attractions not go away but they become an increasingly difficult burden to bear because people tell them god won’t love you or you’re an embarassment to this family.

      What you need to ask yourself isn’t “why can’t these people change if they want?” but rather “what does society do to these people that makes them feel so ashamed that they need to change?” They shouldn’t have to change because there is nothing wrong.

      Plus I am CERTAIN that everyone on the Jersey shore probably has a parent who thinks they are perfect.

    • Its not a choice.

  46. i think i got 2 go 2 da hospital, cause i just got MAD DOW disease!

  47. along the same line:

    gives me faith in humanity.

  48. Fucking scum. Should we move him to The Hague now or after the bill passes? Also, Rachel Maddow shall now be venerated as Diana, Goddess of the Almighty Pwn.

  49. Though his books are obviously an intellectual toxic waste dump, teeming with the deformed, mutant offspring of obsolete, discredited ideologies and these ideologies are certainly having a very real and insanely terrible political effect, I still wonder if this coverage of Cohen is giving him a little too much credit. His pseudoscientific claims are hardly original and, among the people who write and publish such garbage, his reputation is certainly not the most “prestigious” (relatively speaking.) What seems far more horrifying to me is a sociopolitical environment (not just in Uganda, but America or anywhere else in the world) where outright hatred for a particular group is so acceptable that literally any creep with a lame psychological treatise founded on made-up statistics can start a “movement” or be a catalyst for change in legal policy. His bullshit would be (mostly) harmless if there wasn’t this massive infrastructure in place, ready to act on his ideas.

    Anywho, that’s just, like one gay man’s opinion, dude. The only thing that would have made the Maddow interview better if she had used vampire powers to psychically inflict pain on her parents for not loving her enough and thus causing in her deviant sexuality. MLIT!

  50. You don’t just decide one day to have a gayface, you are born with a gayface.

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