I guess I am a little late on this, but Target is running a series of holiday ads starring Maria Bamford, and they are so weird and hilarious!

Like, if you don’t know who Maria Bamford is (and if you don’t know, you need to GOGGLE IT!) then this just seems like a mildly-amusing advertisement about some great holiday gift ideas from one of our nation’s most successful big box retailers starring a middle-aged woman who seems very on edge. But if you know who Maria Bamford is then the whole thing feels like some kind of secret clever trick being played on the world. She is doing a voice that sounds like a normal voice but in reality it is a parody of a normal voice by someone with an unusual voice. Because Christmas!

A bunch more after the jump:

It is very odd to feel like a Target commercial is subversive and mildly exciting. Or at least I’m assuming that it would be odd. Only some kind of a nerd would feel that way, so I don’t even know what feelings are. LACROSSE! (Via MikeLuciano.blogspot.com.)

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  1. I typed “Maria Bamford” into Wikipedia, and apparantly she is a German porn star.
    Is this why the adverts are funny?

  2. “That’s how you win Christmas!” is the new “I drink your milkshake!”

  3. by “weird” and “hillarious” you mean “intense” and “my mom’s friend who hugs me a litte too hard everytime she sees me.” but yeah, I buy Target. and i have Candian friends who envy that i can buy Target whenever i please. (suck it)

  4. She avoids both overbearing and underwhelming in an attempt to crescendo the annual zeitgeist of spending. Bravo.

  5. I don’t know who this woman is but her hand signals at 0:08 are cracking me up.

    • HTML Fail, submit looks an awful lot like preview when you have a stigmatism

      • A stigmatism looks a lot like astigmatism, when you have an astigmatism.
        My people will not stand to the side while others continue to misspell our differently-abledness!!!

  6. The other half of these Black Friday ads are about the blonde Maria Bamford’s sister (a brunette, also played by Bamford, seen in the last ad stapling a wreath to her door). She’s the hum-drum every-woman who won’t be gearing up for the Target sale. The voice Maria uses is her more-or-less natural voice.

    I absolutely loved these commercials. My jaw dropped when I first saw one on tv. If there was ever a series of commercials for Maria Bamford to “sell out” on, these were the perfect ones (I don’t feel she sold out at all, as she wasn’t ‘personally’ selling anything; she was hired to play two characters).

  7. I know! Those things have been cracking me up. I saw her when she was on the Comedians of Comedy tour and she was great.

  8. get with the program, monsters! maria bamford!

  9. I’m going to do all my shopping at Target forever because of these ads.

  10. Yet another reason to love Target!

  11. I wasn’t that into her on the Comedians of Comedy movies, but these ads are pretty fun. And funny.

  12. i went to target but i couldn’t find her anywhere. just a lot of people eating popcorn for dinner/breakfast.

  13. Maria Bamford is one of “us”

  14. She used to live down the street from me and is super nice too. Its good to see nice, talented people succeed, as opposed to the usual doucheriffic cast of characters like Jon Gosselin, Paris Hilton, Glen Beck, the Hills people, um, Teabaggers (both kinds), etc…

  15. When I went to Target on Black Friday, I didn’t see Maria Bamford there. However, I think I saw Pauly Shore working at the returns counter.

  16. Ooooh. I just got some AMAZING yellow rubber boots with comic book decals all over them from Target’s online shop (I’m not kidding). So me and Maria Bamford are practically hanging out right now.
    Just chillin’ with M.Bamz … wearin’ bootz. You know… like any other Tuesday.

  17. I win at HTML because Christmas!

  18. I was apparently asleep when all this happened because 5am.

  19. A chameleon of the Sedaris order.

  20. One of my favorites is the one where her sister skipped the Black Friday sales and is still getting great deals. “Oh, sis! Look at you, awake in the daytime!”

  21. Way to go Target, those ads are hilarious and persuading! Now, let’s all go WIN CHRISTMAS!

  22. I remember watching her standup like, almost 10 years ago now, and thinking she was real cute and I haven’t seen these Target commercials on actual TV yet but if I did I doubt I would have recognized her.

    • Comedy Central Presents! Also, she rocked it on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, if anyone else in the world remembers that show and mourns it like I do.

  23. I am a sad monster. I says to the husband, when we saw these (I says): “Look, someone’s doing a bad Amy Sedaris impression!” She’s a master of disguise!

  24. A couple weeks ago she did a BRILLIANT guest spot on this “WTF with Mark Maron” podcast. http://wtfpod.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=552157

  25. These ads beat the hell out of those ones Paula Poundstone did for Wal-Mart.

  26. She’s the greatest.
    I saw her live and no other performance has been able to compare.

  27. It’s always nice to see commercials that parody the very same demographic they’re trying to attract, especially when it’s done subtly enough that said demographic probably doesn’t even realize they’re being made fun of.

  28. I was sitting next to my girlfriend on the couch when I first saw these ads and I said, “Omg, I think that’s Maria Bamford!”: and then she turned to me and said, “Who?” And I said, “A comedienne who does voices,” and she said, “Oh.”

  29. Holy crap! I saw all of these on Thanksgiving, and I had absolutely no idea it was her until just now. I think it must be that super WASP-y voice she’s doing.

  30. I’m a huge fan of Maria Bamford and happy to see she is earning some of the sweet Target coin. Remember Maria – Don’t spend it all on cheap tank tops and eyeliner. (that’s what girls normally happens, I mean that’s what normally happens to me :( )

  31. Love these. And didn’t Maria have a bit in her stand-up about running into a high school nemesis who was a Target cashier?

  32. I love her, but she is totally unrecognizeable in these spots for some reason. I never would have realized it was her.

  33. Hey Nichols 1986, YOU win at Christmas! Thanks to you I bought my whole family tracksuitw ects for them to wear while we watch Jersey Shore over the holidaze! My Christmas gifts ARE ready, thanks to you! They’re well-known Asia-Pacific trend brands of merchandise! Service truly is your lift! You win all the Monster awards!

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