Hahaha. Man, there is nothing I love more than sitting on a couch with my laptop and having six of my friends (who work full time as JC Penny models), without computers of their own, hovering over my shoulder trying to see what I’m up to on the Internet. We get very jiggy with it! I love how this rebranding actually makes Friendster look even MORE out-of-date. I didn’t even realize they had social networking in 1993! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. This is the first old-school commercial advert for a social networking site ever. Are there ones for myspace, facebook, etc?
    I’ll be back, I have to go check on this.

    • *This is the first old-school commercial advert for a social networking site THAT I’VE EVER SEEN.
      Good god, I AM getting old. My typing skills are quickly deterioratinfdsm

  2. quadruple x  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2009 +2

    What is “sm”? SUPERmark as opposed to regular old trademark?

  3. Why would you want to use a service that all your friends have already joined? Come on over to Friendster! Nobody’s here!

  4. It looks like a combination of Myspace, Facebook, Bratz Dolls and :(

  5. Wait, why is there only East Asian people in this commercial? Is it only for East Asians?

  6. I’m worried that the new Friendster upgrade won’t allow me to access it through my Prodigy account. Beter check the alt.webpage.friendster newsgroup for tips.

    • Just make sure you tell your mom not to pick up the phone when you’re mid-download on the update, or you’ll have to start from scratch. BELIEVE ME

  7. Why hang out at the new mall, with all those expensive stores that everyone shops at? Come hang out at the old mall, where it’s all baby clothes and sneakers. Friendster!

  8. I’m pretty sure that the guy standing behind the couch was all like “Whoa, is that ‘Barbarian Porn’?” and the guy with the laptop was all, “Andrew, don’t interrupt!”

  9. *fullbodyshudder*

  10. Friendster wears rollerblades and drinks capri suns..


  11. I liked the line, “I want to have My [own] Space, …” I was waiting for more: Why would I want to have a Book full of Faces, when I can send clip art gifts and play Mario’s Adventure all day long!

  12. I’ll get a friendster just so i can have “CiiNTHYA” write “ii want a man like YOU FOREVER IN MY LIFE ?” over and over again on my page. it can be my new xanax

  13. Hey kids! The internet is retro already. It’s so cool to have a vintage webspace. Sign up and become a “webmaster” today. Groovy!

  14. If the internet didn’t defy all logic, somebody would have been fired for making this promo. Thank you, internet, for making dreams come true.

  15. Finally, a place I can spend my beenz and flooz fortune!

  16. For whatever reason, I was immediately reminded of this little show while watching the commercial. Must have been the 90s stop-motioning.

  17. If TM means trademark, and R means registered trademark that is issued from the patent office, what does SM mean? Is it issued by some guy in a trenchcoat behind Bennigan’s?

  18. Someone needs to tell Friender that they are SOL. MySpace is the new Friendster, which makes Friendster the new nothing.

  19. maybe i’m just cynical but i feel like they made it this awful so it would go viral. i mean 1.05 minutes ago i didn’t know what friendster was but now i have to admit, i’m kinda tempted. i do like things that are simple, fun AND personal.

  20. I can’t decide whether I want my background as a gif of Uncle Sam kicking the Ayatollah Khomeini right in the tuckus or one of that hilarious up-and-comer David Spade wearing acid wash jeans and dancing to the beats of Salt-n-Pepa because parents just don’t understand!!

  21. “Connecting Smiles” was also used by the good people at the American Orthodontists Association from 1986 to 1989.

  22. I think I’m gonna Friendster while I POG with my yo-yo and then Lisa Frank with Jnco Tamagotchi Big Floppy Hat With a Flower On It.

  23. I’m going to create my Friendster account right after I get done watching this episode of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.

    • I loved that show! And Linda Ellerbee inspired me to become a journalist. That’s where it all began … I’m currently unemployed. Thanks for helping me pick a lousy career field, Linda Ellerbee.

  24. Wow, I’m surprised they didn’t say “information superhighway.”

    They didn’t, right? I only got halfway through before I had to drink some Surge while listening to Primitive Radio Gods.

  25. This commercial reminds me…I need to cancel my FRIENDSTER(!) account.

  26. This commercial for a thing that shouldn’t need a commercial would have gone a lot further with me if it had FULLY stolen the intro to Saved By The Bell instead of just half-assing it.

  27. Lines missing from this ad:

    Six feet of Friendster. For you, not them!


  28. You monsters are killing it with the anachronisms!

  29. Crystal Pepsi!

  30. I think we should all make profiles, Nobody else is.


  31. So I actually made a Friendster profile yesterday as part of a joke (it wasn’t very funny), and I kid you not one of the available backgrounds was Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007. VERY TOPICAL!!!

  32. I need to talk on Friendster about hot vampire fiction. MLIIWaV

  33. When I (re)sign-up for Friendster, the 1st person I friend is gonna be Chesty-LeRueux up there because she’s gonna hook me up with some avantgarde tracksuits.

  34. Fuck this – all I want to know is whether or not I can still “get Zwinky”.

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