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Twilight star Robert Pattinson says he worries about being infected with HIV when adoring fans approach him with open wounds and ask him to suck their blood.

We live in a nightmare world filled with human disasters! (Via.)

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  1. Urm, he doesn’t have to suck their blood…

    • No, it’s in his contract, as well as not eating at the Stinking Rose in San Francisco or going to the Galerie des Glaces. Contracts! Am I right?

  2. HIV is actually like 4th or 5th on the things I’m worried about after reading this quote. The first thing is that RobPattz’s first reservation over sucking a stranger kid’s open wound is HIV, instead of THAT IS NOT A THING PEOPLE DO.

  3. I would just be worried about the fact that people want you to suck their open wounds.

  4. Let’s all dress up like Van Helsing and scare him! Or cure AIDS either way

  5. My first thought if a person approached me with open wounds would likely be concerning how I was going to get an ambulance to help the person but now that I’ve had a quick Celebrity 101 from Bob here, I now know better. I feel so guilty that I’ve had my priorities so mixed up all these years. Sorry people.

  6. I guess it’s not as dun, but this is another case where clicking the link is worth it. He doesn’t suck their blood or even touch them He’s saying the same thing “napoleon complex” does. He doesn’t even say the quote, that’s a headline. He says he’s worried about getting stuck with a needle by a dangerous person in a crowd or something.

    But, I guess clicking the link to understand the story isn’t as fin as imagining he just can’t help himself, drinks their blood then thinks “oh shit I hope I didn’t get aids.” So, I can see both sides of the issue.

    • dun/fin = fun in my terruble spelling world

    • I didn’t want to click on the link because I was worried it would infect me with Twilight Disease. In other news, Bob Pattinson has recently been teaching me Logic.

    • The story is worth reading to learn that he would be willing to give up acting to pursue HIS FIRST LOVE: MUSIC, if the fans ever got too much for him. Which aside from BWA HA HA, is admitting that his music would not attract lots of fans.

  7. ugh, his pr people need to coach him on giving less-creepy anecdotes…

  8. Oh, Spunk Ransom. You always bring the LULZ.

  9. Top Gun star Tom Cruise says he worries about being infected with HIV when adoring fans approach him with open wounds and ask him to suck their dicks.

  10. Silly Robert Pattinson, you can’t get AIDS, you’re a vampire.

  11. Twilight fans are fucking feral, there really is no other explanation. They need to be put down.

  12. Exactly how is he going to get HIV from a bunch of lonely virgins, anyway?

  13. They’re all a bunch of stupid lamps.

  14. close second: “Pattinson said he feels vulnerable at big film events such as premieres, where he could be the target of an overly obsessive fan or even a terror attack.” Right, everyone should be very worried about global twihad.

    runner up: “He said he has come to accept the attention, but would be prepared to give away acting away for his first passion ? music ? if the fans ever became too much.” It is funny both that this guy wants to turn to pop music to outrun his adoring fans, AND that this strategy would probably end up working out better than he is expecting it to.

  15. What a sad world we live in, where random hookups are left discarded on the cultural trash-heap in favor of lamian bloodletting for transmitting virals. All our parents fought so hard to gain…. gone in 60 seconds.

  16. I have a confession to make. I’ve had a teensy-tiny crush on RPattz since I found out the songs in the first Twilight that I thought were Ray LaMontagne were actually him.

  17. It’s hard for me to resist the viral marketing scheme pun that is basically built in here, but I’ll do my best.

  18. I wonder if he ever looks at his mansion, his gorgeous car, the hundreds of adoring groupies he has bedded and thinks its not worth it. I know I fucking would.

  19. I’m pretty Cedric Diggory would had just stupify them and keep walking.

    That said. It’s crazy the guy even has to worry about that. Some of these people are looking for their breakout roles, but like the saying goes: be careful what you wish for.

  20. Let me suck your blood…if there are no HIV positive people here.

  21. The quote is fake jsyk.

  22. At least he wouldn’t have to use make-up for the third film

  23. i feel like going from being an actor who is MAYBE recognized every once in a while to being so popular and famous that you are unable to leave your hotel room safely and are constantly mobbed by insane kids/adult ladies would be fucking terrifying. is he supposed to just be ‘whatevs’ about it? wouldn’t most people find the entire thing overwhelming and terrifying and maybe more than they bargained for? obvs the HIV concern is basically irrational, but maybe if he had bleeding gums and was laughing or smiling toothily and a crazy fan with squirting blood splashed him in the face…? i dunno. i just think we’re being very hard on my boyfriend.

    mrs. caring is pattinson

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