Obviously, horrorcore is the worst, and people who paint their faces like genuine actual garbage clowns are hilarious. But somehow I feel so defensive of horrorcore while watching this segment. You leave horrorcore alone, you old, out-of-touch neden holes! With your silly, Specs Howard voices and your casual, racist insinuations that rap music and gang violence are inextricably linked. Then again, when that guy from Kung Fu Vampire (See you at New Moon tonight, bro!) uses a junior high school-caliber epiphany to turn the whole thing back on the news team by explaining that the mainstream media’s reporting of violence makes the evening news the grandfather of all horrorcore (WHOOOOOA), I quickly went back to hating the people in the horrorcore scene. So, I guess I just hate everyone in this segment. (Thanks for the tip, Rana and Kim.)

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  1. That ain’t horrorcore. THIS is hardcore horrorcore.

  2. “The Lyrics Keep Us Entertaaaiiiined!!”
    I’m gonna be saying that all day.

  3. The thing about despair is that it doesn’t know it is despair. Some people quite trying young.

  4. “I’m in my kids’ lives every day.”
    - Marrs’ kids gravestone

  5. That wasn’t a beer! It was FAAAYYY-GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “And stick you in the closet in my house that I assigned you.”

    Wait, were Snoop and Chris Juggalos?

  7. Back in my day the gigolos were kind, trustworthy men. I can’t even imagine the kind of women who hire these clowns.

  8. Sadly, this reporter is the coolest, hippest member of the news team.

  9. “It’s got nothing to do with violence, even though they sing about it.”

  10. “We are individuals.”
    – Guy wearing clown make-up standing in crowd of people wearing clown make-up (2009)

  11. Typical biased media only focusing on the negative: murder, rape, drugs. etc. No mention of all the seminars on murder, rape, and drugs.

  12. “Now, Joe, there are some positive things about Horror Core. I’ve heard things about Dope-Ass activities?”
    “Yes, Ken. There are dudes on stilts as well as magicians and hypnotists walking around that bitch.”

  13. This makes me so angry.
    “But they’ve also, apparently, given people ideas.”
    “So parents should have their kids stop listening to Beatles.”
    “We can’t argue completely with what he’s saying, but that’s a whole different subject.”
    I don’t really care one way or the other about horror core. To each his own, I say. But Ken Bastida should win the Pulitzer Prize for Irresponsible Journalism.

  14. Awesome Specs Howard reference/wink to your DTW homies, Gabe. Non-Detroiters are furtively looking it up on now Google…

  15. Can’t we all agree that the real problem are the Jug Furs. Those dudes are whack.

  16. We can all take a page with this one from another horror character – Fred Kruger. If you just ignore it, it’ll go away.

  17. Ken, you Bastida, I mean you Bastard.
    I hate this music. It’s trash. And I Dislike and AVOID people that readily self-identify as juggal/(os/ettes).
    But as much as I look at Mars in his lecter mask and laugh at it all, I have to agree with his point.
    This is music, and as jacked as the lyrics are, to try and attach music to murder is always dangerous and foolish.
    People that are simple enough to commit murder because a song says so were likely going to commit murder somewhere along the line – they are just looking for some(one/thing) to set em off anyway.

    All that said, if someone listens to this and likes it they likely ARE Retarded. The general public at large usually has no appreciation of nor the ability to understand that music and it’s accompanying art forms (videos, promo work, stage personae) can be very powerful whether or not you are paying attention. A lot can be embedded and transmitted to youth and weaker mind states, and messages covert and overt make their way across. This combination of factors in the music itself and the fanbase it attracts is seriously fucked up.

  18. “I hear Clay Aiken sometimes and I wanna kill people.”

  19. I think that guy Kung-Fu Vampire just combined his two favorite things to arrive at his Horrorcore name. So, if I became a Horrorcore artist my name would be High Life Masturbate.

    Anyone else care to play?

  20. Ken Bastida is actually really nonchalant about murder


  21. “how do you know those ain’t killing because they were on drugs?”

    cuz I’m sure Marz, the preeminent artist of our times, has never taken drugs ever in his life. I have faith in him, and what that mask represents, yo.

  22. I love my boyfriend’s piercing blue eyes. As in his eyes pierce mine and I go blind. Oh Kung Fu Vampire you know the way to a lady’s heart.

    Also? Don’t make fun of photographers who get beer poured on them everyone! Its a serious issue!

  23. Oh, I get it now. It’s cause he’s wearing one of those kimono things.

  24. Also, Karate Vampire totally stole one of his record titles from a Simpsons reference so the Simpsons are telling other people to murder people? This is all starting to make sense. Helter Skelter, you guys.


  25. Dude really rolls hard in his aeropostale hoodie. Jug lyfe! (Is that a thing they say? I feel like that’s a thing they say.)

  26. This is in Tampa. Of fucking course.

  27. i actually saw all these people coming out of the ICP concert in SF last week and just seeing them walking down them all yelling juggalos 4 life did make me want to kill people.

  28. This ‘horrorcore’ they speak of is giving me ideas…

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