At a Swell Season performance a couple of nights ago (Swell Season is Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the people who won the Academy Award for Once, beating out August Rush somehow, so you know they’re good [ZING for no swell reason]) Jason Segal took the stage. I guess they are all friends? Anyway, Jason Segel sat behind the piano, and after some light banter in which he explained that he’d asked Glen and Marketa for songwriting advice and that they had said to include lots of “personal details,” Segel performed a very “personal song” with backing from the band. Some might say TOO personal!

So, there were no special effects in Freaks and Geeks, Jason Segel’s penis is not a giant black penis (that joke was sort of weird, huh?), and his phone number is (315) 329-6673. Which brings us to our latest Videogum Everywhere “mission”: let’s none of us call him. He seems like a nice guy, and he has been in a lot of funny movies and TV shows, and although he probably already changed his phone number, or at the very least, gave this particular phone to a personal assistant to manage, in the off chance that this is still his real phone number, we shouldn’t bother him.

In the comments, please feel free to describe how Jason Segel reacted to your not calling him. Did he enjoy being allowed to go about his day without some complete stranger intruding upon his privacy for no good reason other than that he or she saw his phone number on YouTube and was bored? Did he smile at the realization that being left alone is all around us?! The best part of this particular “mission” is that it is ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED! Good work, everybody.

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  1. Jason Segal slept the whole night through peacefully after I didn’t call him.

  2. At this very moment, Jason is enjoying me not calling him and drinking a hot cup of coffee, and eating an english muffin with peanut butter (crunchy) and blackberry jam. I like to imagine that Jason and I enjoy the same things when I am not invading his privacy.

    Videogum everywhere! And also nowhere, at the same time.

  3. We talked about his penis. You know, guy talk.

  4. Oh! Reacted to us NOT calling him. Yeah, I didn’t do that, I called. He’s very nice.

  5. Right now Jason Segal is calling his cellphone from his landline, just to make sure it’s still working.

  6. He reacted by staring wistfully at his phone, waiting for me to call.

  7. As we speak, Jason Segal looked around the room, saw nobody around, observed that the phone in his pocket was not vibrating, and surreptitiously picked his nose.

  8. “I never loved him anyway!” Jason Segal reacted.

  9. Jason woke again to an early morning of internet research, attempting to abolish that subtle yet haunting suspicion of reinventing the wheel.

    We look on, helpless as the audience in The Neverending Story.

    Princess: “Jason. Say my name.”

    Jason: “I Don’t know your name.”

    Us: Tommy Tutone!


  10. This was a collabo made in dork heaven, and I thank the gods for it being brought into my friday morning. I know it’s possible that he’s a bit of a douche in real life, but all I have seen from him is that self-depricating goofiness, and so I choose to believe that he is actually that adorable. “Keep the dream alive.”- adgied, 2009.

    It’s a good thing Jason likes threesomes, cuz I’m all about inviting Glen Hansard to his LA mansion.

  11. Apparently Jason Segal lives in my area hence the shared area code.. That is how area codes work right? One would think the name is self-explanatory…(its the upstate NY area)

    • Yeah I noticed that too, and I didn’t know he was from the area. Also, I go to school there I’m not from there, but I always thought it was weird that people don’t say the area code before the number most of the time because there is only one area code in the whole city. Off topic, but it always made me confused about why people never gave me their whole number because where I’m from there are like 7 different area codes

  12. Jason sighed and rolled over, as I did not call him at 3 AM CST. The cat jumped off the bed as he pulled his comforter up snug around his neck, and he proceeded to snore.

    • At 8:55 AM CST, Jason jumped up, startled from a daydream over cold cereal, as his phone vibrated to life with a text message from me.
      “U R Teh Man!” I said.
      Awaiting Response.

  13. The bastard called me back!!

  14. Jason Segal reacted to my not calling him by finishing a balanced, yet filling, breakfast. He is enjoying the conversation we are not having about the weather, and is thrilled to not answer questions about his past film and television work. He is very relieved to not be pumped for inside information as to what Topher Grace is doing at this moment.

  15. Jason Segel was distressed since had yet to have all of his phone numbers transferred to his new phone. His phone started to ring with the Ennio Morricone ringtone he had requested his assistant find for him. Jason Segel smiled. His assistant was the best. He decided to pick up the phone, even though he didn’t recognize the phone number. It was a San Francisco area code, so it was probably safe. He guessed that it was just one of his buddies calling him from a hotel room on a press tour or something.

    “Hello?” Jason Segel said.

    “Jason, this is Judd-”

    “Judd! Judd! it’s so good to hear from you! Did you hear about all the crazy shit with my phone, and how I gave my phone number out at a concert?”

    “Uh, no, actually this is Judd Winick from the Real World: San Francisco cast and I was at the concert last night…”

    And that is when Jason Segel realized that he had forgotten to tell his assistant to also change the number when he got him a new phone.

  16. Jason sat up in his over sized bed looked to his left and stared blankly at the sleeping naked 20 something that had sex with him last night after she realized he was that one dude from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and sighed deeply. “I guess he’ll call me tomorrow,” he mumbled to himself as he got up to walk downstairs a fix some breakfast.

  17. Jason Segel was out for lunch when I didn’t call him, so he couldn’t really talk, but he asked that I not call him back later on, around 5, because he’d be home then, just working on some stuff, and he’d love to never ever talk to me for as long as I live.

  18. Videogum is pretending to be just not that into you Jason Segal. But really we love you.

  19. To be honest, the only person I care about Jason Segel’s reaction to not calling him is Lindsay. Don’t call Jason Segel, Lindsay! And then tell us about it.

  20. I don’t know much, but one thing I do know for sure, Bill won’t ever stop smiling.


  21. He did the same song when he performed at my school a couple weeks ago (he just showed up randomly at the concert we were having). I had heard that it wasn’t his real number and just went to some random person. Other than that he was hilarious and very nice. And ridiculously talented.

  22. Crap!!! Here I thought he wanted my number so we could meet up later and grab a falafal sandwich and if things go well maybe even grab a Mexican beer and sit on the beach. That’s it, I’m hacking his twitter account.


  23. I did not call Jason Segel repeatedly, and as a result he is not currently reading this post in which I am bragging about my not calling Jason Segel, and in a fit of passionate non-rage, he did not then smash his laptop into a fine dust, nor did he snort aforementioned fine dust soon thenafter. No, instead Jason Segel remains blissfully unaware of my existence, and from what I have gleaned, he asked his assistant to buy him a box of orange sherbet push-ups because he’s feeling a little “throaty” this morning. MORAL OF STORY: Who is Jason Segel?

  24. Sexting doesn’t count as calling, does it?

  25. Jason Segal is pleased with all of the non-calls he’s not getting. He’d much rather read emails being sent to healthronicsATgmailDOTcom.

  26. OK I have to admit I caved and rang him. And guess what? He says he is gonna call over in about 20 mins with pizza. He even asked what kind I wanted. He sounds way different in real life though. Weird, right?

  27. I called him and asked if it freaked him out that so many people were not calling him. He said he was cool with it.

  28. This song definitely needs some citations:

    Also please note that I lifted this image, naturally, from Videogum. Self-dependence!

  29. 315 represent!

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