This guy is so gully that his language is NOT EVEN SAFE FOR WORK, son! Y’heard! Headphones UP!

Streets is going crazy for this one. Dude threw another dude in the ocean (the ocean!) because he owed him money! Which is not that easy to do from Ottowa, when you think about it. YA SOAKED! (Via DJ Dougg Pound.)

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  1. Salad Fingers raps!

  2. I find it hard to comment on this video, because it will surely never match up to the deconstructions provided by the YouTube comments.
    For as the great critic josholiver09 himself said: “haha dude? got down syndrome, lol”

  3. He looks like is about to cry!

    Someone give him a hug!

  4. Thank goodness! When I go see Joe in concert I’ll finally have a venue to use my Ed Hardy lighters!

  5. i recommend listening to his other raps.
    he REALLY likes peanut butter and jelly on white bread

  6. Wow, Snow has NOT aged well.

  7. I know him. And his videos don’t even do justice to how much he actually sucks.

  8. His mouth is always open. Why is his mouth always open?
    This guy actually looks a lottt like my neighbor.

  9. everyone know’s ottawa ain’t hard

  10. Are his teeth throwing me gang signs?

  11. Homey looks like he has bad breath. Off the top of the dome, out through the nasty mouth, then trickle down the sick whiskers.

  12. Meth Teef?

  13. Scarface is a rapper whose name was inspired by a classic gangster movie starring Al Pacino. Joe Somebody is rapper whose name may have been (read: was hopefully) inspired by….this.

  14. I’m so proud to be Canadian! Joe Somebody is my homie! So what if I can’t watch Hulu!? You guys in the states don’t have any rappers as ill as Joey!

  15. “Oh no got to let them know Joe Somebody hear we go buddy” – that’s not Je Somebody that’s…
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  16. Is this the trailer for the new Harmony Korine movie?

  17. I bet those piercingly cold, dead eyes come in really handy during instense rap battles.

  18. rofl oh god. this is my hometown. there is an incredibly real possibility that i will run into this person.

  19. You know when you hear a recording of yourself and its like ‘whose this, I don’t sound like that?’

    Well I get the feeling he probably sounds really Jay-Z cool to himself. Also, did I miss the lyric when he threw a guy in the ocean? why would you make something like that up?!

  20. guys, we can laugh all day over here, but the SUITS are taking notice of joe somebody. rap mogel, DDDDamien posted this under our fresh homie’s other hot youtube video “im from da jungle”:

    Yo you got a record deal yet? if not holla at me boi you got mad flava?


  21. This is my rapper! My parents are flying him in for my Bar Mitzvah!

  22. Especially when facing down rival gang member Taylor Swift

  23. J-Roc in the hizzouse.

  24. This guy’s so intense, he probably does drive-by’s on his scooter!

  25. I’m wrestling with the pride of my city being mentioned on VGum, and the horror of how it has happened.

    Man, I thought I found Ottawa boring; could Joe be more exhausted by his suburban home and the weight of the giant brim of his hat?

  26. At first, people in Ottowa kept reporting that they saw owls at their windows at night. Soon they realized they weren’t owls, but aliens. In the end, turns out it wasn’t aliens after all. It was simply Joe Somebody explainin’ words the people of Ottowa never ever heard (for instance: rip, dip, trip.)

  27. And now, an excerpt: “mufuckin money. getcha paper. getcha dough. gotta get my money. money on my mind.” OK this is totally a viral video commercial for eTrade. It’s lonelygirl all over again.

  28. Ottowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

    • “ottowaaaat on the spot, like a dot, get my weed spread my seed never bleed because mangos do the tango like a frango. Mint. Chocolate. Word. Shit. Bitches.”
      -Joe Somebody, from his upcoming album: J20e S12mebody

  29. More like Joe NOBODY! Amirite you guys? MC Zing is in da house.

  30. I can’t watch this right now but I’m dying to know- does he rhyme “loonies” and “toonies” at any point?

  31. i bring you love…b&#C* mother f#&ker

  32. Those teeth! Pay your orthodontist some of those millions you made in the free market, you guys, lest you end up like this snaggle-toothed victim of SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.

  33. CANADA SHIT!!! (That was all I got out of the video.)

  34. this spounds like a song i wrote when i was trying to emulate kriss kross in the second or third grade. only mine had more swearing.

  35. i’ve always thought that grillz were kinda silly, but i will fully endorse them in this case.

  36. Major peach fuzz envy over here.

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