Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I really feel like this guy needs to clarify who he is talking about:

Is the stupid cunt who needs to put a cock in her mouth Kristen Wiig, or the poet Suzanne Somers? PLEASE (DON’T) CLARIFY!

P.S. Two YouTube comment-based posts in one day! Is it because it’s Friday and I am being kind of lazy, or is it because YouTube is the best and represents the most thoughtful and incisive dialog in America today? There’s probably no way to know for sure.

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  1. Kristen Wiig is never not funny.

  2. woozefa  |   Posted on Nov 6th, 2009 +1

    also, “or is it because YouTube is the best and represents the most thoughtful and incisive dialog in America today?”

    no, that’s vgum and its twitter counterpart.

  3. I can’t tell if she made this up or not. If she did, absolutely brilliant Kristen Wiig! If she didn’t, um, self expression is a beautiful thing Suzanne!

  4. A guy named westmeat seems like the authority on cock cunt relations… I defer to his eminence.

  5. And I though southmeat was an asshole.

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    • … I can’t tell if you’re joking.

      • I couldn’t figure it out either. I was going to point out that it’s Kirsten, making the whole point null. Then I was going to ask where all of these girls who get to name themselves are? But then I wondered if this was some hilarious inside joke that only Wiig super fans understand.

  7. The look she gives after “the men whose lives have forgotten to care” is James Franco eating pie. Because huh?

    Also, “I wish they wouldn’t waste it on dogs” may not be Shakespeare, but damn, that’s right, Suzanne Somers.

  8. westmeat’s “lol : )” at the end of his comment took the words right out of my mouth (forcefully, by way of shoving them with vomit and five buckets of bile.)

  9. I’m pretty sure “westmeat” is just Suzanne Sommers.

  10. Dear Westmeat:

    Kristen Wiig is making dollars and gaining insane amounts of respect, while you sit at home playing Call of Duty in between knocking up your teenage cousin. Think about that one.

  11. That dogs line was pretty amazing. Suzanne Somers is such a great comedian.

  12. Kristen Wiig IS the best, as is Susanne Summer’s Poetry. Hilarious! Though Kristen could read a receipt and I?d laugh (why is she reading a receipt? what a nut)…but seriously Susanne: Don’t waste your love on Dogs?? Obviously you have not met my A.J. He’s 3 Cute! (and might be pepileptic) But also some of her words were so…touching. “I don’t know him well enough to look like I really do.” Grains of truth from the mad master of thighs. Grains of truth.

  13. YouTube comments are amazing. There is a lot of demand for ladies to fill their mouths with penises.

  14. westmeat’s comment was an unnecessary misogynist piece of harassment until I saw the :) . Oh, you cheeky westmeat!

  15. I don’t even need to watch this.
    Just the mere though brings me enough joy.

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