This is a picture of Mickey Rourke from last night, dressed up for a Halloween party at some club. Pretty cool costume! I think it’s really neat that while everyone else is going as Sexy Candy Bar or Sexy Wallet, he’s going as The Horrible Result of A Lifetime of Poor Decisions.

Seriously? You guys? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely TERRIFYING, but also HUH? And I know that it is wrestling a little below the belt to say this, but prior to this picture I did not think that there was a way to make Mickey Rourke’s face look any more unsettling or disastrous. But Mickey Rourke, who is a Certified Professional Mickey Rourke’s Face Fuck Up Artist, proved me wrong. He definitely looks even more unsettling and even more disastrous.

“I’m just a broken down piece of meat covered in grease paint for some reason.”
–Mickey Rourke, 1952-2012

Oh wait, I think I get it. He’s going as Edward Normal Hands. YIKES. (More photos here.)

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  1. I like Dwight Yokum’s new mustache.

  2. I actually think he looks good in corpse paint.

  3. His costume is the lovechild of Death and Mickey Rourke…
    ” So, guys, what if i knocked up Death? What would that kid look like?”
    “Mickey, that’s weird… That’s a weird thing to think about.”
    “No, no, it’ll be awesome!”

  4. Maybe he just fell into his pile of cocaine and this is no costume at all.

  5. Your face is a Certified Professional Mickey Rourke’s Face Fuck Up Artist!

  6. Mickey Rourke has poured the same kind of effort into his Eurasian Traveler Kit costume as he did into his 90s plastic surgery: the wrong kind.

  7. I like that the look is just together enough to be obvious he didn’t do it himself, but still a fucking disaster. That’s hard to pull off.
    I saw the dude who played Joey’s nephew on Joey once – he had a similar mustache.

  8. Are we sure that is a costume? I suspect that is actually Mickey Rourke just being Mickey Rourke. You know, just Mickey Rourke, hanging around a party, being terrifying.

  9. the Greendale Human Being needs to get his life together.

  10. He’s clearly The Crow.

    • I can’t tell if your comment is serious, but if he’s clearly the crow, he’s only got 1/3 of the Crow’s makeup right. (Vertical marks over the eye and a glasgow smile). The Crow in its many incarnations has never sported a spade on its cheek either.
      Hey man, nice shot.

  11. Is the guy holding his hand part of the costume? Or part of the “please leave the premises immediately” contingency?

    • Ha ha – that’s what I was wondering! Is he blind? Is he semi-unconscious? Mostly unconscious? What is happening here? Is this a non-celebrity dressed as Mickey Rourke being escorted out of Mickey Rourke’s Halloween party???

  12. woozefa  |   Posted on Oct 30th, 2009 +10

    i think it’s painfully obvs what’s going on here.

  13. hes a big fan of little j’s goth makeover on this season of gossip girl.
    i watch way too much gossip girl.

  14. Ah, so he went as a washed-up mime. He’s depressed because his comedy’s stale with the kids – They’re all about puppets these days.

  15. hmm…ironic that his nose is the only thing not covered in white

  16. Disheveled zombie Tony Clifton? Is that you?

  17. That’s a great Zombie Captain Beefheart

  18. If he’s dressed as Lobo – Sweet! Otherwise – Yikes, Mickey Rourke. why are you doing that?

  19. Halloween costume? He just got back from a failed coke party with Gary Busey.

  20. “Marilyn Manson. This is your future man.” – Mickey Rourke

  21. hey, you got your mickey rourke in my jugglo! no, you got your juggalo in my mickey rourke! hmmm. this tastes pretty good.

  22. I’m just a broken down piece of chalk.

  23. He looks like he supposed to be Weekend At Bernie.

  24. I only see Nicolas Cage here.

  25. Seriously thought that was Nicolas Cage.

  26. I guess Powder just really enjoyed The Wrestler and decided to go as Mickey Rourke

  27. He is obviously Sandman.

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