They just are very good at it. This furniture one was good. And this mobile homes one is good:

I WILL TAKE TWO MOBILE HOMES, PLEASE, JUST DON’T MAKE ME PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE WITH A BRICK? Robert Lee, constantly making people severely damage his face with blunt objects. No big deal.

Rhett and Link are taking nominations for their next commercial. Uh, I nominate all of the businesses? Go! Although, it will be sad when Rhett and Link start making actual ads for Diet Red Bull, or whatever. “Some of that Rhett and Link viral magic is just the shot in the arm that the Playtex corporation needs!” Oh well. GOODBYE IN ADVANCE, RHETT AND LINK! (And thanks for the tip, many people.)

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  1. Is this real? Because this is seriously the best commercial ever made. Don Draper ’09 just got fired for not coming up with this.

  2. Only a man who has weathered the fires of hell can wield a chainsaw with such self confidence. Yes Robert Lee, I would like one of your non-mansion, stained mobile homes.

  3. I hate all other commercials just because this one exists.

    • Also, they were so nice on that “making of” video. It wasn’t patronising or cloying, they just recognised an awesome guy and made a commercial about him.

  4. WOW. My wife’s boyfriend hit me in the face with a fencepost, so if you don’t buy one of my mobile homes, it aint gon hurt my feelings….
    Truer words have never been spoken in ads…

  5. The only way to improve this commercial would be if someone’s face appeared in a urine stain.

  6. Let’s just say I’m buying whatever “she” is selling.

    • She might sell them but given the comprehensive education I’ve received from romantic comedies and TV-movie dramas over the years, I know that she’s looking for a way out. Her face when she’s smoking says it all. Sadly there’s not much can be done. I mean who could really leave Robert Lee? Look at the one handed chainsawing… he’s… well… awesome.

  7. Their ShamWow commercial was shocking. SHOCKING.
    Yes, this was shown on television.
    Rhett and Link are making Jones’ Big Ass Barbeque and Foot Massage seem more and more plausible…

  8. Really? You don’t care if I buy your mobile homes? Then why are you making commercials? Ha, I caught y-

    Guys, he just knocked out my teeth through my computer screen for being a smart-ass.

  9. his middle name certainly begins with an ‘E’

  10. I love this commercial so much, if only because now when people ask why I live here, I can point to this video. Now back to my smoking and taking crescent wrenches to the face.

  11. “Band is Cool!” is as close as they get to a B+. I love it all. All of it!

  12. There is absolutely nothing I don’t love about this commercial and Rhett & Link’s entire site.


  13. My goodness! That man is such a badass! It’s like Don Draper, Chuck Norris, and Clint Eastwood collectively had a baby and named him Robert Lee.

  14. unrelated “rhett” news:
    this video looks great & makes no sense, and is pretty dumb.
    (yet it does blow up the music blogz today, some of them.)

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