With a health-care reform song set to a Miley Cyrus song.

Um, obviously the kids from the Ron Clark Academy are great, and even though I liked their cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” more than I like anything Miley Cyrus has ever done ever, or anything related to or based off of anything she has done, this is still pretty solid. But what was that one kid talking about at the beginning? He is against public health care because of what it will do to rich people? That is some Lil Bill O’Reilly shit right there is what that is. (Thanks for the tip, Matthew.)

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  1. He’s probably bitter if he’s not seeing any of the money from these TV appearances and what have you. In fairness, he’d just blow it on whatever 5th graders spend money on these days. I really have no idea what 5th graders spend money on. Probably not cocaine and prostitutes, but I just don’t know.

  2. But you forget that the Republicans health care plan is DON’T GET SICK.

  3. He was clearly given talking points by his parents. Oddly, my first reaction to his little spiel wasn’t “Aww… he’s trying to sound smart and he’s got a great vocabulary for a kid.” It was “You shut up! You have no idea what you’re talking about, you stupid, spoiled little brat!” Either my passion for health-care reform is out of control, or my heart has completely frozen over. Probably a bit of both.

  4. How dare that child be used to promote a political idea this site generally disagrees with!?!

  5. Nice group of kids but I think they make them wear khaki pants so white people won’t be put off.

  6. Harry Connick Jr. needs to put a stop to this.

  7. “Ron Clark Academy: Making Roman Polanski care more about politics every day.”

  8. Shouldn’t these kids being doing their math homework?

  9. Alex  |   Posted on Oct 8th, 2009 +14

    You can tell they’re a year older because now they get winded from dancing/singing.

  10. I love the announcer – “He uses the WORDS in the SENTENCES!!!” Adorable.

    Also it’s great when a little kid says something blatantly retarded, but it’s sorta funny because he’s a kid… then you watch a session of Congress. .

    • I Lots Of Loved at your avatar and screen name, then I realized it looks a little bit like Alpacaporn, which gave me deeply disturbing thoughts. And some funny ones too.

  11. That WILLIE. He was the one kid who said he would vote for McCain on the “You Can Vote However You Like” video, remember? The little squirt isn’t smart enough to make an informed policy statement, but he is sharp enough to realize that being the standout young Republican might do wonders for his future TV career.

    The way the anchor treats these kids just kills me. Like she is literally going to start eating them up with a spoon right on camera.

  12. I know I’m tardy for the Thursday Videogum party and all, but can someone please tell me WHERE MY TOPHER GRACE UPDATE IS?!?!?!? How the fuck am I going to go through Friday without it?

  13. I don’t care much for their political views or singing, but that choreography is top-notch.

  14. Maybe this would get more plays if they incorporated a stripper pole disguised as an ice cream cart.

  15. jmothecat  |   Posted on Oct 9th, 2009 +1

    I love how he used the current economic crisis as the basis for his argument. It really does give anyone the right to win an argument.

    ‘We can’t have public healthcare in the current economic situation!’, ‘How can we deploy more troops to Afghanistan under the current economic situation?’ or ‘With the economic situation in the state it currently is Oslo just cannot afford to host a prize-giving for Hu Jia, they had to get someone with global appeal in instead, I think Obama mentioned Israel once too.’

  16. Anonymous  |   Posted on Oct 9th, 2009 0

    Watch the full video. They were debating from three different views but the media put a twist on this video on youtube that you misinterpreted the message. Watch this video and tell me what you think.


  17. rebecca  |   Posted on Oct 9th, 2009 0

    Willie just gave me a giant sad.

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