Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, and Har Mar Superstar are writing a show for HBO about “painfully cool hipsters” who move from Williamsburg to Silverlake, tentatively titled Stich N’ Bitch. Sure. We’re gonna need a skinnier jeans!

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  1. Is Ellen Page’s nose getting smaller as she ages?

  2. Haven’t all the anti-hipster hipsters grown tired of poking fun of Brooklyn hipster culture? Only someone so painfully young would think this is relevant or even worth making to begin with. Old newzzzzzz.

  3. This article is bullshit.. Har Mar Superstar is referred to as both “young” and an “actor”

  4. Finally, a show that can appeal to a broad-based demographic of hipsters from both New York AND Los Angeles.

  5. How many episodes till a hipster grifter plot line comes up?

  6. I will watch anything with Ellen Page in it and enjoy it. Even Smart People.

    That is all.

  7. I need a Horchata suicide cocktail

  8. After the word “page” every other combination of letters lost all context for me. What the hell is a “williamsburg” and how is it related to “silverlake”

  9. So is there actual knitting in this show? Are HYUKs finally getting a show of our own?


  11. I feel informed enough to comment on this.

    Yikes, first that “How To Make It In America” thing, and now this? We’re gonna need a bigger dive bar. And shorter shorts.

  12. All snark aside it is nice to see Ellen Page doing something with all the attentions she’s gotten besides “head up” a fashion line or party her butt off.

    Also Gabe, is this why you went to LA?

  13. So…this will be about Ellen Page knitting in Williamsburg?

  14. defacebook  |   Posted on Oct 8th, 2009 -1

    Although the hipster grrl thing is kind of tired, Ellen Page is sexier than Mega Fox. I just wish she hadn’t made that Hard Candy flick. It ruined my fantasies about her.

  15. I have mixed emotions. Weird things happening inside.

  16. I don’t dig the Stripes but I’ll go for Har Mar.

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