Well, that happened fast! So, as you know, Saturday Night Live premiered this weekend with host Megan Fox. I thought it was a pretty good episode! Lots has already been written about it, and the general consensus seems to be that the show was a dud, but I’m not sure why. Admittedly, I am no longer able to watch it from an entirely objective standpoint. But there were plenty of laffs. Stewardesses! Will Forte’s HOTSTUFF new haircut! And I’m not a huge MeganFoxHead, but she did good, too!

But obviously that is not what anyone really wanted to talk about this weekend. What everyone really wanted to talk about was when newcomer (and, full disclosure*, very dear friend of mine) Jenny Slate, said the F-word during the late-episode “Biker Chick Chat” sketch, the entirety of which you can see after the jump.

This immediately became such a huge news story! It was our generation’s Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. It spent the day in the top 10 on Google Alerts. GOOGLE ALERTS! The world’s most important gauge of what is important! Blogs blogged about it! And everyone was talking about Charles Rocket.

Charles Rocket, of course, was famously fired from the show after saying the F-word. Would Jenny Slate suffer a similar fate?! That is what the Internet asked, even though the answer was obviously no. Come on, Internet! Get better at asking stuff! For one thing, Charles Rocket said the F-word on purpose, not in an obvious accident in the middle of a sketch riddled with the word “frickin’.” Not to mention the fact that Lorne Michaels wasn’t even working at Saturday Night Live when the Charles Rocket thing happened. It was during the ill-fated 1980-81 season. Not to mention the fact that IT’S NOT 1981 ANYMORE. Besides, Norm MacDonald said the f-word on Saturday Night Live in 1997 and nothing happened. The world has changed, you guys, we can feel it in the water.

Obviously, I think that if Jenny Slate could take it back she probably would. But my guess is that it’s going to end up being one of the best things that ever happened to her career (second only to getting hired on Saturday Night Live in the first place, what a hot streak she has been on these months!). But she did great on the episode (she also wrote the Biker Chick Chat sketch, which is pretty impressive: a cast member starring in a sketch they wrote themselves with Megan Fox as a supporting character in their very first episode is REALLY SOMETHING). And it’s not so much that there is no such thing as bad publicity. There’s lots of bad publicity out there. It’s more that this was never anything other than great publicity. Saturday Night Live had its most talked about debut since Mayor Giuliani went on and apologized for 9/11 (or whatever). And nothing bad actually happened. People seem to mostly be supportive, but their support is laced with guilty fear! No, you guys, you’re doing it wrong! It’s like the t-shirt always said: NO FEAR.

Oh, and how has no one else commented on the fact that there were TWO pre-taped sketches on the same episode in which the word “fuck” was bleeped out?

My favorite comment on the whole matter comes from the thread on the stupid TMZ post (as if there is another kind of TMZ post):

welcome to Obamas America!!

Indeed. Anyway, congratulations, Jenny Slate. You are so fucking famous now.

*Some of you guys yelled at me the last time I wrote about Jenny for name-dropping or trying to show off. Well, grow up. The fact of the matter is that a really good friend of mine has suddenly become a news story that fits unavoidably within the purview of what this website is about. It’s incredibly weird! And I would just as soon professionally ignore it. But that would be even weirder! So there’s no way around it. Don’t hate.

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  1. This is while I love Videogum. REAL TALK. Cause literally everyone was kvetching (happy Yom Kippur, y’all. I’m fucking starving) about how America is so puritan and this is horrible that it is was even an issue when I literally saw one person complain about it the whole time. It was like 999 “Oh, I support her! Fuck you, middle America!” to one person say “Oh no, bad word”.

    More REAL TALK: That was a pretty terrible episode.

  2. maura  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +32

    I dunno Gabe. The sketches were mostly weak — “Megan Fox is hot” was the punchline for like 66% of the material, and it’s like WE KNOW. (The fact that she didn’t mention Jennifer’s Body at all during her intro was actually funnier than a lot of the stuff that was said on-air.) And that Biker Chick sketch seemed to be more of a test for someone to not slip and say “fucking” than anything else. I guess on-air hazing is funny to people who know the participants, but…

    • Yeah, but that Russian bride shit was funny. C’mon, human trafficking = laffs

    • Agreed. I thought the sketches were mostly recycled material from past seasons (sometimes way past–did anyone else think the Bladdivan commercial smacked of “Oops I crapped my pants” and “Urigro”? Okay. We get it already.) Also, it seemed like instead of coming from clever sketches, most of the laughs were from people doing weird voices. It seemed like the actors just said “I do this one weird voice” and everyone said go for it.

  3. Gabe said, “Don’t hate.”

  4. Um, am I the only one who didn’t even notice?

  5. Hold up…..she wrote that sketch? You mean she basically set herself up by putting the word ‘frickin’ in so many times that she was bound to slip up? That really is stupid. I assumed she had been the product of hazing, at least.

  6. Will the use of foul language on public airwaves will cause a 1000 percent increase in teen pregnancy? Probably not, but are we willing to take that chance?! What about the children, Ms Slate? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

  7. Congratulations Gabe, I am so proud of you. You will be the first blogger that is going to get laid by telling the truth when you name drop. This is definitely Obama’s America.

  8. senorverde  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +35

    Superman does good. Megan Fox does well.

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  10. As usual, the whole frickin’ incident is being overblown. It was a sketch that aired around 12:30AM on a Saturday night. I’m pretty sure that everyone who is awake at that time has already heard and use the word.

    That said, this episode was one of the most horrible, unfunny things SNL has ever done. I sort of giggled when I saw Fred Armisen dressed as the russian bride and that was it. TERRIBLE.

  11. You had to be there I guess.
    Or know the girl.

  12. “I can’t frickin believe I said fuckin’ on SNL”
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  13. I don’t know what’s stupider, the fact that someone saying “fucking” is such a big deal to most people that this is newsworthy, or the fact that people aren’t even saying “fucking” when talking about this, saying “the f-word” or “the f-bomb” instead. Fucking get over it people.

  14. Geechy  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +14

    Your friend is not funny. She is a sub-par Robin Duke.

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  15. The best part of the sketch was the fleeting but evident look of horror when she realized she said it, then cut to Kristin Wiig not missing a beat and moving on. If Jenny Slate or Kristin Wiig were Jimmy Fallon all we’d see is giggling for the next two minutes in that clip. Also, If Jenny Slate were Jimmy Fallon, Gabe probably wouldn’t be friends with her.

  16. i laughed a lot at this episode. well, i rewound to see your dear friend’s oh-fuck-i-said-’fuck’ face. a lot. that was very funny and kind of endearing, and i have to give her credit for staying professional while her brain was obviously on fire.

    but this was a weak episode. fred armisen was criminally underused (give the guy a line in english!), and seth meyers is not very good at weekend update.
    if i had to give constructive criticism to the snl, it would be, “almost, guys. almost!” because i’m really bad at that sort of thing.

    didn’t help that the digital shorts were retarded.

    • I was never a huge Seth Meyers fan when he was in sketches, but I like him on Weekend Update – and I especially like him more alone than I did when he was with Amy Poehler who, while great, was never particularly adroit at Update.

  17. Mr. Velour  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +16

    “she also wrote the Biker Chick Chat sketch, which is pretty impressive”

    I saw the sketch, and writing it was opposite impressive.

  18. wet blanket  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +20

    What a great ? accidental ? play, she’s now the most popular (talked about) cast member. It?s just like when you first get into prison: you have to find the toughest guy and beat the shit out of him to prove you?re the top dog. That’s what Jenny Slate did (right?). Top dog!

  19. Freckles  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +15

    not even the LOLster would find anything to LOL with this tired watered-down show ; )

  20. Instead of watching this week’s episode, I just rewound Jason Sudeikis’ intro for an hour and a half. It was a valuable use of my time.

  21. i could not fucking disagree more. while it was fucking unprofessional to say “fucking” on live, network television (a rookie mistake, to be sure), it was even more unprofessional to let it completely fucking destroy her performance — she looked like a deer caught in the fucking headlights for the rest of the sketch and never recovered any of the energy of her “character” (it wasn’t much of one to begin with…seriously? a fucking biker chick? ground-fucking-breaking). a professional improv comic (which is supposedly her fucking background) would have used that boner (it’s an actual word used to describe what she did — ask gabe, he’s fucking old enough to know) to take the sketch to a much higher level, but instead the sketch simply fucking flat-lined. with that said, i hope she fucking kicks ass next week.

    • I remember Cheri Oteri said “Shit” during her third show and she briefly looked stunned at herself, but moved on. This was a little bit worse – Slate said “fuck” and it was in her first episode. Her stunned reaction can be forgiven.

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  23. The F-word doesn’t offend me, but her cross-eyes do

  24. What I don’t understand is how they had to fire Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins to hire those other two girls. While I don’t think it was a bad move to hire more girls (the only girl in the main cast is Kristin Wiig), I think both of those ladies were pretty funny. Plus, looks like Darrell Hammond was finally released from his contract of no tomorrows, so there was room.

    Like, I don’t hate Will Forte, but I think he’s weird and it would seem like he was harder for America to warm up to than Casey Wilson. But they didn’t dump him when they hired Bill Hader.

    I guess I’m just saying, if you want to add more ladies, than add more ladies. You don’t have to get rid of the other ladies. In Obama’s America, you can enjoy hot dogs and tacos. You don’t have to pick.

  25. Joshua  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +4

    I spent Saturday night at the Paul F. Tompkins show at Largo. Then I got home and threw on SNL. Maybe it was simply the contrast, but woof. Paul, Andy Daly, and Rich Sommer did a skit better than SNL has seen for years.

    Anyways, not to sound like a complete elitist snob…although thats what I am. But yeah people, much better comedy is out there if you go-a-lookin’ for it.

  26. yomomma  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +6

    Really SNL? Really?

    The cable access thing again?

    Yes, Wayne’s World was funny. It was also a million years ago. And it’s been tried by every hack since then.

    Also, U2 was atrocious. They deserve a “That’s your grandpas” post.

  27. Yeah, the episode was pretty awful. Though the one skit about the chat line – while an impossibly tired premise – had me rolling. It’s bizarre when basically the entire show is so numbingly unfunny and then they just randomly throw in one homerun.

    Congratulations to Jenny on her newfound fucking fame.

  28. I blame the material in this episode. The writing wasn’t nearly up to par, even (sorry, Gabe) the Biker Chat sketch, And, oddly enough, on the west coast, I think they just dubbed the “fuck” over with a previous “frickin,” so no one would have known if they didn’t read about it.

    I thought Fox did well with the material she had. Sure, she played a dead-behind-the-eyes hot chick in all the skits, but she didn’t write any of that. She managed to throw in a few flourishes despite all that.

    And Gabe, you go be proud of Jenny. I geeked out when a friend of mine was on some low-rent game show on GSN that I happened upon one night (incidentally, the same friend from the Tommy Wiseau sci-fi short), so I don’t know what the hell I’d do if he/she became a national topic.

  29. drab  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +1

    i felt sort of bad for megan fox (yeah i know, i know). snl didn’t really give her much credit and she seemed like just an afterthought for pretty much every skit. i know she’s not a good actress from what little we’ve seen and all she’s good for is a pretty face, but i still felt sort of bad. the whole thing was kind of awkward for me.

  30. amy  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +5

    seems jenny slate lives by 3 simple rules: they not ready, motherfuckers need to know, get your shit.
    also that sketch was not funny and noone was offended. the internet is stupid for making this a thing. imma let you fuckin’ finish…

  31. Norm MacDonald is exempt from the rules that govern cursing.

  32. Seth Meyers is as vanilla as vanilla gets. No flavor to speak of in that man. Completely and utterly personality-less. Get someone with some wit and pizazz up in dat Weekend Update yall.

    Also, I didn’t watch SNL this week because (I never watch SNL any week) U2 was playing. U2 is easily the worst band of all time. In my opinion of course.

  33. Yea, and Chris Kattan once shared a cab with me, you guys!

    So I’m basically the new guest editor!!!

  34. totally tardy for the party on this, but did you know charles rocket killed himself in 2005? i thought about him after hearing of this jenny slate thing (gave up on SNL long ago- it will never redeem itself) and found out about rocket’s suicide on the internets (thanks, people magazine). crazy.

  35. lucas260  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +4

    Making dropping the f-bomb a PR opportunity (Jenny Slate is Fucking Famous!) is not only transparent, but counter to the whole idea of videogum. Maybe she doesn’t deserve scorn, but let’s not laud her for not improv-ing well at all.

  36. Swindon Lot  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +3

    Lizzing – not only did he kill himself, he committed suicide by — holy shit, what?! — cutting his own throat.

    Is that even possible? Isn’t that something your biological instinct to survive overrides, like drowning yourself in the bathtub?

    • i know!! when i read that i was like whut?!?!?!?!??!??!??!?! he was found in a field with his throat cut and a knife nearby, so the cops think suicide (huh?). Definitely sounds dodgy, but with nothing more than a few random sentences to go by, there’s no way to know the entire circumstance.

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    • Disagreement. A big part of what makes videogum brilliant is that Gabe calls out mediocrity. I think that deep down, we all know that episode of SNL was totally forgettable. The rational folks here don’t think Jenny Slate sucks or anything. We just think that episode was poor and that it’s strange that Gabe would think otherwise, regardless of his rooting interests.

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  38. faas  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 0

    jenny slate is now the proud owner of the top jenny slot in the google search engine. wouldn’tyafuckinknowit?

  39. I really liked during the closing when Seth Meyers had his arm around her and gave her a hug. It was very endearing. Also despite peoples opinions on the sketch the fact that SNL decided to use the newbies sketch and let her star in it is very impressive.

  40. you guys are weird. our version of snl has two men playing 14 year old girls talking about how their classmate is a whore who got fingered by a wolf. but yeah, swearing is really bad, totally.

  41. Is making an f-bomb mistake even possible these days? Doesn’t SNL have a five second delay like ever other live program? Was this anything more than a little publicity stunt on Lorne’s part?

    I like conspiracies.

  42. Neither I, nor my roommate, even noticed. When she made the face and the audience went “ohhhhh…” I thought to myself, “Yeah, that was a lame line. It even made the audience groan.”

    Whatevs. Nobody should get fired. Everybody needs to fucking fuckkity fuck.

  43. Jack  |   Posted on Sep 28th, 2009 +31

    Gabe, so now you’re a big SNL fan and think your friend has made a brilliant, albeit accidental, career move? No matter how hard you kiss ass, she’s probably not going to be able to get you a job on television. One thinks you’d be willing to give Dane Cook the Super Finger if it got you ahead.


  44. tyler  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2009 +7

    Who cares? Community > SNL anyways.

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