I had never realized that Sonic and Tails were high school rivals who used the chaos emeralds (which were not chaos emeralds, probably?) to fight over who should or should not be in detention. And are not gay, but you might think they are gay, why would you think that, because they are. Also racist. This kid is seriously the best kid. He doesn’t need friends to have fun, which works out pretty conveniently. The tales will go on forever, probably. (Thanks for the tip, Colin.)

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  1. val kilmer’s voice has changed

  2. kang  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 +2

    The kid has other series.
    One appropriately titled ”THE CLASH OF THE IDIOTS” vol 1 to 12.

    Props from the props dept.

  3. “I want that extra life so bad” is a motivational speech I give myself on a daily basis.

  4. It’s my life. It’s now or never.

  5. After a couple minutes I thought, “Is this ‘It’s My Life’ by Bon Jovi?” and then the kid said, “This is ‘It’s My Life’ by Bon Jovi.” Ah, thank you! I wasn’t sure.

  6. He lives in a house where everything is 1991. I can’t wait until he discovers Kris Kross and the Super Nintendo.

    • Or maybe this video is from 1991 because it’s one of Gabe’s childhood videos that he is now posting for our entertainment (unless of course he’s so old all he has is gramophone recordings of him playing hoop-stick).

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  8. Clever kid. Knew exactly what I was thinking of!

  9. It’s good to see Sega getting work again.

  10. Dan  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 +30

    “Why would you think Sonic & Tails are gay? BECAUSE THEY ARE!”

    “Also, they are racists.”

    “YOU’RE SUED!”

    If there were any justice in the internet, these would replace Kanye as the go-to meme.

    • They weren’t the Chaos Emeralds! But what could he stole?! What were those emeralds? Who knows?

      Someone needs to just publish a transcript of this. Oprah’s Book Club!

  11. This video was so much like my childhood, it was as if two mirrors were placed in front of one another. I am so happy right now.

  12. ?But ever since then he ever saw Knuckles had came in and knocked him out and stole the chaos emeralds. But there?s one thing he didn?t thought of. Maybe they weren?t the chaos emeralds. Maybe they were something else. Probably.?

    Michael Bay, you have your new screenwriter for Transformers 3.

  13. All that and more, next season on True Blood.

    I’m pretty sure he is the head writer of that show

    The Chaos Emeralds are maybe something else… Probably.

  15. Can someone take me to YouTube school? Is it possible to make those boxes go away? I really felt like I was missing some of the adventures that Sonic and Tails were having because the top left of the screen was obscured.

  16. my life would be so much more interesting if he narrated it. probably.

  17. toejamandearl  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 +6

    i feel like this is the 2009 equivalent of when i would record “radio shows” with my boombox in my bedroom except 17,095 less people heard me.

    i will never look at sonic the hedgehog 3 the same way again. this kid for president with mr. chi city as his running mate.

  18. This is on track to becoming my favorite thread of all time. Probably.

    • Your comment reminds me of the end of Wet Hot American Summer when all the nerds are lying on the ground in a circle looking at the sky after they “redirected” SkyLab and they all tell each other that they’re each other’s best friends. And that makes me happy because this thread is about nerds and I’m a nerd and you guys are my best friends…. my only friends.

      • i love that we all love this kid, and that loving this kid is an acknowledgment of his nerdiness as well as our own. the circle of life. just like those sonic rings.

  19. I want to be BFFs with this kid.

  20. Dissociative Identity Disorder has never been more amusing (probably).


  22. I wish this kid was my little brother!!

  23. I tried to separate the two voices in his head:
    Hello, and welcome, the me- welcome to Sonic and Tails’ adventure… trailer! Sonic and Knuckles had met ever since they were in high school. Knuckles was a bully but sonic used the seven chaos emeralds and knocked him out and knuckles got suspended instead of Sonic, for some reason. So, ever since then, Knuckles has swore revenge and now he will do anything to make him a misery. This is the Adventures of Sonic and Tails!
    We already said that! They were out on a morning flight, like they always do. Then Sonic always do, gone Super Sonic but, ever since then, he ever saw, Knuckles had came in and knocked him out and stole the Chaos Emeralds. But there’s one thing he didn’t thought of: maybe they weren’t the Chaos Emeralds. Maybe they were something else! Probably. Maybe they weren’t the Chaos Emeralds after all!
    (sorry I had to delay a little bit)
    They… they WEREN’T the Chaos Emeralds! But what could he stole? What were those emeralds? Who knows? But this is the Adventure of Sonic and Tails.
    I want the extra life so bad.
    So, what do YOU think? I guess you have to wait until it comes out.
    So, yeah. This, the music was “It’s My Life” from Bon Jovi, my favorite song, we will keep doing this adventure.
    Sonic is keep looking for the Chaos, the, the, the whatever it was.
    I’m not saying until it’s time!
    But, but the Adventures of Sonic and Tails will never end, probably. They will have to find whatever they were, ever, until the very end of TIME! Huh. I just gave you a big, a b- a sneak peek at what it is- they are.
    Oh! I just you a BIGGER idea, so yeah!
    The Adventures of Sonic and Tails will go on probably forever, of the best friends- of the bestest of best friends will stick together forever. And even sleep together!
    (LOL please subscribe) I’m not talking about what YOU thinking of! Hahahhaha they aren’t gay.
    WHY would you think Sonic and Tails would be gay?
    That’s it! You’re fired, sponsor! I knew that was coming.
    (and now the sponcer is now drunk and a filthey hobo and living in a card board box)
    So, yeah, that’s what it is.
    (gasp) That is it, you’re fired! And I’m gonna sue you! So, yeah. You’re sued! Uh oh, sto-

  24. Or maybe this video is from 1991 because it’s one of Gabe’s childhood videos that he is now posting for our entertainment (unless of course he’s so old all he has is gramophone recordings of him playing hoop-stick).

  25. Once again I’m late to the Kids the Darndest Things party, and all the jokes are taken, probably. So I will simply say “haha” and also, “aww”.

  26. I can’t wait til this kid is your boss. He’ll read your mind and then fire you. And then sue you.

  27. Bon Jovi is the soundtrack to the greatest adventure of all. Life.

  28. See, now I am in law school and can remember back to the elementary school disses of “i’ll sue you” and laugh, because the idea of a bunch of children writing briefs and making motions in court is awesome. New show- Kindergarten Court.

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