To be fair, there’s still a chance that Ricky Gervais’s The Invention of Lying could turn out to be a disappointment. I haven’t seen it yet, so it is not for me to say. But the clips he’s been showing around the late night circuit have been funny. Plus Louis C.K. is in it ah-no-duh. And we like the things that Ricky Gervais writes and directs, don’t we, you guys? But more importantly, even if the movie turns out to be a dud (in England they call “duds” “lorries”), we will not go empty-handed, because the movie has already taught us one thing: Karl Pilkington should review all the movies. After the jump, Karl reviews The Invention of Lying, and it’s great.

Part Two

Guess who is shaking in their LA Gears!


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  1. He’s got a head like a f*cking orange

  2. Very funny. My favorite bit from Karl: “It’s better than King Ralph.”

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  4. I’ve missed you, Karl Pilkington!

  5. It’s better than King King! should be every movie’s tagline.

  6. stanley yelnats  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +2

    “cock or balls?” – offal jim jam

  7. Karl Pilkington should review all the things all the time.

    “Boston: It’s not that good.” – Karl Pilkington

  8. ABOUT TIME we had a Karl Pilkington tag! Also, OLD NEWS, Gabe. Who could forget Karl’s Reply

    • ABOUT TIME I learned how to link to stuff

    • Violet A., I would like to point out that my Pilkington avatar significantly preceded yours, you knobhead (I hope you know I’m obviously kidding. There is plenty of room around here for 2 bald little Manc twats. Now if there are 2 lanky goggle-eyed freaks from Bristol, we may run out of space).

      • Oh really? I wouldn’t be so sure about that, you stupid chimp (but seriously, I love your avatar. Makes me chuckle ever time I see it. Also, I would like to second your request for a Videogum “Karl Pilkington Promise.” I just finished all the old XFM shows so it’d be nice to see some more of Mr. K. Dilkington around here).

  9. I love how Karl always goodheartedly puts up with or ignores the constant crap Ricky Gervais gives him. It rolls off him like water off a duck’s round head.

  10. I saw Ricky at an awards show once and I wanted to run up to him and say, “Karl has a head like a fucking orange?” like it is a secret riddle for a cool club. But I got too nervous, it was after that batch of podcasts that went horribly wrong and I thought they’d gone off each other.

    • i’ll never approach people i have talent crushes on again. david cross was pretty mean to me and it’s given me some serious inner conflicts. sheesh, you get caught hiding under someone’s hotel bed ONE TIME and suddenly you’re mentally unstable! (j/ks. seriously, though, he wasn’t nice to me.)

  11. Tucker  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +1

    Oh my God I love Karl so much. He is so goddamn funny.

  12. not to break up the lovefest, but this movie was terrible. i almost walked out of the premiere but figured that would be really rude.

  13. Agreed. I can’t believe there isn’t an official Videogum “Karl Pilkington Promise” yet. For those of you who devoured all the podcasts and are craving more, Pilkipedia has loads of the old XFM radio show and they’re just as brilliant. And free.

  14. “In terms of places to see before you die…Boston–you wouldnt be bothered about dyin.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  15. And let’s not forget that Ricky has done some excellent film reviews himself

  16. Jonee  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 0

    I have seen The Invention of Lying and it’s TERRIBLE. Really. And, apparently, Ricky Gervais was a total prick the whole time they were making it.

  17. dick hopkins  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2009 0

    their is no sound.

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