Look, screenwriters, I get it. Your job is to sit around all day in your dirty bathrobes coming up with hackneyed premises to temporarily distract our stupid faces. Fair enough. Everyone has to put dirty food on their dirty families. But once you come up with the mind-blowing idea (“what if there was a dude who woke up one morning and discovered that everything he thought he knew was different”) then you have to put in the work to tie it all together! It can’t always just turn out that the explanation for all of the twists and turns was aliens for no good reason other than that aliens is the only way to “logically” allow you to write this nonsense. OH, BTW, SPOILER ALERT.

As the movie begins, Julianne Moore, America’s premiere Woman In Histrionic Distress is grieving over a son who died in a plane crash 14 months earlier. She’s too depressed to work or even go out to a nice dinner with her husband. Every day, she goes into her dead son’s room and looks at a photo album, and watches vaguely creepy VHS tapes of him playing at the park. But then one day she goes to look at the photo album and all the photos of him are gone, and all the creepy VHS tapes are now even more creepily blank. She accuses her husband of trying to erase their son, and threatens to leave him, so he calls her therapist, Gary Sinise, and asks him to come over and help settle Julianne Moore. The two men explain to her that she never had a son, and that there were never any photos, but rather that she lost a baby in a miscarriage and went on to fabricate nine years worth of memories. This would also explain some of her recent mental lapses, like where she parked her red Volvo, and whether or not she just drank a cup of coffee. Unconvinced, Julianne Moore goes to a playground in the middle of the night because that’s something adults do, and she finds McNulty there, who is drunk and tries to fuck her. McNulty, she claims, was the father of one of her son’s friends. But McNulty claims that he never had a child. She goes to the library to find the articles about her son’s plane crash, but all the articles have disappeared. How is that possible?! Not knowing where to turn, she goes to McNulty’s Dumbo loft and tries to convince him that they both had kids and that she is not crazy but he is like “you absolutely are crazy, and I’m going to sleep because I’m comically drunk to the point of not minding having a stranger in my house at all hours of the night.” While he sleeps, Julianne Moore discovers (through criminal vandalism) that underneath his office wallpaper the walls are covered in child’s drawings!

He did have a child! She makes him say the name Lauren, and then this bullshit happens:

You know how it is. You start to remember things and it’s like “gasp! Memories! Gasp gasp gasp!” Acting! Also, Bunny!

“I will find Julianne Moore if I have to search all of Hamsterdam.”

Anyway, now they are in an hour-long chase scene, as things get more and more complicated. How can Julianne Moore be crazy if both she and McNulty remember having children? Everyone is after them. The NSA is after them for some reason. And also a weird dude who may or may not be indestructable. LOOK OUT!

Julianne Moore goes to her husband to try and make him have a memorygasm but her husband doesn’t know who she is anymore! What is happening around here? She and McNulty catch an NSA agent and are like “what is happening around her?” and he is like “I can’t tell you, they’re listening,” and they’re like “who’s listening?” and suddenly BOOM, he basically Jumpers into the sky along with the whole log cabin. Yikes. Total security deposit nightmare. Now they are back in New York, going through the old files of the airline that crashed their children and is now out of business. Now they are on Long Island, breaking and entering into an empty house. But oh no, here is the weird guy again, and he is impervious to the sassy black lady cop’s bullets! Then the sassy black lady cop gets Jumpered into the sky.

Julianne Moore and McNutly get separated, but first agree to meet back at his Dumbo loft but oh no, the impervious weirdo guy is there and he jumps through the window with McNulty and McNulty gets Jumpered into the sky. And now Gary Sinise is like “I knew about the aliens all along, I was just trying to minimize the damage through overpriced one-hour biweekly therapy sessions.” The alien is like “the experiment was never about the children, it was about a mother’s bond to a child.” Uh. Sounds like a really IMPORTANT experiment? Anyway, they have a memory face-off but Julianne Moore remembers…more? And the alien gets Jumpered into the sky because the experiment “failed” because he couldn’t make Julianne Moore The Forgotten enough and so he is in trouble with, like, the Alien Board of Science? And she goes back to her house but obviously her husband doesn’t remember her and there’s no one there. So she goes to the park and starts screaming her son’s name, and for some reason none of the other parents seem even remotely concerned about this visibly insane woman’s proximity to their children. But then it turns out that her son is on the jungle gym? (How did she know that? It seems a bit unreasonable to just assume that the aliens would return your son directly to the jungle gym no questions asked.) Also McNulty is there but he doesn’t remember her, but probably they’ll get married now because LOVE IS THE FINAL FRONTIER.

Things get pretty tense there for awhile:

Tense is a synonym for retarded, right? Right.

No matter what you think of this movie, you have to admit that Julianne Moore’s face is just a pleasure to look at for an hour and a half. It’s basically sunshine personified:

Anyway, The Forgotten is a terrible movie in hilarious ways, but it’s really only super terrible and super hilarious in the last 15 minutes. The rest of it is relatively engaging, and when it does completely come unglued, you’re not disappointed, because you kind of saw that coming. In the first 15 minutes of the movie I actually made a joke about how it was going to end up being aliens, and then, whoops, it ended up being aliens. That’s the thing about coming up with impossible scenarios: the only way to end them is almost definitely going to be unsatisfying. And the ending of The Forgotten is deeply unsatisfying. For one thing, the aliens don’t know anything about science! Like, why does the one alien get in trouble for his experiment failing just because it didn’t get the result he had expected? That’s not a failed experiment, that’s a successful experiment that disproves your hypothesis. Silly aliens.

But once you start down that road, where does it end, you know? Like, why go to all the trouble of making Julianne Moore forget where she parked her car? Is that part of it? Is where she parked her car an offshoot of the mother-child bond? And one begins to get the sense that if aliens have the technology to Jumper everyone and erase newspaper articles and change who appears in photographs

(guess what, aliens, we have Photoshop too!) then surely they could have, for example, erased the child’s drawings on McNulty’s wall rather than just wallpapering over them? And they could have erased everything in Julianne’s Moore’s son’s room altogether rather than being really inconsistent about whether or not to leave her so many keepsakes? CRACKS IN THE OTHERWISE SUPER SOLID FOUNDATION OF THIS TOWERING MASTERPIECE!

To be fair, though, I kind of enjoyed it. And I LOL’ed really hard when Julianne Moore said that there was nothing worse than forgetting. I mean, I get it. She had to say that. But it’s not even remotely true. Just ask these guys:

“There are many, many things worse than forgetting, Julianne Moore’s insipid character.”

It’s no Dreamcatcher, but it’s almost Dreamcatcher. A modest-growth, low-risk addition to any LOLk portfolio.

Next week: Gran Torino. Controversial! As always, please leave your suggestions in the comments or in an email. And if you haven’t done so already, please consult the Official Rules.

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  1. eh  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +7

    I heartily suggest Troy.

    • Just who the fuck do you think you are, mister?

    • Troy was as entertaining as a ‘painting’ above a couch on display at HOM furniture.

    • Jedwald90  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 0

      Just saw this movie

      Safe (1995) starring Julianne Moore.

      Absolutely absurd. I’ve never heard a bigger sigh of relief come over a crowd at the end of a movie

    • This is a disinformation site. The movie was great. The content was likely real!!! See UFO space crqaft every night using PVS-7 third generation night vision goggles. Contact me if you want further verification. We are being lied to about everything, AND the aliens are here.

      posted 1/2/2015 7:50 PM. Bob Oliver 831 383-2676 boboliver9@gmail. com

  2. eh  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +8

    Also, Van Helsing.

  3. I spent the last couple minutes debating with myself whether or not I should make a joke about having forgotten about this movie and its awfulness until now. Shame on me.

    • Me too! I must have watched this because Julianne Moore crazy, Brooklyn Heights, THEN POOF I TURNED THE MOVIE OFF because it suuuuucked. And that memory was then wallpapered over for years and years (four).

  4. Casey  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +8

    Yeah, this was like Dreamcatcher’s straightedge cousin.

  5. Aliens? Really? When a plot twist fails, what is the proper term? Plot bomb? Plot queef? I guess I could always ask The Village.

  6. This is probably the first WMOAT that actually made me kind of want to see the movie. Yeah, the alien thing sounds retarded, and in general it sounds retarded. But 1. I really like the Wire and will watch anything if some of the cast is featured i.e. 300 and Ken Park. 2. Id get to see people get jumpered. 3. I think I would get to yell a significant amount of ironic “Oh shit”s and my roommates. Yeah, I think I may see it.

    • omg, Ken Park. I needed a support group after that nightmare.

    • Seriously. Adding it to the top of my queue now.

    • *at my roommates. And yeah Ken Park was terrible and the worst thing Ziggy ever did. Even worse than the double homicide

      • Gabe, I know you don’t like to really monitor the comments to closely, but I feel like an asshole right now for that accidental spoiler I just dropped. Can you please delete this?

    • JD  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 0

      I’ll agree with the nomination of any film by creepy, pedo filmmaker Larry Clark, I’ll support the nomination of Harmony Korine or that douche that made Nowhere & The Doom Generation but sadly one of the rules is no arthouse. This needs to be amended.

  7. In my head, I picture Gabe planning his harsh indictment of the alien scientists’ misuse of the basic scientific principles of experimentation by slowly and confusedly chanting the steps of the scientific method out loud, ala Mark Wahlberg in The Happening.

  8. You had to hit us in the face with the poverty picture. To be fair, I think this film is far worse than poverty. And racism.

  9. A Walk to Remember. For sure.

  10. You are correct in that queefs aren’t failure, but I thought of it as the small, disappointing opposite of the brilliant, perfect execution of buildup and expectations, and I’ve already used the word fart in two posts today.
    Also, I join Gary Meadows in welcoming back Jawbone! If Godsauce decides to turn up too, it’ll be a real Welcome Back Kottergum in here.

  11. Oh man, McNulty’s gasps are priceless. I think he used that same gasp as he was accidentally fucking that prostitute in s2. It’s called the Method, guys.

    Also, I cannot recommend Valkyrie enough for the hunt. Go back in time and Kill Hitler and then go a little further ahead in time but not all the way and give Bryan Singer all the money not to listen to Tom Cruise when he asks for script approval.

    • I second this one. Singer’s been getting progressively worse over the years and Valkyrie was just ridiculous. Tom Cruise shouldn’t be allowed … just ever.

  12. Adam  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +1

    Julianne Moore is one of those actresses who is critically acclaimed, but you wouldn’t know why for all the shit she’s been in. Anyone ever seen “Evolution”? Also aliens, but funny. Actually not funny at all and involving David Duchovny. It seems for every Hours and Far From Heaven there’s a Laws of Attraction or a Next. Who is her agent that gets her these jobs?

    This also reminds me of a conversation I had with my grandmother about Denzel Washington and how amazing he was, and she was saying that Denzel had never been in a bad movie. Untrue. Denzel’s been in way more bad movies than good movies. We need a name for this.

    • You can call it the Beach Ball effect. For example some bad movies are so terrible it ends up dragging down/drowning even the best of actors. But there are a few actors that manage not to be dragged down into the waters by the crappy films they star in. They are like an inflated beach ball .it is almost impossible to pull one under the water.

  13. whicker park with josh hartnett while maybe not the worst movie of all time is the most non-movie of all time. did it really happen? matthew lillard is in it too.

    Julianne moore and denzel washington are suffering from a severe addiction to money… thats the clinical term

  14. Shaz  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +9

    After Racherl Getting Married and now Gran Torino, I think Gabe is fed up watching terrible movies and is bending the rules so he doesn’t have to sit through an awful film each week. I call foul!

  15. That 5th picture in the Julianne combo pack, amazing. I think she’s Lizzing.

  16. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I watched half of that the other day, seems like there’s good Videogum-worthy hatable material there.

  17. Unsatisfying is definitely the best word for this movie. While visually, the jumpering was totally boss, I never really understood what it means when you get jumpered. Do you die? Do you just get your memory erased? I mostly had a real problem with the movie convincing us to care about the sassy black cop and then taking her away and never explaining what the fuck happens to her.

  18. Hey… I’m an adult and sometimes I get really drunk and go to the park and swing at 2 in the morning. Nothing like watching traffic coming off the Williamsburg bridge while drunk and swinging.

  19. I guess Julianne Moore’s face as “sunshine personified” was sarcasm, but I won’t be taking it that way, thanks.

  20. I remember renting this. Gabe summed it up perfectly: the ending is total bullshit but you know it’s coming and up until that point it’s a pretty okay thriller that you’ll probably forget about in a month. (I did!)

    And how can you not love aliens violently sucking people into the sky? It’s awesome.

  21. What? Sorry. I was trying to figure out what Ah squared over Mm squared is. I think it means I once had a child. A child who enjoyed delicious, delicious coca cola products. I must have been a terrible parent.

  22. You know it’s a bad movie when the only memorable scene or special effect involves sucking.

  23. This movie is much worse for British viewers where you have to block out that the main alien is the son of Ken Barlow.

  24. I don’t know why I said ‘main alien’ when he’s the only one but you get it – alien/Ken Barlow. Boom!

  25. You guys, we’re forgetting the important question: How come so many actors from the Wire are in so many terrible movies? Go through the entire list! If it’s one thing the hunt has proven, it is that there is a sacrifice to be made for the honor of playing an integral part in arguably the greatest television show ever. And that sacrifice is to be mocked by us monsters for all eternity for the movies you obviously acted in just to pay the bills. FAIR TRADE!

    Also, McNulty is in 300.

  26. I love (AND OWN!) this movie. Aliens have the time to apply wallpaper to and redesign a room! They should totally have a show on HGTV. And they snatch people into the great beyond.
    Seriously, I love this movie.

  27. Wow, not a single Top Gun joke in the write-up for the first movie nice enough to give Anthony Edwards a role in pretty much forever?

    Goose. 1962-1986. Never forget.

  28. Andrew  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +2

    While we’re on the subject of mothers, their kids, and the thrilling retardedness that results, can I throw in a vote for Silent Hill? I consider it a guilty pleasure of mine, but really, SO BAD.

  29. Speaking of Julianne Moore- Freedomland!
    I nominate, Freedomland… it deserves 5 out of 5 stars for being The Worst!

  30. Gabe, the audio syncing on the second video is worse than… worse than… forgetting.

  31. Can you go to the theater for this, because omg Jennifer’s Body. I mean, WHAT? The commercial is already the worst movie of all time. Amanda Seyfried and I are so not speaking.

  32. Is Hamlet 2 on the list yet?

  33. For the List, I must nominate The New Guy. It is the worst movie I have seen; it is the worst movie you have seen, provided that you’ve seen it.

  34. Missed a big opportunity to combine the Movie Club and WMOAT with My Sister’s Keeper.

  35. Haven’t seen this one yet, but the video with McNulty “remembering” is priceless.

    I like how in each flashback, the girl kept saying “Dad.” WE GOT IT THE FIRST TIME. He’s your dad. Understood.

  36. Please do ‘Swept Away’. It is really the worst movie of all time, I promise.

    • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

      • As after-school special as Thirteen was, you really need to give props (I’m 57 years-old) to a thirteen year-old writing a full-length screenplay with plot, character arcs, and an actual theme (no matter how cheesy). On top of that, she got it produced and gave a decent performance in it opposite an Oscar winner. I didn’t enjoy it in the least, but the last thing I’ll do is give it shit.

        So, boo on your suggestion.

  37. michael  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +6

    You had me at Hamsterdam.

  38. I remember watching this movie with a bunch of friends. We all went into it thinking it was going to be some kind of good-episode-of-X-Files type thing, but once people started getting sucked into the sky it became hilariously-bad-episode-of-the-X-Files fun (and by fun, I mean at least it was the kind of terrible that had us laughing in a what-the-hell-just-happened kind of way). At least the car crash was kind of cool, until the guy with the remote kept rewinding to watch it over and over because it was the best part of the movie.

  39. Dan  |   Posted on Sep 21st, 2009 +2

    It’s sad that McNulty forgot about Beadie and all his fun times with The Bunk. Doesn’t he also have like 4 kids (which I guess he also forgot about)?

  40. Gabe, I’d like to suggest a Gran Torino drinking game. For every line of dialogue in the first twenty minutes that only serves as unnecessary exposition, take a sip. You’ll be passed out before any of the likable stuff happens.

  41. harpobutleryeats  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 0

    End of Days. Tremendous.

  42. cosi1  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +1

    How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Definitely the worst.

    • Any movie involving Simon Pegg in America qualifies.

    • Well, you can’t really put all the blame on the movie, because the book is equally bad. So, Toby Young is an untalented journalist who rightfully loses a job he didn’t deserve in the first place, so he writes an awful book about it, which, of course, becomes a bestseller. Bravo world.

      This guy is the Seth MacFarlane of paperback nightmares.

  43. mr pajamas  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 0

    Swept Away, seconded.

  44. I’m watching Revolutionary Road right now. It is definitely worthy of The Hunt. Leo: “I’m yelling loud all the time to express my suburban angst!!!!” Kate: “I CAN ALSO YELL LOUD AND THREATEN ABORTIONS!!!!”

  45. Alright, Gabe. I looked it up. Frailty, with Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaghey, was released theatrically. ALSO: Ebert liked it. And I don’t understand how that could have happened. You must set right the wrongs of the universe, and, by extension, slap Roger Ebert around. Just a little bit.


    • Friend, you’re nuts. Frailty is brilliant. I downvote you.

      • You misunderstand my vendetta I have against this movie. I loved it, then I watched it with a group of my friends saying how great it was, and then my friends, who have good taste in movies mind, hated it because of how cheesy it was, and even I realized it was indefensible. And now I must have Gabe crucify it to satisfy my bloodlust.

        Plus, Bill Paxton has the delivery of a 2 x 4. Good old 2 x 4-to-the-face-and-oh-god-it-hurts delivery.

  46. Sorry, but The Forgotten came out in 2004 and Jumper in 2008. No one got ‘Jumpered’ in The Forgotten, everyone in Jumper just got ‘Forgottened’. Give credit where it’s due.

    Tenured Professor in ScienceFictionMovies/Teleportation/Calendars

  47. I haven’t seen the Forgotten, but as a predictable plot twist, shouldn’t they have used time travel instead of aliens? Like future Julianne Moore will invent a time machine and keeps going back in time (to save her son) and keeps confusing the hell out of her past self because her personal timeline keeps changing around her?

    Can I have an Oscar now?

  48. bing bong  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +1

    Defiance. oh lordy please, defiance

  49. Oh yes, I’m really looking forward to your Gran Torino-rant, also since I nominated it, like, half a year ago and got downvoted immediately. Lousy acting (except for Clint Eastwood, because hey, he’s Clint Eastwood), insipid script and clichéd depictions of ‘Patriotic Americans’ and ‘Troubled Immigrants’. Ugh. One ‘Crash’ will do, thank you.

  50. I give a hundred secondeds to “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” It is a terrible movie. Also, you get to make an awesome joke like “how to lose friends and alienate people: make aforementioned film!” or something. you think of the joke,

  51. Gabe's Mom  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +5

    I recommend that Jurassic Park movie the kids like so much. It was so loud. Finally I had to just turn of my hearing aid and take a nap. Not even Jeff Goldblum could save it. He is such a charming young man.

    Just a quick not to my son, because he won’t return his mother’s calls, but I expect you to keep your promise to me and start showering everyday, Gabriel. You’re a handsome young man and how are you ever going to meet a nice young lady and give me some grandchildren if you smell like grilled cheese sandwiches all the time? I love you, Sweetie and your web page is very cute. Try not to curse so much though, if you can because it embarrasses me when I show my friends at the home you put me in.

    Love, Mom x

  52. pat  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +1

    i would like to nominate “Righteous Kill”

  53. Colleen W.  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 0

    I have to say, I love Linus Roache as the scary alien guy. When he yells all echo-like, it scared the shit out of me! Now of course he’s been sucked into the Law & Order enterprise, playing one of the lawyers.


  55. Righteous Kill!!! I can’t wait to see what Gabe thinks about the skateboarding pimp.

  56. for the past week, i’ve been trying to wallpaper over my memory of the Kanye outburst, but just had a McNutty memorygasm. there’s nothing worse than remembering

  57. oh, and i nominate The Postman

  58. J’ai vu la souris d’ordinateur de Gabe!

  59. I suggest “The Reaping” with Hillary Swank

  60. Since it seems to work, I will nominate Chasing Amy every week until it gets the WMOAT treatment. I had to sit through a sneak-preview screening of that shit and then moderate a Q&A with Joey Lauren Adams. I am pretty sure even she knew it was a horrible movie and she was dating Kevin Smith at the time.

  61. tk  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2009 +5

    Strange thing, the first time I saw this was on a plane, where even the worst is watchable at 30,000 ft. and in the “airline version” of this film, there was no airplane crash (cause that would remind people they are breaking the laws of nature, see Louis C.K. “Yes, in a chair in the sky”) NOPE, instead of a plane crash, it was a bus crash. Seriously. so every instance or mention of a plane, is replaced with the words bus. As in Overdubbed. They even had newspapers photoshopped with buses instead of planes, and the airline hangar at the end, a bus hangar. My question is why? Why didn’t they just pick a different movie? And who the hell decided that people on planes need to see this badly enough it was worth that effort? I officially nominate the safe for flying bus version of The Forgotten as the worst movie of all time.

  62. langford  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 0

    I too guessed that this would be aliens when I watched it.
    But I wasn’t happy with the ending. I was very, very pissed with the ending.

  63. In that first clip, you made fun of the acting, but that’s actually the most convincing performance I’ve ever seen Mark Wahlberg deliver.

    That indestructible alien guy sure likes to break lots of glass, and I’m glad the filmmakers then gave us the opportunity to appreciate it again, in a tilt-angled wideshot. Production value!

    Why did the aliens make Mark Wahlberg forget his daughter, if it’s about the mother-son bond?

    Truly, this is a film to be cherished, thank you for the recommendation.

  64. pushstar  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 +1

    I actually got JUMPERED right in the middle of this movie ! ! !

  65. Color of Night  |   Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 0

    Color of Night is way worse. Please review this winner.

  66. blondie  |   Posted on Sep 25th, 2009 0

    Late to the party, just found this blog, and it’s great.

    I nominate Legends of the Fall.

    Similar to Forgotten, it’s fun to look at Brad Pitt’s beautiful face for a couple of hours. Plus, the nature scenery is very pretty. Otherwise, it’s close to nonsensical in many respects. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched it, but I recall some of the following … goofiness:
    Brad Pitt’s character is a man of many talents. Before even reaching the age of 30 or so, he’s been a cowboy/rancher, soldier, pirate (was it in the Indian Ocean? ahead of its time?), opium addict, rum runner. I’m sure I’m leaving out a few.
    There is a fascination with hair. Leaving aside Brad’s luxurious locks, when the woman in the story is upset, she cuts off her hair. For no real reason other than movie shortcut — This woman is really upset!!! When father Anthony Hopkins has a stroke, for some reason, they stop cutting his hair, and it grows longer than Grizzly Adams ever thought of.
    Also, after his stroke, he must wear a very hairy, fluffy fur coat.
    And every once in a while a Native American shows up to not really do anything.
    And one time a b’ar slashed Brad Pitt’s arm (Davy. Davy Crockett. King of the Wild Frontier), and just left a couple of scratches; rather than the arm being immediately severed, which of course is what happens if a grizzly bear does slash you in the arm.
    Fortunately, I can’t remember much of the plot anymore.

  67. marshall  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2009 0

    yeah legends of the fall is pretty gay but you have to admit that the part where Brad Pitt is going around killing nazis with his indian knife is pretty badass. Or was that Inglorious Basterds…?

    It might be too easy, but I would have to think that The Matrix Revolutions eventually belongs on this list?

    Personally, although most of the acting in Gran Torino was horribly bad (aside from Clint) I still found it to be an overall engaging movie. Comparing it to Crash is probably the most insulting thing I’ve ever heard.

  68. How about Empire Records? My friend and I watched it in college on the lavish recommendation of one of our friends and thought it was laughably terrible (keep in mind we were the “target” audience for it, age/generation-wise). We couldn’t remember who it was that recommended it to us so we set up a “sting” operation whereby each time we were with a different group of friends we would casually drop an Empire Records reference into the convo. When we finally caught and busted the recommenders, they were pissed when we started ragging on them. Because of the rudeness of 19 year olds.

  69. Whoa whoa whoa. Legends of the Fall? It’s a shame when we get to the point in our culture where people can’t enjoy a good heart-gouging-out… time… thing.

    I love Legends of the Fall. It’s like a post-Western western, if there is such a thing.

  70. Culy bulton

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