It’s being reported this morning that Robin Williams has been approached to play Susan Boyle in a movie. Smart. From the New York Post:

ROBIN Williams might dig up his “Mrs. Doubtfire” drag and play Susan Boyle in a movie about the Scottish spinster who became a sensation on “Britain’s Got Talent.” “I’ve been asked if I want to play Susan in the movie,” Williams told Britain’s Telegraph. “I think she’s incredible.” In 1993′s “Mrs. Doubtfire,” Williams played a divorced dad who loses custody of his kids and disguises himself as a Scottish housekeeper so he can see them again. He’s been doing impressions of Boyle and singing “I Dreamed a Dream” in a thick Scottish accent to his friends.

Oh, I bet his friends love that. I bet his friends are like “do that manic, aggressive, incredibly needy impersonation of a loud, boisterous woman again, Robin Williams! We love it when you regale us with your exhausting desire for approval!” Anyway, after the jump, a first look at Robin Williams in his Susan Boyle costume:

Get it? Like how his face? Already? No costume necessary? This website? Carpe dentum.

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  1. you can hate robin williams all you want for Mrs Doubtfire (and please, do) but it was responsible for Mrs. Featherbottom, so it could be worse (right?)

  2. Isn’t this kind of offensive towards Susan Boyle? Not just that it is Robin Williams, but also that they can only think of a guy to play her!? Like there aren’t any female actors that could play her?

    or am I missing something… That happens, no problem :) .

  3. Oh, that’s gotta be a real boost for her self confidence. “Guess what, guys, Robin Williams is pulling out his femskin again to play a gross caricature of me!”

  4. when did susan boyle start wearing glasses?

  5. I thought it was offensive to Susan Boyle as well, until I saw the picture of Robin Williams, who it is at least equally embarrassing for. Holy Crap. I never realized that Robin Williams looked like a 40 something British woman, but man does he ever. They should both be very offended, because this idea is a huge insult to both of them. Maybe they will commiserate, get together, and have more sexually ambiguous children.

  6. Why couldn’t she just play herself? Or get Meryl Streep…she can do anything!

  7. As a Scotsman, when Robin Williams does his Scottish impression, my testicles retract into my tummy. He has to make the trans gender nanny Scottish didn’t you? That AND letting the Lockerbie bomber go?? Our nation shamed.

  8. i’m about to say something a little bit disgusting.

    robin williams lives in my area and i saw him driving the other day and thought he looked pretty hot. well, hotter than i would have expected, since he’s robin williams.

    don’t judge me.

  9. oh, also, this sounds like a terrible, terrible idea for a movie.

    it’s both too soon for a movie about her (who knows what’s going to happen to her? it’s only been a few months!) and too late for a movie about her (who cares? who’s she?).

  10. I always thought Jack Black would make a good Susan Boyle, but Robin’s even better.

  11. this is the nearest well get to mrs doubtfire 2

  12. At least it’s not Mike Myers.

  13. why don’t they just get that tobias fuenke guy? i hear he’s been itching to take off his analrapist stocking cap and put back on his actor pants.

  14. Dammit Gabe, I was just planning to mail this tip!

  15. Okay, I’ll be honest. I love Robin Wililams. The Birdcage is a legitimately great film. However, this movie should never be made. Of all the stories that were just a little bit too mediocre to deserve more attention, this takes the cake.

  16. Kind of in the same vein as this:

    …except that the above was a stroke of genius.

  17. Susan boyle: hapless victim of media feeding frenzy, or co-signer of pact with satan?

  18. Please let Susan Boyle play Robin Williams in a movie.

  19. How can this possibly be true?

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