Friend 1: Want to come over later?
Friend 2: I don’t know. Why?
Friend 1: That is kind of a weird way to answer that question. I guess because we are friends, and we like to hang out, and it could be fun?
Friend 2: Oh, I see.
Friend 1: Sometimes I think that you might be bi-polar. You’re so anti-social, it can be really frustrating.
Friend 2: I don’t know.
Friend 1: Right. Well, if you want to come over later, we could have a video pizza party.
Friend 2: What is a video pizza party?
Friend 1: It’s where we watch a video of a pizza spinning around. It’s awesome.
Friend 2: It sounds awesome.
Friend 1: I know.
Friend 2: I’m sorry I was rude earlier.
Friend 1: It’s OK.

They embrace.

And scene. Want to know more? Of course you do!

Here is the Original Video Pizza trailer (not one of these video pizza rip offs):

Now imagine that, but for an hour. And only $9.99 plus shipping and handling? That is cheaper than some sizes of pizza. And no more having to wait for it to be ready.

“Note: the Video Pizza video has sizzling sounds as the pizza spins, so you can play your own pump-up music! Or if you prefer, chill to the soothing sounds of sizzling.”


“Very long wait”

(Videopizza.biz via Afrojacks.)

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  1. Video Pizza Party at Gabe’s house!

  2. This is an even better idea than Hamburger earmuffs!

    “Alright, just stay calm, Frinky. These babies will be in the stores while he’s still grappling with the pickle matrix. Hoyvin, glavin!”

  3. Great. I’ll bring the Faygo.


  5. jacob  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 +18

    I read Michael Bay already has the rights to the remake.

    • Actually, Tim Burton’s already filming it. The pizza is an eccentric, misunderstood outcast with a dark past. Johnny Depp stars as “Pizza” with Helena Bonham Carter as “black trash bag”. Budget estimated at $55 million.

    • I heard that in the Michael Bay dramatic remake the Pizza blows up (it actually blows up several times, but only one huge explosion) and goes to pizza heaven but then comes back to pizza life because it truly understands the matrix of pizza (or is it the pepperoni of leadership?) or something like that.

      “I’m super excited!” –Sexman

  6. If you have to be in a choir, the Wolf Choir is the one to be in.

  7. ice cream and cake and cake. ice cream and cake and cake. ICE CREAM AND CAKE DO THE ICE CREAM AND CAKE. ICE CREAM AND CAKE DO THE ICE CREAM AND CAKE. and pizza.

  8. Hanging Ourselves Party at my house!
    because this exists. it’s just the last straw.

  9. The next time I read Infinite Jest I’m going to have a hard time not imagining this as the movie.

    • A Face With A View  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 +3

      yea, i could see myself sitting in a chair comatose watching this for the rest of my life, easily
      darn you ENTERTAINMENT!

  10. And here I thought the fun part of pizza was eating it. Silly me!

  11. Monkey  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 +2

    Seriously?…….2007?……On DVD?….I

  12. I like to eat my video pizza in front of my video fireplace.

  13. They could have at least filmed a pizza that looks appetising. This one’s crust looks like it has genital warts.

  14. Round and round. Back and forth, forever and ever.

  15. That dramatization was interesting because Friend #1 seemed to be a real asshole, and yet Friend #2 ended up apologizing. I think Friend #2 has self-esteem issues.

  16. Makes me want to do this.
    (I know, quality sucks but I couldn’t find another one).

  17. Is Sizzling the name of the Mega Man 2 boss themes cover band they go to do the soundtrack?

    It’s either that, or the sound of food cooking has always been like Yellow Magic Orchestra-lite, and I’ve just had my oven on mute.

  18. i don’t think i could ever eat pizza again unless it’s spinning on a black trash bag…

  19. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  20. I’m waiting for “Sausage Fest: Pizza Party II”

  21. Aww shucks, pepperoni! Do they have a one for vegetarians?

  22. The music sounds like what would happen if U2, Blondie, and Rick Astley collectively had a baby.
    80′s! So much fun!

  23. The book was so much better.

  24. this back and forth conversation reminds me of the Friday Fights between gabe and lindsay. :-(

  25. I liked the key change at 3:10. Because that’s what the song needed. Is it 2007 again already?

  26. there is no justice in the world if the center pepperoni (that starts at roughly 2:39) doesn’t get nominated for at LEAST a best supporting actor golden globe. but in all honesty i smell Oscar gold (and pizza).

  27. your face  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 0

    truly a great moment in american cinematography

  28. your face  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 -3

    truly a great moment in american cinematography

  29. I was too fearful of its hypnotic lure to watch the whole thing. But I skipped ahead, because I had to know how it ended.

  30. I think I’ve lost it since I’ve done nothing but watch this video and laugh…and oh god I think I just drooled.

  31. i hope redbox has this!

  32. And you guys thought death panels were crazy.

  33. melz  |   Posted on Aug 11th, 2009 0

    that center pepperoni piece is mesmerizing….

  34. I know there wasn’t enough money to send you to The Gathering, Gabe, but surely you can spare $9.99 plus shipping and handling to order and watch the complete hour of Video Pizza for us. DOUBLE DOG.

  35. Oh my god! This is my jam! THIS IS MY JAM!

  36. “Video Pizza 2: Spin Harder”
    Like if they made a sequel! Sellouts.

  37. When it peaks at about 3:00, I need somebody to hit me with a grapefruit.

    • there’s always one underrated comment. You, my friend, are just shy of graduating from juggalo, to these monsters.. I mean ninjas.

  38. I was about to make a witty comment about this video, but then I found myself drifting off into a deep trance…

  39. Am I the only one who really wants to watch the ninja turtles movie now?

  40. I think I’d have to bring real pizzas,

    Chicago Style Stuffed with Sausage and Peppers

    And a NY Thin with Pepperoni and extra cheese.

  41. As soon as this video ended, I got really grouchy because I didn’t want it to ever end.

  42. Sometimes I think you made this stuff yourself, like ten years ago, and are now presenting it “Oh guys, look what I found!”

  43. Pizza’s here, pizza’s right now here.
    Cold soda in the fridge.

  44. I think what helps its netflix popularity is the M Night Shyamalan TWIST ending.
    You’re watching it, and you’re thinking “Man, the 80′s was a crazy time to live in, what with the Witchhuntings and turning your own butter.” And then it pulls a “The Village” twist on you and says “made in 2007″

  45. Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime, when pizza’s on DVD you can watch Pizza anytime.

  46. we are the pizza

  47. If you listen closely, you can hear The Lonely Island guys softly weeping. Or writing lyrics.

  48. I still like this better than the motherhood trailer.

  49. truerobot  |   Posted on Aug 13th, 2009 0

    No offense and i know ill get some flack for this statement but it’s not the best looking pizza, im sorry. Now this was back in the day and i know they didnt have the fancy CGI to touch cheese and the peperoni, but i have to say this pizza is quite subpar. I fully endorse a remake and i know this will offend alot of you pizza party “fanboys” but the time has come for pizza party remix 09.

  50. Pizza Tripper  |   Posted on Aug 13th, 2009 0

    Let you in on a little secret: Stare at the center pepperoni for about 30 seconds to a minute then pause the DVD but keep looking at the pizza….

  51. we recently filmed the sequel, “Video Hawaiian Pizza”, and have another project, “Video Psychedelic Hockey Mask” halfway edited. The teaser trailer is on our youtube channel (youtube.com/wolfchoir)

  52. I just read an article about you guys! I need to see/hear more of your work. Some day, you’ll be thanking Gabe in your OSCAR speech.

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