They say that when you love something you should set it free, eventually, but first you should spend 45 minutes meticulously drawing it while videotaping yourself, and then post a sped up copy of that video to YouTube. Speed drawing (which actually is just regular drawing that’s sped up, so it should be called Speed Videos of Drawing, but I’m not the mayor of Meme Town) can be done either by hand, or on the computer (which is sometimes called speed painting), and it can deal with any subject, but it is best if the speed drawing is of someone or something famous, so that the end result is more impressive. To a point! Because at the same time, depending on your choice, the end result may be more technically impressive but it is also often more technically HUH? People choose to “speed draw” the weirdest stuff*.

After the jump, the 15 best speed drawing videos of all time. These are in scientific order, as determined by Licensed Scientists.

15. The Flight of the Conchords

14. Russell Crowe

13. Jennifer Love Hewitt

12. Jack Bauer

11. Trainspotting

10. David Archuleta

9. Dr. House MD

8. Hancock

7. Jared Leto

6. There Will Be Blood

5. Heath Ledger

4. Megan Fox

3. Your Mom

2. Jigsaw

1. Sayid Jarrah from Lost

These are all equally incredible and ridiculous! Let’s open a museum as a joke but kind of for serious!

*It should be noted that I am terrible at drawing, and have nothing but enormous respect for these artists’ impressive technical abilities, if not as much respect for their less impressive decision making and time management abilities.

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  1. ))⁢ Russel Crowe picture.

  2. inappro

  3. They cut out the money shot at the end of video 4.

  4. I just watched one at random but it was worth it because the Notwist in #4 was awesome.

  5. I could not make it through the David Archuleta video, because he’s horrible.

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  7. I just watched the Flight of the Conchords one, and was struck by the fact that whoever did that is better at microsoft paint than i will ever be at anything in my entire life.

  8. after a glass or who of bourbon, i always enjoyed watching bob ross with a glasy-eyes stare. i couldn’t figure out why i wasn’t enjoying these faster versions as well, until around #11, when i hit the mute button on my laptop.


  9. The Sayid pic kept looking like my concept of Beethoven or some other such wild haired man of his era. I love Beethoven!

  10. Daniel  |   Posted on Jul 29th, 2009 +1

    All of these work incredibly well set to metal.

  11. That picture of Megan Fox looked better than the actual version does, that brilliant pen wizard gave her like depth or a soul or something.

  12. “People choose to ‘speed draw’ the weirdest stuff” and put it to THE WORST MUSIC.

  13. When will you get over my victory in the Mayor of Meme Town election. It was MONTHS ago!

  14. I wanted to destroy something beautiful, so I tore up a picture of Jared Leto. Of course, it was one from when he gained all that weight to play Mark David Chapman; I’m not some kind of monster.

  15. Guys, why isn’t Gabe mayor of Meme Town yet? Is this an election year?

  16. Lucky  |   Posted on Jul 30th, 2009 0

    The fact that the person drawing the Jared Leto picture was smudging kinda makes me want to throw up. Mark making is your friend,
    I can thank my art teachers for this conditioning.

  17. I’ve shown that Jack Bauer video to people before, thinking it was the pinnacle of speed-painting. But ACTUALLY using MS Paint to paint a painting is just plain ballsy. Working with no layers is like working without a net, people.

  18. I guess Jared Leto’s forehead is not interesting enough?

  19. Saw is fucking stupid.

  20. That video of Russell Crowe speed drawing just shows how vain he is. I can’t believe he chose to speed draw himself! And from Gladiator, no less!

  21. The shading in the Hancock one doesn’t quite convey the fact that that movie sucks.

    • but the fact that a person who likes to post sped up videos of themselves drawing also likes Hancock does convey it pretty well.

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