As a temporary fix to an on-going bug, you can now type:

))&lt;>(( in a comment and it will show up as ))<>((. You’re welcome!

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  1. ))<>(( Yep, it’s true.

  2. Finally!
    That felt so good.

  3. Thanks!
    This is directly relevant to my interests!

  4. I love that this was so big of an issue that it had to be fixed and announced. We are a strange family…

  5. )_) <> (_( *Turns on Sir MixALot* (Seriously, this still isn’t working Lawnmower Man.)

  6. ))<>((


  7. The less than sign needs to be replaced by ampersand l t semicolon
    This is our best temporary solution, working on fixing it completely

  8. Friends you have to type it like this: )) & lt ; > (( minus all the spaces

  9. That showed up as not working! Ugh I WILL JUST DOWNVOTE EVERYTHING I DO NOW.

  10. These problems with the Lawnmower man are always ))<>((

  11. ))&lt>((

  12. Ellen–guess who’s joining the olyyyympics of temporary fixes to ongoing blog comment posting problems?

  13. now that Lindsay is gone, who will post Gabe’s Manstyle videos?
    man style forever ))<>((

  14. I Lots of Loved at work at literally everything about this post, and had to explain to people why I couldn’t explain why I was laughing. Anyway it’s just gonna be BAFF for me from now on because what’s a computer and I just broke my hip. Oh my god I’m still laughinggggg make it stop!

  15. endparenthesisendparenthesislessthangreaterthanparenthesisparenthesis

  16. ))<((

  17. i love that gabe and videogum have taken ownership over that symbol. like taking back the N word; we’ve commandeered the only good part of a shitty movie.

  18. ))<>((

    it feels so right

  19. ))<>((

    This post reminds me of why videogum is so awesome. But it’s also evidence of a potentially growing issue for our fucked up family of monsters and hellspawn: the inside jokes. Videogum is kind of like Arrested Development. It’s infinitely hilarious because each post builds on the posts before. But as someone who tried to jump into AD in the middle of Season 2, I also know how frustrating that can be to newcomers. Luckily, you can go buy AD on DVD, start at episode one, and laugh your ass off for days. You can’t really do that with videogum. Sure, sometimes Gabe links to past posts when referencing them, but we’ve also developed a mini-language of one-liners like “ugh,” “the worst,” “your boyfriend,” etc. Those are somewhat self-explanatory and easy to pick up on, but others…not so much.

    So, in the future, if I find anything particularly opaque, I’m going to post a helpful link to the source. I expect this may generate a number of “-1″s. This is a risk I’m prepared to accept. Do your worst, monsters.

    ))<>(( =

  20. i’d gotten around it by posting this picture:

    but NO MORE!
    all hail gabe!

  21. You couldn’t type ))<>(( just normally before?
    ))<>(( weird

  22. I’m glad this issue was fixed (is being fixed?) as it is clearly The Most Important Issue Facing the Videogum Today.


  23. To all,

    Please accept from me this unpretentious bouquet of very early-blooming parentheses:


  24. I’d do @lt; and @rt; to be safe (replace @ with an &)


  25. Yes! Now I don’t have to be afraid to try it anymore!





  26. Franky  |   Posted on Jul 29th, 2009 0


    back and forth

  27. When do we get a ))<>(( tag?

  28. Yes, but can you triforce?

  29. ))<>((
    How many man hours went into getting this figured out?

  30. enno  |   Posted on Jul 30th, 2009 0


  31. This currently stands as the 7th most-commented post. Just thought we all might want to reflect on that for a moment.

  32. I’ll add to it.


  33. OH dear god. What has happened? Did I will this? You leave the innerwebs for a few days…well thank god we fixed THAT, right? Now we can really all go back and forth forever. Oy.

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