The following video features a wedding procession in which the bridesmaids and groomsmen do an enthusiastic, choreographed dance down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever” as the wedding guests on both sides of the aisle clap in unison. Then the groom somersaults into the fray. Eventually the bride makes her own private dance down the aisle. And then, one assumes, they get married. I’ve received this video in the Videogum mailbox numerous times, and almost every email bears the subject line “This Is Your Wedding.” Well, you GOONS, you’re right: this is my wedding! Basically! I should be so lucky!

Look, I’m not saying I would want to get married exactly like this. It’s definitely silly. And if there’s any musician in the world who doesn’t know what a time-tested love is, it’s Chris Brown. (Yikes. Also, nice Cher song, Chris Brown.) And OK, Ashton Kutcher Twittered it, which is some kind of omen. But we can’t seriously be mad at these guys for beginning their life together with an exuberant, light-hearted, lovable dance down the aisle?! Can we?! No, we cannot. This video literally shows a bunch of people who care about each other a great deal, trying to have a fun and memorable experience in honor of two people who are going to try their best to love each other for the rest of their lives. Will it work out? Who knows, it often does not! But everyone is being a great sport about it nonetheless. We can at least show them the respect of also being good sports. I mean, there’s a reason that it has gotten nearly 1.3 million views since it was posted five days ago. Because it is a nice thing!

Let’s paint, exercise, and GET MARRIED! (Thanks for the tip, Eric, Elyse, Carrie, Brad, and Michael)

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  1. annaphalactic  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 -25

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    • ok, you guys. you can bitch at me forever, but let’s be honest – this video is fucking awesome. i’m the opposite of sentimental when it comes to wedding stuff, but COME ON!!!

      they made what is a traditional snore-fest of trite over-spending (i.e., weddings) into something fun, energetic and original.

      we don’t have to like exactly how they pulled it off.

      but, i submit to you, we do have to give them credit for making a wedding ceremony more interesting, engaging, and watchable than any other i can recall in recent memory.

      points for originality.

  2. I can’t even front: I cried. (Just a little!!!)
    Loved it all–awkard attempts at c-walking, uncoordinated Matrix interlude, ginger groom tumbling into my heart, charming bride killing me with her too much adorable.
    Jill and Kevin Awesome Dance Great Job!!!

    • I just have to say, awesome profile picture!

    • i’m not crying. i’m not. i just have allergies. IT’S ALLERGIES.

    • Laylah  |   Posted on Jul 25th, 2009 +5

      I’m with you! At first I laughed my head off — then I burst into tears thinking how lucky these lovers were to have such an amazing group of friends and family, really joyous to take part in the celebration of love. Who cares if they divorce? What matters is the joy they had on their wedding. I hope they last forever! Bless them, they made my day! ~Laylah~

  3. Goin’ to the Chapel and goin’ to get married
    Dance to Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’ and goin’ to get married

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    • Lyle  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 +28

      The grammar/prose of this comment made my head explode.

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        • If this happened in my mom’s bedroom, I probably wouldn’t like it–why is my mom renting out her bedroom for weddings?–but I’d watch it several times.

        • Having a bit of confusion over your point here. Is this your point?

          Groom ‘n’ Bride: “Hey guys… So we’d like to do my wedding a little differently. Are you cool with dancing down the aisle to some hip hop?”

          Wedding Party That Guy: “Sure, but will it be on youtube? I mean we’re dancing at a wedding.. we might get a lot of views? Is that what you really want? A lot of views? I think we should make a point to do something different… Maybe not dance at the wedding, but maybe you should just fall down during the ceremony and organ cat plays. That might get more views than us dancing. Maybe there can be a box by the groomsmen, instead, and right when the guests are asked about any issues with the union of you guys… A cat jumps out of the box and then runs down the aisle and slides into another box. everyone cheers..? Maybe you could look dramatically real quick at one of the camera people. priceless! I just think if we only dance.. someone will call us out for getting +10 youtube points for poorly dancing at a wedding whereas if we were dancing poorly somewhere else we might not get the views. You see?”


  5. I only have one complaint, I think it would of been better if this was the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1deGOhW6OE

  6. Wooo! First successful tip submission! Now I just need to figure out where it should go on my resume.

  7. Steve  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 -28

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  8. Good for them for having some fun with it & not having a typical stuffy wedding. Seriously.

    Though, nothing says “good luck in the future!” like dancing down the aisle with your almost-husband to the dulcet tones of a teenager who beats his girlfriend.

  9. I loved this. Touching, fun, and totally memorable. Also, I’ve never seen church look and sound so fun.

  10. and to think, I was bitching about having to give a toast as part of a wedding party.

  11. I like it when Gabe reveals his feminine side.

  12. Between this and the Japanese HP girl, I think Gabe’s been drinking some… what’s the opposite of haterade?

  13. It’s nice that they let Turtle dance by himself, he’s usually overshadowed by the rest of the gang.

  14. Effusive optimism? Methinks Gabe got some last night.

  15. who says white people aren’t great

  16. Oh Gabe, you’re getting soft in your (very) old age. But this made me start the day with a smile. :)

  17. Bob   |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 -11

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    • oh bob, leave this earth for the dark, damp, flaming pit where you belong (not your colon, sicky).

      • Bob   |   Posted on Jul 25th, 2009 -2

        My post was actually a commentary on how fascinatingly absurd it is that homophobes would have less of a problem with THIS being a wedding than two gay folks solemnly and seriously taking their vows to one another, but I got my sarcasm and irony confused and ahh who cares what am I doing I’m too old for this…

  18. Even though I am so not okay with “Chris Brown” sitting next to “Love Conquers All” (yikes!) this made me smile the whole way through

    • I was thinking, maybe this is a video from last year or something? It just seems like the when Wrigley Gum pulls your obviously perfect-for-its-gum-brand song from TV due to a winter madness beat down that you gave your superstar girlfriend, something has gone wrong & thus might be an inappropriate song for a wedding…either way, it made me tear up.

  19. Okay, so this is good, and certainly deserves a shout out, but do we really need two days of this, Today Show? They interviewed the bride and groom today, and on Monday (I think) the whole wedding party is going to do the dance live. The Today Show ruins everything.

    • maybe you could give me enough champagne to do this in a church with your Aunt Doris watching, but no amount of booze could get me to do this on the Today Show. Not even the intoxication of YouTube fame. That’s somebody’s Dad.

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  21. thefaintingcycle  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 +20

    Shut up, Internet. This is pure, fucking joy.

  22. this is socially unacceptable.

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  24. Unicorn shot for the week!

  25. that is a DAMN fine looking couple.
    also I just now figured out that this song is NOT an advertisement for doublemint gum

  26. Ginger kids can dance? I thought they had no souls?

  27. So I just got a little misty eyed over a videogum post that wasn’t by Lindsay (R.I.P.). Is this the part where I shoot myself in the face, I kind of forgot the rules.

  28. Susan  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 0

    It looks like a modern day Hobbit party.

  29. Needs more dancing CGI babies.

  30. bruster  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 0

    That was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Guys, I don’t think Gabe is as munch as a grumpy old man as we thought; clearly he isn’t so cynical that he has to hate on a video like this.

  31. yourmother  |   Posted on Jul 24th, 2009 -14

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  32. Wow, Gabe. I thought I loved you for your cynicism. But now that I know what a softy you are, I’ve fallen even more deeply in love with you.

  33. my mom showed this to me today. on her phone. IN A RESTAURANT. i sat through it, ENDURED IT, aggressively straightfaced.

    and here it is, in the one e-place i quite often find solace from the mom videos of the world.
    BUT JUST THIS ONCE, i’m willing to turn my frown upside down and delay my internet exodus in the name of not being a total grinch.

  34. So I am not really understanding why everyone is responding so positively to this video clip? I got a serious, serious case of second hand embarrassment from watching it. I guess I understand Gabe’s sentiment about love and being a good sport, but if that were always the case around here, wouldn’t we have given gross fake Disney viral proposal a pass? Because that is not the case around here, and that is why I like videogum, usually. Except for today!

    • I think a big difference between this and the Disney one is that everybody here is fully into the idea and it’s obviously a group of people who genuinely enjoy each other. The Disney one was some douche turning what should have been a beautiful day about/for his beard/bride-to-be into a Just Jack! episode about himself. Also Disney is evil.

  35. Oplz  |   Posted on Jul 25th, 2009 0

    A huge dorkfest, just right for the huddled masses. .

  36. langford  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2009 0

    This made my Grinch heart grow two sizes two big, fuck, this is too adorable.

  37. I am confused. Was that supposed to be the teaser for High Shcool Musical 5 or Stuff White People Like? They left the working title on the clip.

  38. This is exactly why I prefer Videogum to The AV Club (completely different sites, but people compare them often, no?)
    Reading AV Club readers’ comments about this video is depressing. Wait, HOW is this video racist?!?!

  39. I’m just about the most cynical opponent of anyone getting married (why. Why. Just…don’t) and was all ‘oohhhh Chris Brown, PERFECT.” and then I watched this video and was completely won over by the spirit and originality of everyone in it, most of all that adorable couple. My cold dark cockles of my heart have been lit up. That’s right. The cockles. I totally got misty.

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