The kid from the World’s Best Freakout video in which his mother supposedly suspended his World of Warcraft account and in retaliation he shoved a remote control into his butt, has another best freakout. Wait, this is his third one? I can’t keep up with this kid’s best freakouts. This time, he is disappointed with his birthday gift.

OK, well, this is fake. As was the other one. Either that or all of his shirts are broken. But you have to admit that the kid has a certain talent for faking world’s best freakouts. I particularly liked the line “you guys always want to make me look like a poor kid in front of my friends.” That shows just the kind of thinking on one’s feet that an employer looking for someone to fill the role of Manager of the World’s Best Freakouts Division would be looking for.

“OBJECTIVE: to grow and expand my skills in the field of world’s best freakout for a creative and fast-paced company in the freakout industry.”
–This Kid’s Resume

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  1. An American Patriot CANNOT COMMENT WHILE LOGGED ON  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2009 +8

    UGH what bothers the hell out of me about this shit was the first one WAS SO FUCKIN FUNNY and then they keep making more and more videos, constantly running this shit into the ground and proving THEY WERE ALL FAKE. C’mon y’all! LEAVE THE AMBIGUITY I’m not asking for Falkner shit, but C’MON!

    Still, “NO! I just paid 200 dollars for that truck! NO!” is HILARIOUS as is this. It just kinda squanders the other one. :(

  2. While not as funny as the last video I really did enjoy the line ‘”I paid 200 dollars for that truck!”

  3. don  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2009 +4

    The parents would act so much more pissed off if this was real.

  4. For me, it was actually the “$200″ line that was the dead giveaway that this was fake.

  5. even though these are CLEARLY fake – i’d like to think that it’s just two brothers foolin’ around (no From Beginning To End) with the participation of their entire family (???) and not viral marketing for anything.

  6. So is it fake or not? I guess that is The Great Debate.

  7. While I remain thoroughly impressed at his ability to act like some sort of clothing black hole (really, where do they go???), I must admit that I was disappointed that he didn’t attempt to shove the car up his butt. Great performers are nothing if not consistent in their act, am I right?

  8. He should of put the bat in his ass, but then I guess that would be weird with the whole family there right? Aw forget it, this whole thing is weird. Enjoyable but…weird.

  9. B S Green  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2009 +7

    I enjoy most of the videos posted on videogum and this guy’s previous freakout was good for a laugh but this one really annoyed me. I just read that the unemployment rate was 16.5% in june which is maybe a slight indication that there be poor people in america. Yet, these people have enough money to film a fake video outside of their mansion, surrounded by their expensive cars (including a hummer!) and bought a cheap truck (which he described as a poor person’s vehicle) that their kid could beat up on with a bat. I know I’m caring way too much about a youtube video but something felt very much askew watching it. I couldn’t imagine being given a car or truck for a gift, let alone something worth $200 yet this video is saying that those expensive gifts are par for the course and isn’t it lolz that he is so ungrateful. That just speaks to me how much people’s values had been shifted. Anyway, after watching it I just had so many questions; why do they have so much money? Why are these people’s values so skewed? Why has their not been a revolution? Wow I just got very enraged over the mundane, but I guess that’s how youtube works.

  10. grahamorama  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2009 +5

    Dude needs to color correct his camera. Why is his lawn purple?

  11. a shotgun sequel that’s unbelievable, poorly acted, and makes you question whether you should have even ever enjoyed the first one? sounds like we have a new Michael Bay, guys.

  12. Why do they have a monster truck next to their hummer?

  13. Why does this kid always lose his clothes when he starts his freakouts? He’s like Frankie Muniz meets The Hulk.

  14. Funny how they’re parodying the kind of bourgeois sense of entitlement that is showcased by their suburban McMansion and the monster truck rally in their driveway.

  15. This would have been better if he pretended to shove the baseball bat in his rectum as an ode to the remote.

  16. Wow, this is such an origonal video.

  17. How did he take off his shirt so quickly? That was some David Blaine shit. The camera leaves him for TWO SECONDS and he is half naked.

  18. He sure like undressing himself.

  19. Abalogariz still can't comment while signed in, I'm afraid.  |   Posted on Jul 3rd, 2009 +1

    Welcome back, man. we’ve missed you.

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