So, during my coverage of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, I made a lot of jokes about how I was in love with Dina and I was going to marry her. And it’s like they always say, IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE IT’S A THING THAT HAPPENED ON VH1 ONE TIME. You know that old saw. Anyway, so yeah, Dina and I are super married for real, and we taped the whole thing for VH1′s My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding a few years ago, because if there is one thing that we both think is really important, it’s being on as many crappy reality TV shows as possible. Until death do us CANCELED! (Huh?)

You guys, I was just joking. That’s not me. Do you really think that if I had a successful catering business, I would still be here talking to you jerks? No way. I would be busy making trays of cold cuts and yelling at the dishwashers. “Wash those dishes, you dishwashers! This is a business! Fuhgettaboutit!” But also Dina needs to relax with the being on TV all the time. There is something about her that I really like and find really compelling (probably the compulsive lying and the dead eyes) but this well-cataloged desperate need for attention is kind of a turn-off. Haha, “kind of.” Right.

(Via ONTD. Also, part two of the Reunion is tonight on Bravo. DVR Club.)

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  1. Well, he recognizes he was a ‘bad boy’ those times he cheated so I guess that stuff’s dealt with.

    Allada girls would put up widdis

  2. Caroline  |   Posted on Jun 25th, 2009 +11

    Oooh, you can have Dina if I can have Tommy! Gangly, receding hairline, Joe Pesci School of Vocal Chords, and unfaithful? Touch me where it counts, Tommy Manzo.

  3. georgina  |   Posted on Jun 25th, 2009 +1

    listen, one of your commenters on THIS VERY SITE linked to that video weeks ago. web two point duh, blog dude.

  4. Holy crap I remember this episode. I am slapping my hands a few times for not making the obvious correlation!!!!

  5. I mistook you Gabe, after all you are a 45 year old post office employee from Hoboken.

  6. “It was time to just marry her. Period.” – Tommy Manzo

    So basically Dina earned her keep so she was allowed the glorious privilege of being Mrs. Tommy Manzo. Dina, this is why Lexi hoards candy. Sadness.

  7. I’m guessing the lack of comments on this are because people are still staring at their screens in crazy awe of this? Only $1.15 Million? You could buy 6 really flashy, rapey looking cars for that. Next wedding, let’s break 1,000 guests, and invite everyone we pass along the way in our motorcycle cavalcade, ok? Then we’ll have a wedding!

    Also, this was Dina’s second wedding, correct? Did she also get married at the Brownstone for the first one? Stay classy, Dina Delahaye!

  8. So basically ladies the silver lining of your man cheating on you is that he can then never complain about how much of his money you spend, score!

  9. I would prefer a tissue and drugs in lieu of Tommy Manzo’s “comfort” as well…..

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