Fox And Friends were so out of ideas yesterday that they invited three children — two eleven year olds with college degrees and a home-schooled fourteen year old with loud opinions — to argue about such topics as school choice on their show. The two prodigies were polite and mature in offering their solutions, but the other kid waved his arms wildly, spouted hackneyed right-wing talking points, and even called Obama “Barack HUSSEIN Obama.” If the point was to show that children (or a child) can be as big of an ass on Fox News as the adults, well, that worked. I have the urge to slap this child, therefore Fox News is where he belongs.

It’s like something out of the Daily Sh— oh, wait, it WAS on The Daily Show. As a joke! Great Moments In Punditry, As Read By Children:

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Fox And Friends imitates The Daily Show, five years late and not as a joke. That sounds about right. (Thanks for the tip, Alex!)

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  1. None of these kids can vote, drive a car, drink or go in the army so they should all shut the fuck up.

  2. The little girl reminds me of Phoebe from Hey Arnold, which is so great.

    Are that guy’s condescending snickers the worst part? Other than that kid who is a poster child for home-schooled kids with no social skills, I mean. That one’s obvious.

  3. Wow. Steve Doocy got out-douchebagged by that Krohn kid the conservatives like to trot out. And it’s sad that that conservative kid learned his social skills from watching Fox News. Man, tv is such a scourge.

    • rebecca  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +20

      Seriously, even the Dooce was embarrassed by the kid sighing and growling and flinging himself all over the studio in disgust. You know the kid’s parents are proud today, right? Meanwhile, can I please have a polite Asian child of my own please?

  4. have we ever seen the kid with the tie and sexman in the same room??? just sayin’.

  5. An 11-year-old advocating for more school? That girl needs to thank her stars it’s summer vacation and better hope her peers have the memory of a goldfish. Otherwise she’s going to be on everybody’s shit list come this fall.
    Then again, I bet she already is.

  6. Congrats, kid. You’re an even bigger asshole than normal Fox pundits. Wave your arms a little more next time so we know for sure how you feel.

  7. Shane2012  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +7

    Don’t be fooled, guys. It’s just Rachel Dratch trotting out her Sheldon character from SNL. Nice to see you again, Rach!

  8. jonathan, unlike ricky bobby, knows what to do with his hands in an interview

  9. Deerlike  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +2

    The one kid is like a little, unfunny, horribly conservative Lewis Black

  10. Note the Doocy-gasm @ 1:45.

    Someone should really see if Murdock made any IVF investments circa 1994…

  11. Ahh, Good Ol’ Fox News. Giving bags of douche a place to yell since 1997.

  12. This goes against every way I ever felt as a kid, especially during summer, and for that, I am offended.

  13. Also: “we talk to adults all the time on this show.” Since when?

  14. Congrats, kid. You ARE the biggest asshole.

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  16. Homeschool is nothing compared to public or private school. You aren’t constantly learning for 7 hours nonstop. He has no idea what he’s talking about when he wants more school.

  17. Trevor  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +5

    Jonathan Krohn is a regular on the conservative circuit. Watch your back, Hannity. The facial expressions alone best Hannity on the douche-y scale. “SIR” for the girl?

  18. TheCharlie  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +26

    “George Bush did not quadruple the national debt SIR”. This kid is never going to get laid (in a couple years when that might seem appropriate). 1 for being a douche and 2 for calling girls SIR.

  19. TheCharlie  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 -9

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  20. laura  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 0

    Jonathan spoke at the CPAC this year and the conservatives completely flipped out over his three-minute speech.

    I’ve met homeschooled kids and they all lack basic social skills like this poor guy.

    • rebecca  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +17

      I actually had some homeschooled neighbors who were truly lovely, kind, thoughtful, and intelligent kids. Okay, so they didn’t believe in evolution, but when I went away for the weekend and paid them $5 to feed my dog, they also walked her, brushed her, and picked up her poo.

      Also, one of ‘em would have been 18 soon enough, and thinking about taking him to the dark side brought joy and light to my evil old days.

  21. chris  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +11

    douchebag mcgee is correct. george w. bush did not quadruple the national debt. he CREATED it.

  22. Echos Myron  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 0

    I see a lot of naked tits in Jonathan Krohn’s future… That kid is probably going to get laid even more than David Frum did at Canada High School.

  23. AndHobo  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +13

    If these kids are so smart then why would they agree to be on this show? FAKE

  24. one night when I was drunk I watched Jonathan Krohn’s speech from CPAC on Huffpo, discovered he had a book, and laughed and laughed and laughed. Then I ordered it online.

  25. I want to punch that 14 year old in the face.

    • i was going to say that, qualifying it with the fact that my brother is his age (which makes it totally legit!) – but it seems so wrong to hit a kid – even THIS hellion monster child.

  26. “You know we talk to grown-ups all the time on this show”

    No you don’t.

  27. That 14 y.o. isn’t a bad pundit, which isn’t too hard to believe seeing as how he got all that experience doing talk radio as “The Beekeeper” at Camp Firewood.

    “Arty, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to take a shower today.”

  28. I enjoy how the loud kid snorts at 1:38.
    Also, I enjoy how the 45 year old kid claps with each name or point as he’s introducing the little kids.

  29. When I was 14 I was a real left-winger political junkie douche bag. I can’t fault Krohn for being overzealous; when you’re that young and engaged in politics — and bright — you really do think you know it all. I hope he grows out of it for his sake.

    What bothers me… I don’t think he was mimicking adult pundits so much as I think adult pundits behave like teenagers. Scary, guys.

    • I agree, I used to be aggressively conservative around that age and things are very very different now…it’s just that he’s going to be pretty embarrassed once he starts to develop his own principled ideas that are so different from these ones about five years from now. I’m glad the world didn’t decide when I was 13 that I was always going to stand up for the things I would have stood up for then. (Daniel Radcliffe for President!!! Oh wait I still want that to happen.)

      General comment: I think Hodgman’s brilliant observation that bloggers are nerds and pundits are jocks totally holds here. The 11-year-olds were clearly uncomfortable being on camera and from what I understand are likely used to more academic settings…they could probably slaughter that homeschool kid if it were a clashing of editorials or something. I hated how the host insinuated it was an unfair argument because that kid is 3 years older…those other kids are clearly more informed and poised to make critical arguments than he is, oh and they have GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE. Where has that kid graduated from? The rumpus room in his mom’s house?

  30. I actually feel sorry for Doocy, he just let his last remnant of journalistic integrity float away on live TV. Now he is no better than the brown haired guy or the inter-changeable blonde that sits between them.

  31. Awww, the modest Asian kids didn’t stand a chance… :(

    • Also, doesn’t the loud kid seem kinda out of place with the other two prodigies? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being a columnist, but it’s kinda underwhelming in comparison to an 11-year old published author and a child who has graduated from college already.


  33. Jonathan Hoenig better watch out!

  34. Philip  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +6

    Jonathan Krohn = Chas Tenenbaum

  35. Luis  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +3

    I feel like this is what the Glass children would be like.

    • Lenny  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2009 -1

      The best comment on the entire internets.

      I’m thinking Seymour minus the savantism, hopefully plus the suicide.

  36. Kids Make Me Like Asians And Hate White People The Darndest Things

  37. Oh my god. That kid makes me so angry.

  38. Sam  |   Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 +1

    That was worse than Columbine

  39. When did they say the kid was home schooled? I also didn’t hear the girl described as a college graduate… I would like to smack that one kid, not for his ideas but for his youthful exuberance.

  40. I like how the purpose in having kids on the show is to discuss issues that matter to kids, but fixing the education system doesn’t really apply to you if you’re already this far beyond your grade level.

  41. Pat  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2009 +1

    I don’t normally advocate bullying, but I hope that Jonathan kid gets the shit beat out of him very soon.

  42. You guys, I think we’ve discovered the identity of An American Patriot.

  43. If only an adult that wasn’t intimidated by a 14 year old bully was there to provide a rational response to his polemic rhetoric (poor boy needs to take a civil speech class and stop taking ‘Screaming at your opponents 101 with Bill O’Reilly). It seems like hes an advocate for institutional change, which is what Obama’s adminstration is trying to do (especially with healthcare, energy and education [ironic, since he went off on some planned and didactic speech about the detriments of the education system. Yeah kid, we saw The Wire season 4 too. We're all experts]). It seems that the only reasonable exception is how Obama is dealing with wallstreet and banking crisis, and while I am not completely sure whether or not this is the best path to tread on, I feel pretty confident that any other person that stepped up to the chair of the Presidency would have the same scrutiny and criticisms as Obama, maybe even worse.

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