Ooh, ooh, there’s a new video from The Uncharted Zone, the Pensacola-based show that brought the world Mark Gormley! A gentleman named Wilk Mckean, better known as “Dr. Breeze,” has put his own green-screened spin on the traditional patriotic song about how great American freedom is with “The Land Of The Free, Because Of The Brave.” Personally, song-wise, I prefer Mark Gormley’s darker, more subtle, prog-rock-influenced songs about lost love, but as patriotic songs go this one is mostly nice. Mostly. Okay, it’s not as aggressive as Toby Keith.

I disagree with Dr. Breeze on the motivations of Iraq war protesters, but I’ll defend to the death his right to sing about it awkwardly in front of an improvised green screen.

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  1. Oh cool they got James Quall on backups. Nice emotive hands.

  2. interesting wardrobe choice giving the backup singer on the left a costume so similar to what he undoubtedly came into the studio wearing

  3. also, be sure to visit his website, which is awkwardly written in the third person, as though he didn’t write all this crap himself over a long weekend.


  4. Dr. Breeze + Mark Gormley collab = Best song ever.

  5. boo  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 +2

    An American Patriot’s gonna love this!

  6. Mental note: if you don’t light a greenscreen set correctly, bald heads turn into subway entrance lampposts.

  7. If the lead singer was less enthusiastic, it would be funnier. But leaving up a picture of a soldier for like 45 seconds during the song is pretty good.
    P.S. Sharkleberry: that guy really does look like Jmaes Quall, totally almost missed that one.

  8. I was all ready to get pissy about the verse about protesters, but then I was like “oooh, fireworks”. Can’t stay mad at this dude.

  9. It may just be me but “Fighting wars, to end all wars. The fighting will never cease”. Well, what is it; are you going to end all wars or are you going to fight wars forever?? And “rebels without a clue”? This guy’s not worth one hair on Mark Gormely’s taint. Probably has TruckNutz, too.

  10. You must all bow before the majesty that is the official website of Phil Thomas Katt.

    Made by my 6 year old nephew on MS Front Page.

  11. your dad and his friends make these videos in your basement because his is too small to accommodate the setup (in all its awesomeness). it really irks your spouse because he/she can’t stand the inlaws. but he’s your dad – and you love him.

  12. Conversation overheard at Dr. Breeze’s annual bbq and pool party:

    Dr. Breeze: Hey, Bob, glad you could make it. Looks like you could use a cold one.
    Bob: Thanks Wilk, that’ll do just fine.
    Dr. Breeze: Uh, you mean Dr. Breeze.
    Bob: What?
    Bob: What did you say?
    (sound of beer can opening)
    Dr. Breeze: I said “you mean Dr. Breeze.”
    Bob: Oh, right. Sorry. Dr. Breeze.
    (awkward pause)
    Bob: So, uh, Dr. Breeze, did you see those protesters out there today?
    Dr. Breeze: Yeah. They don’t get how free they are.
    Bob: I know, that’s what I was saying to Cheryl. Rebels without a clue is what I said.
    Dr. Breeze: What?
    Bob: Rebels without a clue.
    Dr. Breeze: Isn’t it ‘rebel without a cause’?
    Bob: Yeah, but you see what I did was change it a little. They have a cause. They just don’t have–
    Dr. Breeze: A clue.
    Bob: That’s right…. What are you writing down?
    Dr. Breeze: Oh, nothing. Just a little something I like to call art.

  13. I think he’s lip synching. I’m pretty sure.

  14. Remember, calling them stupid is perfectly acceptable but telling them to stop is NO GOOD.

  15. Jesse Ventura?

  16. Julia Louis-Dreyfus there is pretty stoked about her whitening strips, eh?

  17. with “Butch Meyn”? that sounds like a gay codename

  18. If you have to announce how ‘eccentric’ you are you might want to rethink your identity.

  19. edo8  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2009 -1

    Oh but it’s easy to see how “eccentric” he really, really is

  20. edo8  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2009 -1

    Oh but it’s easy to see how “eccentric” he really, really is

  21. edo8  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2009 -1

    Oh but it’s easy to see how “eccentric” he really, really is

  22. Phil Thomas Katt and Tommy Robinetti. Discuss.

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