The cutest little baby raccoons got stuck in a vending machine in Tulsa over the weekend, so the nice people who found them called a guy named “The Skunk Whisperer” to get them out. But the important thing is look how cute!:

Aside from the cuteness (and the unique little raccoon noises), I like how they put the raccoons back in the vending machine and took them out again like fifty times for the purposes of this news story. (This isn’t viral marketing for Pepsi, but I bet it will give Pepsi viral marketing ideas.)

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  1. To be an accurate representation of Tulsa, this video needed more shots of morbidly obese white people in sweat pants. At least according to my Tulsa-dwelling brother’s descriptions of the horrors he encounters there.

  2. “So, how’d you get the nickname, ‘The Skunk Whisperer?’”

    “This interview is over!”

  3. So what did they say when the scary lady asked them where they came from?

  4. Isn’t that Curious George’s buddy? Also how awesome is the name Bruha?

  5. Baby raccoons in vending machine = adorable.

    Baby raccoons in the storm drain outside my apartment being protected by big raccoons who hiss at anyone who walks on the damn sidewalk = terrifying.

  6. will  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 +4

    Apparently the skunk whisperer is Woody Harrelson.

  7. Raccoons can’t ask for pepsi. They can’t speak english. Who is this guy?

  8. sorry, Lindsay, but raccoons are awful, mean rabies creatures! 0 on the cute scale. also now there is raccoon poop in that vending machine.

  9. I think this is indicative a greater worrisome trend of animals drinking crap beverages:

  10. Love how the Skunk Whisperer uses the word “refreshing” and then they cut to a shot of the vending machine. Clever. Hope the AP is getting something from Pepsi for that.

  11. Yeah, raccoons are really cute… until they try to touch you with their PEOPLE HANDS!

  12. Yeah, raccoons are really cute… until they try to touch you with their PEOPLE HANDS!

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