Oh man, remember The Hangover? That movie was not necessarily my favorite comedy of all time, and it had some difficulties in its depiction of women and minorities, but it was still really funny. I laffed lots of times. Zach Galifianakis, who knew? Just kidding, everyone knew. We were just waiting for the world to catch up. Remember when Zach Galifianakis said “how is your beeper reception in here?”? OMG. Remember when Zach Galifianakis sang that song about being best friends? Remember when Zach Galifianakis started imitating Bradley Cooper’s character? Remember, remember, remember? Lots Of Love at the table, Carlos! The Hangover was the number one movie in the country for a second week in a row. That’s incredible! Congratulations to everyone involved.

And now for the bad news: look at this fucking t-shirt. UGH. So it begins. This is the part where the reality of a runaway comedic hit begins to set in. Much as the Bruno Moral Quandary points out how some monsters cannot be trusted or expected to “get” the joke, the Hangover hangover is where we realize that people don’t necessarily like things for the same reason we do, and some of these people want nothing more than to actually make us embarrassed for enjoying a movie now that it has spawned a cottage industry of incredibly annoying Urban Outfitters t-shirts and drunken barroom shouting of catchphrases. Yes, I get your reference, I saw the movie too. Now cut it out! You’re ruining it! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. I’m not going to lie to you, if they made a shirt that said “Tigers Love Pepper”, I’d wear it for weeks at a time.

  2. Man that guy looks like a dipshit.

  3. Haha, it’s funny because we’re better than them.

    • you’re right! I guess it’s time for everyone to decided THEY’RE JUST TOO DAMN COOL TO LIKE IT ANYMORE.

      “Oh man, remember when I laughed at the Hangover? Too bad other people laughed and that makes me HATE THIS MOVIE NOW.”

      Get fuckin real. If this thing bombed you’d all be talking about the genius of this forgotten movie comedy. OTHER PEOPLE LIKE THE FILM. Be happy. Zack G will get more work (HOPES)! And if it bothers you that someone is wearing a tshirt, walking around thinking they’re funny just try GROWING UP AND NOT GIVING A SHIT. Jesus Christ, you guys know it’s okay to like things separate of the reactions of the masses, right? RIGHT?!?!

      Also, I still cannot fuckin believe y’all think this movie has sexist and racist missteps. That is the most goddamned sensitive reading of this film ever. NO ONE’S GOING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR DEMOCRAT CARD FOR LAUGHING. Apparently the woman PLAYING THE PART and the asian guy PLAYING THE PART didn’t think it was so fuckin racist! But who cares about them, right? What do they know?! White, oversensitive people with a blog KNOW WHAT TO FEEL BAD ABOUT.

      Still, a big fan as always Gabe. HUGS.

      • I think there’s a really big difference between deciding that you don’t like the way that people express their enjoyment of a movie (or whatever) and disliking the movie itself. Just because I think that this t-shirt is lame, or that my stepdad saying “I’m rich, bitch!” a couple years ago at brunch made me feel weird about Dave Chappelle’s invasion of the culture, doesn’t mean that I don’t still like the movie or Chappelle Show. It’s not a knee jerk, reactionary attempt to be cooler than other people, it’s a genuine emotional disconnect from them, and a weird self-reflective shift in one’s own appreciation as the dividing line is drawn between what it is that you like about something (the reason you think it is funny) and what it is that you don’t like about something (the reasons other people think it is funny).

        As far as the whole racism and sexism in The Hangover is concerned, I’m sorry, I don’t even know what we are arguing about. The fact of the matter is that there were very few women and minorities in the movie, and so choices were made about how those very few women and minorities would be depicted, and some of the choices were very lazy, and not at all interesting or intelligent. Was it a movie about four white guys partaking in a chauvanistic tradition? Yes. Does that explain why there were not very many women or minorities in the movie? Yes. Does that explain why the few women and minorities there were in the movie were lazy, hackneyed, stereotypical caricatures? No.

        Do I think that the racism or the sexism is an egregious danger or serious problem in the movie? No, I have said many times that I like this movie and that it made me laugh a lot. Does liking the movie and laughing a lot at it somehow make the racism and sexism in the movie non-existent? No. I’m completely comfortable with both facts, and not scared of what liking a movie with racism and sexism in it says about me.

        Am I happy that the movie is successful? Of course! Does that mean I have to enjoy when drunk douchebags start shouting out quotes to it at a bar or dressing up like Zack Galifianakis at Halloween? No it does not. I do not have to like that at all.

        P.S. it’s my job to give a shit about stupid things like this, you clown.

        • im unsure whether to up vote or down vote this. it would be pretty awesome if gabe had the worst comment of the week…..

          DOWN VOTE!

        • Gabe, you’re wasting a thoughtful response on SOMEONE who likes to SPONTANEOUSLY TYPE IN ALL CAPS and APPROPRIATES THEIR OPINIONS from what they HEARD from their FRIEND about something MICHAEL SAVAGE said.

        • I feel the same way now that I did after making the mistake of taking a class on race in modern rock music: irritated that race has to be brought into damn near everything. Yes, the depictions of women and minorities in “The Hangover” were, let’s just say, not very accurate. But that’s the nature of the beast that is comedy. Humor comes from unrealistic characters doing unrealistic things. Even something as grounded in realism as The Office gets laffs from going off the tracks of everyday expectation.

          How about 30 Rock. Though he’s one of the best characters ever, Tracy Jordan often gets laughs for suddenly saying something reasonable and intelligent, and it’s a crutch that the show tends to lean on too often. Is that not an unrealistic depiction?

          I’m just operating under the assumption that future cultures won’t be basing racial studies on frat comedies and sitcoms, or on movies featuring white families going through crisis (which never, ever happens in real life, by the way, that shit is always a bed of roses). Just let funny be funny.

          Also, that t-shirt fucking sucks.

          • Eh, comedy is often stupid, but this is a complaint being voiced about the specific nature of the stupidity in this one comedy, and I think it’s hard to make the case that it’s artificial or imagined on the parts of oversensitive viewers. Nobody made these kinds of complaints about Harold and Kumar, a dumb (and also very funny!) comedy with a fairly similar premise and structure (and intended audience, I would imagine).

            I get being upset that “race has to be brought into everything,” but the people who brought these issues into The Hangover were the people who made the movie, not the people who are talking about it: don’t shoot the messenger.

      • did you also shave your V for Vagina?

  4. MusclesMarinara  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 +4

    The Hangover 2: Hung Harder

  5. Ok, this post fully demonstrates how I feel daily about the people I work with on any topic…ranging movies, books…and etc. It’s so bad that they’ve literally dubbed me with the ironic name “Sunshine”, and claim that I hate everything. That’s not true, I like/love lots of things (this job is just not one of them.)

  6. this goes without saying, but…. that’s your boyfriend.

  7. Stick with your “Im with stupid” T-Shirt asshole!

  8. I like…idz niiice

  9. I can’t endorse anyone actually wearing that shirt, but it’s a really clever way to make an annoying shirt out of that movie. An intern at an annoying shirt factory should’ve gotten a raise for pitching that shirt. But they shouldn’t have actually made and sold it.

  10. caractacus  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 +49

    So when Napoleon Dynamite came out, I got so excited. That film looked pretty funny! So I dragged my friends along to see it, and it was great! I asked what they thought in the bar afterwards, and they enjoyed it also. Hilarious! Good times!
    Two weeks down the line I see my first ‘Vote For Pedro’ t-shirt. Well, that’s okay I guess, it makes me smile, I won’t lie. I probably even considered buying one for a few idle minutes. Man, I enjoyed that film! Skip forward a couple of months, I’m working at a bar and I swear half the guys in there are clad in these ‘Vote For Pedro’ tees, walking up to eachother, shouting ‘HAHAHA VOTE FOR PEDRO YEAH BRO’ and making fake, clumsy gang signs. Have they seen the film? I don’t understand why they’d enjoy it, although that’s kind of patronising I guess.
    Six months after that film comes out, I’m working in the same place and there’s still literally tons of musclebound guys strutting about proudly in ‘Vote For Pedro’ t-shirts, who seem to just spend the evening chest bumping eachother. People still find this funny? The film wasn’t all that funny after all, I guess? I mean, sure, it had its moments, but come on. Well, fuck’em. Besides, at the time I was pretty excited for Anchorman! That film looked pretty funny!

    • What’s annoying about Napoleon Dynamite is that the most clever parts of it–Deb, Don/Summer, Uncle Rico, the ambiguously bulldyke aunt, and one of the best portrayals ever of the depressing pathetic feeling you get growing up in an extremely rural town full of losers–were not the parts anyone cared about. I mean, everyone liked the movie BECAUSE of those parts, I’m not saying normal people didn’t “get” it, it’s just that the catchphrases and shirts and ‘hangover’ from the movie were all totally stupid out of context. It was such a clever movie and it’s legacy was people saying “IDIOTS! GOSH!” in a dumb voice. Actually I guess it’s legacy was really Nacho Libre. Whoops.

    • Oh my gosh, I accidentally arrowed down when I meant to arrow up! I haven’t felt this guilty in ages.

      Hopefully everyone who reads this will arrow it up, because it’s INCREDIBLY accurate and very similar to my experiences with Nap Dyn

    • My mind went to Napoleon Dynamite before I even finished reading the post. I’m glad we can all start a support group about it. I watched it again last Christmas, and without all those douches shouting “Your mom went to college!”, I was able to remember how awesome it was.

    • As with most things, movies are fine until the dude-bros get ahold of ‘em. Then they’re lost forever.

  11. I know people like the guy in that picture; dudes that would wear that shirt, and with them I find it’s best to pretend to have never seen this movie.

  12. Selena  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 +15

    In real life, that baby wouldn’t be caught dead letting that dude carry him around.

  13. square jordan  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 -8

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  14. PC Loadletter? What the fuck does that mean?

    You act surprised. This is what we all, as pop culture whores, do. We beat dead horses until they are nothing more than a pool of blood and mushy flesh. And then we beat them some more. And then we pee on them. And then we sell them as T-shirts.

    This is why festivals like Lebowskifest and Star Trek conventions exist. People still quote Office Space and carry Initech mugs around the office whilst quoting Borat and rocking a Ligre t-shirt. We’re all giant nerds when it comes down to it, and to pretend you’re not is just a futile exercise in self delusion. The fact that we’re all on this website and posting comments is proof positive of that.

    The sooner you can accept it, the less you’ll get your knickers in a knot.

    And yes, I realize how ironic this sounds coming from a guy whose avatar is ‘the Dude’

  15. I waited until last night to see it, and honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. Sure, it was really funny in some parts (“We are a wolfpack of four, roaming the desert in search of hookers and cocaine”) but I had been told by multiple people it was the best comedy in years.

    Then again, my sister locked her keys in the car, so that might have tainted it a little.

  16. I just want to be able to tell someone to suck a fuck without them replying “how does one suck a fuck”. Is that too much to ask?

  17. I tripped one time and watched Napoleon Dynamite. It made complete sense.

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  19. Shirts are one thing, but as soon as I came out of the theatre I thought about how many “young people” are going to start buying rohypnol for themselves. Then taking it and falling asleep. Then trying it again. Then asking themselves, “What are we going to do with all this sucky date rape drug we have on our hands now?”

  20. Jaunty Missive  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 0

    Would you feel the same way if the shirt came out before the movie? Then we’d just say, “Oh, that’s a promotional product for this movie coming out soon.” But because the shirt’s out now, we see it as too-soon nostalgia and beating a dead horse.

    There’s no escape from these things. Unless you start making t-shirts and jokes that refer to things that haven’t happened yet, like “Hangover 3: What Happens in Amsterdam.”

  21. .It just occurred to me…. this whole conundrum you speak of with “The Hangover” could just as easily be a problem within our very own videogum community. All people shouting back “THE WORST” at each other, and what not.
    When you gaze into the abyss something something pasty shirtless guy replies on the computer.

  22. First my “Just Jack” shirt, now my Hangover Baby Bjorn shirt…what’s safe for me to wear anymore?

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  24. starchelle  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 -5

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  25. Ugh, did you know that they are making a sequel? UGH.

  26. I had to google where that shirt is actually from. It’s from http://www.nerdyshirts.com
    If youre going to make fun of content, at least link to where youre making fun of. This is the internet Gabe, not a newspaper.

  27. stevedave  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    You must admit, however, that the shirt zach is wearing in the movie is a pretty wicked graphic tee. I might have to order me one, only for the simple fact that it is sweet as shit, which has nothing to do with the movie or anyone in it.

  28. stevedave  |   Posted on Jun 29th, 2009 0

    You must admit, however, that the shirt zach is wearing in the movie is a pretty wicked graphic tee. I might have to order me one, only for the simple fact that it is sweet as shit, which has nothing to do with the movie or anyone in it. Junk Food!

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