There are very few constants in life. Friends move. Loved ones die. Americans lack the job security they once considered a reliable fact of quotidian life. Young people today can expect on average to have seven different jobs in their lifetimes, and many of them will even change careers completely, more than once. Technology accelerates at a breakneck pace. At home there is illness and the slow decay of age. Outside there are the more abstract global threats of climate change, terrorism, and a precariously balanced world economy.

But through it all there is Weird Al. Our rock.

Sure, he seems to have transitioned from straight up absurd parodies of pop songs into more reliably targeted internet friendly parodies of pop songs, because dude is a textbook definition genius, and he goes where the audience is. And where the audience is is in their parents’ basement, goofing on the computer. But for the most part, he’s the same nerdy spazz with his finger on the pulse of what 14-year-olds want that he was 28 years ago.

New Weird Al video after the jump, you guys.

Worn out Craigslist jokes. In a Jim Morrison parody. Doesn’t matter. Some things are forever. (Via Spinner.)

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  1. Someday in the future, I will probably pay 2 million dollars per credit hour for my son to register for “Satirical Social Commentary through the Ages: From Aristophenes to Weird Al” at a prestigious university.

  2. “Young people today can expect on average to have seven different jobs in their lifetimes, and many of them will even change careers completely, more than once.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. We can’t all blog in the ‘gum mine forever.

  3. “You were a blonde half asian with a bad case of gas. I was wearing a gray speedo and a hockey mask”

    Halloween ideas! or:
    Thursday night in Williamsburg ideas!

  4. I was really hoping for a brokeNCYDE parody.

  5. I was hoping for something a bit more trendy – something in the vein of “Eat it” or “Amish Paradise.” A Jonas Brothers or or Lil’ Wayne parody, perhaps.

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  7. This is better than most of the Doors’ songs. Maybe better than all of them.

    • no matter how low your score gets, i could not agree with you more.

    • I’ll never forget watching a semester’s worth of hard-won cool points evaporate when I mentioned to two skater guys in my freshman stage lighting class in college that I thought most of the Doors’ lyrics were pretty stupid. Ten years on and I’m feeling better about that opinion all the time. “No time to wallow in the mire”? What the fuck.

    • Aw, I still kind of like the Doors, but not as much as I used to. Still, this sounds like it could be a lost Doors tune. A lot of Al’s style parodies hit the mark so well, that you can almost think they’re by the original artist.

  8. Weird Al is my constant.

  9. the title of this post reminds of the Mr. Show sketch where the old-timey villain is forcing Santa to stay alive and keep being Santa.

    “real smart, you just keep being weird al, see? and never die, see?”

    it would really explain a lot

  10. Ken  |   Posted on Jun 16th, 2009 +7

    The Dead Milkmen still have the best Doors parodies ever.

  11. New Weird Al songs leave me damp in the trousers.

  12. This should be tagged “Right On Time”.

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    • i would say weird al was pretty irreverent even before youtube.

      (this is supposed to be a typo/word usage slam, but irreverent and irrelevant both apply so it doesn’t really work. i’ve already typed all this out, though, so into the ether it goes.)

    • YouTube might do it quicker, but Al still does it best. This parody is pitch-perfect.

  14. I love that the chorus/punchline is just, “CRAIGSLIST!!”
    Styrofoam peanuts part kind of funny.

  15. it’s almost too good.

  16. Half of your examples failed to be constants.

  17. Screw Steve Martin’s banjo, Weird Al is an accordion master. He should go on the road.

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  19. 1) it is awesome that ray manzarek played keys on this
    2) as a formerly pubescent teenage girl with a penchant for elitism, pseudo-intellectualism, long hair and tight pants, i will defend the doors until my dying day. that is all.

  20. YJ  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 0

    Amen, Gabe. Amen. Even though Weird Al kinda omitted some of the more notorious and endlessly amusing aspects of craigslist, I give this post two well lubricated and enthusiastically inserted thumbs up.

  21. Too bad I don’t have sound on my office computer. He still is the godfather of polka accordions of course.

  22. yoose sayd “you guys” again! i lubs itj when yoose says “you guys”! yoose says it a lots but itll neber eber gets oldj! just likes sayin “da worst” and “da best” and “i lubbs alec baldwin and tina feyj”! lolololololol!

  23. this made my week.

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