They finally released a trailer for the Rachel McAdams/Eric Bana romance The Time Traveler’s Wife (August 14):

It seems like we’ve seen the whole movie! It’s hard to watch this without thinking of The Notebook, because Rachel McAdams seems to be playing an older version of the awesomely moody Allie Hamilton, minus the Southern accent, and I’ll be seeing this no matter what because RMc is my favorite non-comic actress, but, like, I wonder how the movie will get over how weird it is that Eric Bana’s character kept visiting a six-year-old girl in the woods? That just seems creepy. I think a fun way to see this would be to pretend it has a Sixth Sense twist thing going on and instead of being a time traveler, Eric Bana’s character is just a dick who goes to Vegas with the guys a lot.

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    • Sure, but the question is: what was Eric Bana thinking? He pops into the early 80′s and goes, “hey, now that i’m here, i should go visit my wife, who is 6. pal around with her until i pop somewhere else.”

  2. I wasn’t expecting a weepy drama. It has “Time Travel” in the title!

  3. All I can think of when I see Rachel McAdams is “Boo, you whore”.

  4. I kept getting confused because all the titles (eg “From the best-selling novel”) looked like they were using the Focus Features clip background.

  5. The question is where Eric Bana is…but WHEN?!!

  6. The question is NOT where Eric Bana is…but WHEN?!!

  7. I read the book and wasn’t a fan like the rest of the world seemed to be. But i didn’t think it was awful. I thought it had some good moments here and there.
    But anything good i had to say about the book will most certainly be lost in a movie adaptation starring ERIC BANA?! RACHEL MCADAMS?!? I can’t help but feel that the casting director was deliberately making fun of the book’s readership in his/her choices. Ugh.
    Walk into the ocean Eric Bana. Walk into the ocean Rachel McAdams. Never look back.

    • I think all 7 people that voted me down presumably for not hating everything about the book, will be feeling pretty guilty when they see Eric Bana get his feet amputated and realize how awesome that is.

      • ouchie, spoiler.
        but since the cat’s out of the bag, or the foot’s off of the leg, wtf with that part of the book?
        i was with them until then, but that seemed like a totally unnecessarily cruel choice for the author to make.
        i wonder if they’ll include that in the movie.

  8. Tya  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2009 -13

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  10. Love love loved the book, can’t wait for the movie. This movie might be the most painful thing I’ve ever dragged my boyfriend to (wheee we’re so excited to be married we’re jumping on the bed!), but after taking me to Terminator Salvation he deserves it.

    • You know, I thumbed down your comment on first read, but after thinking about it, I realized you are operating at a Da Cake Eaturesque level of post-irony irony that is too high for most humans like me to understand. Good show. And I apologize for the downvote.

  11. The book painted a great portrait of the Chicago “scene” of the 80s, using real places and basing characters on real people. I’m guessing all of that will be 100% nowhere in the movie adaptation.

    • Yeah, that was one of the things I actually LIKED about the book. Otherwise, it was a lot of mush in the middle. Also, as far as spoilers go, it took the trailer about 2 minutes to do what the book did in a million pages, which could save a lot of people time.

  12. Dan  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2009 0

    You know a movie’s gonna be good when the majority of the dialogue is of the characters whispering to each other. The real question is where is he when he’s time traveling? Maybe spending his time on a mysterious island in the South Pacific?

  13. What’s with all these movies being all casual about their supernatural premises all of the sudden? Like Ghost Town and The Lake House. It’s weird.


    I will be seeing this because Eric Bana is hot. Also I was like “Whatever” until they explain that he can’t control the time travel, which is cool. ALSO, this is basically the frame story of Slaughter House 5? Also, it kind of seems like it’d be about how time travel is kind of a violation of free will on the part of the people that the travelees interact with (because the traveler can shape your past, which manipulates your present!) but I doubt it actually will be.

  14. I imagine having the opportunity to go back and meet my wife at six years of age. We see each other and I gaze at her pure endearment, as if I now can grasp the concept of loving someone their whole life.

    Then my six year old wife shouts back at me “STRANGER DANGER” causing all bystanders and law officials to drag me into town for the first public stoning in centuries.

  15. Yeah, the trailer totally spoiled that killer “Will you marry me?”/ “No”/ “JUST KIDDING!!” joke.


  16. Then Eric Bana time travels to Rachel McAdams home planet and creates a black hole to suck it in on itself because she didn’t have enough love to save his own.

  17. yeah, at first the time traveling thing was cute — fun, even quirky. but after a while it just got annoying. and pretty soon it ruined the relationship. i’ve seen it happen a million times.

  18. remember when they made a whole tv show of this?!

    of course you don’t!

    • Joel  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2009 0

      I totally do! Only then, all I could think of was that it was just a bad rip-off of “Quantum Leap”.

  19. HB  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2009 +4

    I fucking loved the book but this trailer looks awful. Eric Bana is no Henry. . .Henry was a fucked up ex-1980′s punk rocker and he did not wear argyle sweaters with land’s end shirts underneath. ugh ugh ugh! way to ruin my book.

  20. I love Rachel McAdams! She seems really cute. She was in “The Notebook” right?

    Time travel confuses me tho, lol!

  21. Kevin Smith had an awesome podcast where he pondered time-traveling and visiting his wife when she was 18 and whether or not he’d want to get into her pants as a 35 year old. And if she’d go along.

    “Hey, I’m twice your age, but in the future, we’re married, so let’s screw!”

  22. I can only hope that his method of time travel is spinning the earth backwards by flying around it really fast.

  23. Jethro  |   Posted on Aug 6th, 2009 0

    Really LAME.

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