A German zoo has released the first video of a new baby white tiger cub born there 8 weeks ago with a genetic defect that caused it to be born with stripes. The zoo has kept the tiger’s birth a secret until now “due to the unlikelihood of its survival.” :( :( :( ! But it seems…okay…now. Well, you decide. It’s kind of a…spaz. It’s special. It’s a very special tiger that will teach its handlers about patience and unconditional love, until one day when it eats them by accident because it thinks they’re Skittles.

Oh my god, wait, no: IT’S TIGGER! An actual Tigger has been born!

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  1. I truly don’t know if this is :( or :) . I will settle on a :s.

  2. Love the tiger. Hate that woman.

  3. It’s like a dachshund, but a tiger.

  4. In an extremely :( turn of events, most white tigers are deformed or disabled because they can only be made through cross-breeding. White tigers are very rare, so the 50 or so that exist have to mate, and some are siblings or cousins.

    I personally think this tiger is the kitty version of Harry Caray.

    • It is really sad, because the white coat is a defect itself, so the inbreeding just causes it to get worse and worse so the majority of white tigers have major birth defects. Totally :( :(

  5. Aww, it’s “Radio” in Tiger form!

  6. Ew, I don’t like the way it’s looking at me.

  7. My heart just fuckin melted.

  8. That little guy needs to watch the UK binge drinking PSA. He’s totally wasted duuude.

  9. All this time we thought we were teaching Incestuous White Tiger, it turns out he was teaching us.

  10. Get this tiger on The Maury Povich Show for a paternity test….

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  11. I wasn’t aware that being born with stripes was a life threatening genetic defect. Are they saying that they don’t expect it to live long because it can no longer blend in with the treeline?

  12. Speaking of tigers, the San Francisco Zoo has new advertisements out that use an image of a tiger…..


  13. I don’t think he likes hugs.

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